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It’s the summer and the kids are away at camp, and once again I am taking advantage of every weekend to travel.

Weekend #1: Ottawa

Weekend #2: Washington and Presqule Ilse, Erie Pennyslavani

Weekend #3 –  Kingston PLUS  Wolfe Island, Sandbanks and Cobourg.

I was all to happy to drive a lot last weekend as I was driving a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. I wanted to take full advantage of driving this luxury car and I did!! Mission Accomplished.

I. Want.

The car was dropped off early Friday morning. I was asked by the driver “have you ever driven a hybrid before?”. I replied “no”. He said “you are going to put the key into the ignition and you wont think the car has started but it has”. WOW was he right. The car was so pleasant to drive – the seats, the steering wheel, and it was super efficient with gas. I had nothing to complain about.  I floated to Kingston – I didn’t drive. LOL.

The GPS system was a bit complicated for me to figure out (waypoints?). So I stopped off at Buster Rhino’s to ask a Darryl to help me out and we figured it out after a few minutes. (ok 10 minutes).  Not to mention, I picked up a sandwich for my mom to enjoy when I saw her in Kingston. (smart. daughter).

Now let’s talk about those beaches:

WOLFE ISLAND: Did not take the car onto the ferry (don’t ask), so we went across as pedestrians and then asked strangers for a ride. We wont be doing that again!! We finally scored a drive from a lovely resident of Wolfe Island. We got to the parking lot of the beach and we were told that “its a bit of a walk”. We walked, we walked and we walked and then when we saw one of  the workers we asked him to radio his buddy to come pick us up in the ATV. There was no way my mom was a going to walk just OVER A KILOMETRE. They were SO accomodating and came to our rescue.

The nicest park attendant

As for the beach: stunning. Cant’ believe I have never been to Wolfe Island before.

Wolfe Island

SANDBANKS: I love this place too. Its heaven. We found a quiet quiet section of the beach and didnt move for hours. This year, the shore line is not as sandy as previous years but we were still happy.

Sanbanks Provincial Park

COBOURG: I went to this beach on my way home as I had downloaded a new book on my @kobo (State Wonder by Ann Pattchett) and wanted to read it. Nothing like reading a book on the beach!! The beach was PACKED due to a volleyball tournament that ate up half the beach, but I solved the problem with some earphone and my iphone. The water was clear and just the perfect temperature.

Cobourg Beach

It was sad to give up the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and return to my filthy, gas guzzling,  old van with 250,000 km. Thanks to Ford for this opportunity to drive this awesome car.

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