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It’s true. I am a grown women with a massive crush on an actor who is also a drummer in a band called The Honey Brothers.  I didn’t realize I had such a crush on him till I was invited to a SVEDKA vodka event at the Tattoo Rock Parlour the other night.

Naturally I started the evening with two shots of SVEDKA vodka. I had never heard of SVEDKA before, but found out that it’s the 4th largest vodka in the United Sates and it’s now available in Canada.

Enjoying Svedka Vodka!!

However I did not induldge in anymore shots of vodka (I know my limits) as I wanted to have  CLEAR VISION so I could stare at the drummer…who is ADRIAN GRENIER!! (swoon)

Just look at that smile!!

I’m not kidding, I was two feet away from him as he was drumming away.

Adrian Grenier - Drummer

I stood there, two feet away from him, at the edge of the stage..waiting for him to smile. Eventually, there was a break and I said “come on…you have to smile” and he replied “I dont have to..I’m on stage”.

He was right. He was working and he was focused.  Man was he focused.

I got a chance to go downstairs to hang out with the band while they were on break. However I did NOT talk to the band..I just stood from a distance and stared some more. He must have thought I was a stalker. Poor guy!!

I loved what they had available for the band members downstairs.

Always good to be prepared!

My twitter friend, @Shawn_Rusich said to me,  “wow, you are so star struck”.

It wasn’t that I was star struck..it was more like, ADRIAN IS GORGEOUS and how often do I get that close to someone with those looks?

All in all…a great evening with great food, at a great venue, listening to a great band and staring at a great actor (who is also gorgeous).

Enough Said.

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3 Responses to “I am a Grown Women with a Crush”

  1. October 17th, 2010 at 06:47 | #1

    Looks like a great event. Next time you need someone to go with you to look at Adrian Grenier and drink Vodka, I’m free. There’s only one thing missing from that table of treats for the band, and its you! LOL.

  2. Suzie
    October 17th, 2010 at 10:39 | #2

    Vicky, Adrian Grenier is the star of Entourage – Vincent Chase. I approve of your crush!! He is a hotty and appears to be a cool guy in real life. I love the drinks for the band. Alcohol is passé, especially if you take your health and career seriously.

  3. October 17th, 2010 at 14:22 | #3

    Lucky! So I guess you were part of his…. Entourage.

    Sorry, I had to! Haha…

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