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Halloween is the perfect holiday for Foodies.

Here’s a list of what I will be eating on Halloween:

1) I will always select chocolate of candy. Love the names of these Nestle “Crave Yard” Chocolate Bars…Scaero, Scaries, and Coffin Crisp. Too Cute. (and yummy too)


2) Pumpkin Caramels  from Purdy’s. So pretty. Not to mention I love the combo of pumpkin and chocolate!!

purdys chocolates

3) Pumpkinstein Froyo at Yogurty’s.

yougurtys - pumpkin

4) OK I didn’t buy this cereal but the fact that the ghosts turns the milk green appeals to my inner child!!

halloween crunch

5) Pumpkin Ale by Great Lakes

6) Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks….good thing I have been using my app and have collected a lot of free drinks to help me with my obsession with this flavour!!

7) I’m sure I will be making a pumpkin pie over the next few days. Feel free to send links to your favourite recipes!!

Happy Halloween!!

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Despite the rains and the clouds on Thursday afternooon, I headed down to Bandshell Park (at Exhibition Place) so I could enjoy Toronto’s Festival of Beer. I’m not a fan of crowds so I always go on the first day. It was a great move! Me. Smart.

What did I discover this year?

BEER: Seeing as I am on week #6 of  a no carb diet…the beer festival was the last place I should have been. Not to mention, I really really like beer. HOWEVER there is good news. I discovered Michelob Ultra. I only had 2 beer tickets and I used both tickets on this beer. I was thrilled that there was a beer that I could drink during the Festival. If you look closely in the photo you can see my GLASS souvenir beer mug. I love this new mug…so much better than the plastic that they use to give out.

See how happy I am?

I bumped into old friends, like Great Lakes Brewery and made new friends, like The Beer Academy!!

FOOD: Beer and Food go hand in hand. Don’t you think?  I was delighted to discover some new vendors this year: Fidel Gastro, Belly Busters, K-song Taco and the nicest guys called  Snoballandsons raising money for Prostrate Cancer. There was also quite a few food trucks as well.

Fidel Gastro

I had a snoball with SUGAR FREE syrup and I was in heaven. Not to mention it felt good to support this booth and help them raise some $$.

MUSIC: I never stay long enough to sit down and enjoy the music and stay till 11 pm. But as I walked around, I certainly did enjoy the music and made a mental note to myself to make sure that I could stay longer next year. I hear that the line up on Sunday is awesome. #justsayin’.

The Festival is sold out on Saturday but if you hurry and visit their website you can buy tickets for Sunday. Not to mention, that the weather is going to be perfect on Sunday. Go for it. You can thank me later.

Toronto Beer Festival, July 27-29, Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place



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I found two apps recently that I would like to share with you. One is a food app and the other is a booze app – not a bad combo.

Seriously, I think both these apps are genius. Which is why I am blogging about them.

The first app is called Get Cracking which is brought to you by the Egg Farmers of Canada. Here is what I love about this app:

-the design of the app is clean. Super clean. There is NOTHING complicated about this app.

-they have thought of everything..even an egg timer!!

-the color and the font are user friendly i.e yellow and white with an easy to read font

-its SIMPLE to use. Click on the video below and you will see what I mean.

The next app that I discovered is the LCBO app. Even though LCBO is not on twitter…I will forgive them as this app is super easy to use and makes my life that much easier when I’m trying to locate a new beer!! There has been times (in the past), where I had to go to three stores in order to find a particular bottle of beer.

I simply enter the product I’m looking for – let’s say Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale – enter my postal code – and poof – the app will tell me what LCBO in my neighborhood is carrying this product and HOW MUCH INVENTORY they have of that particular product.  How brilliant is that?

As for the design of this app: the team did a great job. It’s simple to navigate without a lot of copy. Perfect!!

Both apps are free…which is a bonus.
Hope you get a chance after reading this blog entry, to start clicking on your iTunes Library to find both these amazing apps.
PS Feel free to share any amazing apps you have recently discovered too. Don’t be shy.
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