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I bought a Fabfind coupon for $20 to attend 5 boxing classes at Punch Fitness (1968 Avenue Road). I couldnt resist. It was in my neighborhood and I knew I would like it. Infact,  Im loving my workouts so much that after a few classes I tried “sparring”. The first time I watched two men spar, I said to myself “I can’t do do you just go into a ring, and hit someone”. The next class I tried it and I have to admit, it was weird but I liked it. It was a great workout and fun. The following week I was actually EAGER to get into the ring.

momwhoruns is in the ring...sparring!!

When I get home, Im hungry  but not really hunger (do you know what I mean) ? I really want to eat something FRESH. So I whipped up a batch of fresh salsa.

All you need is: a few tomatillos, a lime, 2-3 tomatoes, cilantro, white onion. Tomatillos are not something you find in grocery stores, so when I see them I usually pick up a few with the intention of making this delicious salsa.

ingredients for fresh salsa!!

All you do is chop up the veggies, squeeze some lime juice over it and bingo – you have the best-est salsa EVER. Sometimes I add jalapeno – but this time I didnt have them on hand.

5 minutes later - fresh salsa

Oh yeah – I ate them with the most delicious tortilla chips that I bought in the States. Naturally I only bought one bag -what was I thinking?

I also made a kale smoothie:

All you need is: kale, a banana, an apple and orange juice or water.

Kale, Banana, Apple

End Product…

It felt great to have an awesome workout and to eat healthy after the workout too.

What’s your favorite post workout meal?

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There are two sports I have always wanted to try: boxing and rowing. I didn’t get a chance to row this summer but last week I got the chance to box at Powerclub.

This AWESOME new gym in Forest Hill is owned by a school yard mom who I have known for several years. Rachelle, had extended a generous invitation to book an hour with one of their trainers and I accepted. I just had to find the HOUR. (easier said than done).

I walked into the beautiful space, proceeded to get changed and didn’t want to leave the change room coz I was in love with the red sink.

Now how cool is that for a bathroom sink at a gym?

Sorry, I just had to talk about the sink!!

Back to boxing.

I then met my trainer, Erez, who is beyond fit, beyond knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease.

I warmed up and then..THE GLOVES WENT ON! (I was pumped the minute the gloves went on)

He put me thru a series of drills and I WAS LOVING IT.

Couldn't stop smiling (and sweating)!!

Erez had me boxing!! He also put me thru some other key exercises (core, abs, balance etc). Just like a good trainer!

Words that kept going thru my mind as I boxed: empowered, strong, capable, determined and more empowerment.

After the workout, Erez put me thru some stretches so I wouldn’t feel sore the next day. Guess what? NOT SORE THE NEXT DAY. Awesome.

Then, Rochelle and I chatted while I sipped a protein shake in their gorgeous fireside lounge.

Having Fun...Post Workout

There is nothing not to like about this gym: the atmosphere, the trainers, or the facilities. I urge you to click on this link for powerclub, so that you can learn more about this hot, new gym and all the wonderful services that they offer.

Happy Training!!

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