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I’ve just returned from the 2015 President’s Choice® Summer Retreat. To say that I was spoiled rotten would be an understatement. I was well fed and well taken care of!

To begin with the retreat took place in a spectacular 18,000 sqf “cottage” that was situated on Lake Rosseau. Yes – that’s right, 18,000 square feet!

pc -cottage

When I walked into my room there were no fewer than 3 bags of goodies waiting for me:

1. a personalized outfit from Joe Fresh

2. Sun Bum Sun Care products from Shoppers Drug Mart

3. Products from Real Canadian Superstore® including some fun PC®  products (animal baking tray, waffle maker from Everyday Essentials, napkins and more)

pc - swag

When  I woke up in the morning there was an incredible spread that featured sweet AND savoury waffles, fruit and more. Chef Andrea Buckett ensured that we started off our day on the right foot with a solid breakfast.

pc breakfast

I especially loved this PC®  Pineapple Kale Smoothie that I had never tried before.

pc - juice

After breakfast, we were treated to a relaxing yoga session on the lawn. My Bad…I only took a photo and didn’t participate!

pc - yoga

For lunch, there was a tasty BBQ….seriously no one was hungry. I was in condiment heaven!!

pc - bbq

Naturally in the afternoon, I relaxed on the dock with my favorite beer that I purchase all the time – the PC® 2.5 Carb beer.

pc - beer

There were certainly no shortage of magazines to read or snacks!! I must admit – I was in heaven!

pc magazines

Here’s one of the recipes that was used over the weekend that I really enjoyed:

RECIPE: Cauliflower and Sweet Pea Salad

1 bag PC® Frozen Cauliflower, thawed

2 cups PC® Frozen Peas

1 cup thinly sliced celery

1 cup thinly sliced radish

2 tbsp chopped tarragon or dill

2 tbsp chopped parsley

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp sea salt


1 tbsp PC® whole grain Dijon Mustard

3 tbsp PC ®black label Honey & Ginger Condiment

4 tbsp PC® New World EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl

2. Whisk the ingredients for the dressing together

2. Pour dressing over vegetables and serve.

As you know, I’ve been along time fan of PC® products and gravitate toward them for their unique flavours and quality. I’m actually going to be posting a dessert using a few PC® products later this week so stay tuned. It’s a winner!!

Many thanks to the entire team at Citizen Relations and the team from Loblaws who worked really (really) hard to put this fantastic retreat together. I am truly grateful.

For more information:

President’s Choice: Twitter: @PresChoice, Instagram; @PresChoice Facebook: PresidentsChoice

Joe Fresh: Twitter: @JoeFresh, Instagram: @JoeFresh, Facebook: JoeFresh


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The stores must see me coming. “Hey… Here Comes Vicky”.

Especially in stores like the Real Canadian SuperStore I think the Kitchen Department is BRILLIANT – so many fabulous products and with it – matching fabulous prices. I really should avoid this store but I love Joe Fresh and wanted to see what was coming out for Spring. While I was in there, I just HAD to check out the kitchen aisles, right? RIGHT!!

This is what caught my eye on a recent visit to my neighborhood SuperStore:

I could not resist buying this. After all – it was ONLY $5.

I also knew what I would be doing with it. I would be making pancakes with it and kicking it up a notch with funky creative designs. Therefore on Sunday morning I got up bright and early (like all good mothers – HA) and took out the Bisquick.

I made the batter, poured it into the dispenser and let my inner child out!

I was smiling as was my 12 year old daughter and it was one happy kitchen!!

I was having a blast. HA. Who knew that cooking would be so much fun. Now, my daughter is not a picky eater, but can you imagine what a picky 3 year old child would be like if their pancakes were served with funky shapes and designs!! I almost (Note: almost) wanted to borrow someones child to find out.

Bottom line: I love products like this. I made a fun quick breakfast in NO TIME at all that made everyone smile. Congratulations Tovolo for creating this product and to SuperStore for carrying it.

Cant wait to use this product more and create more fun breakfasts.

Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Connector Program and I receive special perks as part of the affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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I live close to a Real Canadian Superstore and I am ever so grateful. I love being able to buy Joe Fresh, PC products for my house, and buy groceries ALL at the same time. (probably in that order too). Infact, I always seem to enter the store on the RIGHT so I can make the important purchases first.

Infact, they  recently renovated the Superstore at Dufferin/Steeles and I think the new layout, lighting, shelving units etc. makes a huge difference.

While strolling thru the aisles last week, I noticed an (electronic) ORANGE JUICE MACHINE for $7.99.  I figured that at that price, why shouldn’t I own one?

My Latest Kitchen Gadget

Then I went to the produce department to get oranges. I noticed they had a bag of oranges that would be suitable for orange juice AND

there was a bag next to them called PINK NAVEL ORANGES. . So I scooped up TWO big bags of oranges.

Pink Navel Oranges!!

When I got home, I took out my lovely new juice maker and bingo – in no time at all, there was a cup of orange juice. It cleaned easily and

I couldnt stop thinking “why have I not ever owned this machine before?”. Silly Me.

I also sliced up a pink navel orange. WOW…the color was gorgeous (pink with orange undertones) and it certainly had a distinct sweet flavor to them.

You would notice the difference between the two oranges instantly.

Lesson Learned: a) invest in an orange juice maker. It’s worth it. b) try the pink navel oranges. You will love them.

Happy Grocery Shopping!!


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