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I’ve been going to the Toronto Festival Beer for many years and it keeps getting bigger and better.  I remember back in the day when it was held at Fort York  when there were just a few food vendors and it was so much smaller.   Things have clearly changed!! Now the food scene at the Festival is just as much of a highlight as the beer scene!!

As you can see from this photo….I was prepared!!

beer - vicky

I went last night and as always enjoyed eating and drinking my way thru the festival. I wish I drank more but for some reason can never manage to have more than a few beers. Sad but true!!

Here’s a few highlights:

1. Beer and Bacon: Why haven’t I had this combo before?  Rashers is the only bacon sandwich shop in North America and I was thrilled to see them at the Festival. I devoured my British Style Bacon Strips with a few ounces of Black Guinness and was  a happy camper.

beer - rashers

2. Foundry Cider had an apple smashing cage that looked like so much fun!! I love stuff like this…

beer - apple smashing3. The International Centre Crafting Fuzion. I had never heard of them till this week. All I know is that I will be making a special trip to the International Centre to try more!!  The two dishes I had a the Festival were nothing but outstanding. Huge thanks to @LuiSays for reaching out to me prior to the festival. (twitter works. #justsayin’)

Seoul Bandido Nacho Libre

Seoul Bandido Nacho Libre

This dish also rocked: Bruce Lee’s Tijuana Ssam Mash Up – Anchor steamed marinated Bulgogi in an iceberg wrap with spicy kimchi and American Style chop suey topped off with cilantro and mexican scented rice pops. Served in a mini bamboo boat. MORE. PLEASE.

beer - lettuce

4. Rock Lobster Food Co. is at the Festival and is hugely popular. Here’s a photo of  Matt and his team  working hard! Again, what a great combo – beer and a lobster roll!!

beer - rock lobster

5. Besides the beer and the food – I love the fact that everyone is having a great time!

beer - guysFor More Information:

Toronto Festival of Beer (July 27-29th) Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place, Toronto

Twitter: @TOBeerFestival

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Beer Samples for $1. Love it.

Had a fun GNO (girls night out) with @Fortylicious. We headed down to C’est What to participate in an event which was part of  Ontario Craft Brewers Week. (June 19- 25).

They were offering samples at $1 – how could I NOT go? I mean seriuosly.

There were 27 beers to choose from but here’s what I consumed:

  • C’est What Steve’s Dreaded Chocolate Orange
  • C’est What Big Butt Smoked Dark Ale
  • C’est What Caraway Ale.
  • Mill Street Ginger Beer
  • Hop City American Ale

All the beer had great color, aroma and were highly drink-able.  I couldnt complain.

Both of us had not had dinner and by 9 p.m were were a bit hungry (not thirsty anymore..HA) and I asked Heather if she had ever been to Poutini’s.

She said “no, never been”. So that took care of that. We hopped over to queen west and went to  Poutini’s. She loved it (of course ). We both love the TEENY WEENY portion size and the fact that they have a vegan gravy option as well. (there’s also an option to use Daiya vegan cheese too but we chose to have the delicious cheese curds)

I told her a story that I discovered Poutini’s on chowhound two years ago and I went to their opening at 5 p.m on a Friday nite in June 2009. When I arrived, there was already a guy infront of me, waiting for the doors to open.

We were the first two customers, so we tried the poutine, took pictures – END OF STORY.

TWO YEARS LATER – Poutini’s is celebrating their second anniversary. I’m in line and guess who is behind me? The same guy from two years ago. Again, we had poutine and took pictures. How cute is that story?

The First and Second Customer of Poutini's

I love beer and I love Poutini’s. It was really a great night out.

For those of you who also love beer: Please mark in your calendar that the Toronto Beer Festival is taking place this year from Aug 5 -7  at Bandshell Park. I will be there soon as the gates open. Promise.

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