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I have been reading tweets about canning from @foodie411 @SarahBHood and from Bumpercrop for the last few years. I was even inspired enough to buy the jars last year but instead of canning they now sit on my windowsill with a variety of dried beans in them.

But things have now changed.  I successfully “canned” last week after being given a lesson by @OntarioTable. (are you doing a happy dance for me?)  I was fortunate enough to meet Lynn Ogryzlo (the author of Ontario Table)  at the Farmers Feed Cities media event last week. A part of the tour  was a canning lesson from Lynn!! Clearly this was a highlight of the day for me.

The next day, I ran out to Canadian Tire to buy more jars and then went right to work. Goal:  to “can”peaches. This is what I did:

1. I boiled the peaches, and then took the skins off.

Step One

2. I sliced them as nicely as I could. (I’m being honest..some slices were not as pretty as I anticipated).

Peaches. Sliced.

3. I then boiled the jars and the lids.

4. I made a simple syrup…2 cups boiling water to 1 cup of sugar. Stir and voila you have simple syrup.

5. I placed the peaches into the jars and then filled up the jars with the simple syrup. (leaving a bit of  room at the top).

6. I wiped the rim of the jar with a clean cloth. This is an important step!!

Final Results!!

7. I sealed the jars with the lids.

8. I dipped the jars into a big pan of boiling water that had some gizmo at the bottom to prevent the jars from cracking. Lynn told us that if you wrap the jars with a clean tea towel that it will also do the trick. The jars boiled for 10 minutes.

9. I removed the jars and tightened the jars even more. I then took a deep breath as I waited to hear the “popping” sound that would ensure a “proper seal”.

10. I went on twitter to tweet as I wasn’t sure if  I “canned correctly”. i.e I was nervous about the popping sound and I was nervous if I boiled the jars long enough. I was thrilled to receive some supportive tweets from @Foodie411 @SarahBHood @ATasteofWorld and @FoodandHome.

Infact, Lynn was kind enough to call me just like a personal 1-800 help line!!

I am super excited to continue my “canning career” and try chutneys, relishes, pickles and more.

Feel free to send recipes, canning blogs, and tips!! (hint, hint)

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