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It’s that time of year where we all attempt to eat healthier. Including me. I’m really trying hard to eliminate carbs and eat more protein. Therefore this Activia Challenge is perfect for me.

You see on Jan 1st at noon, I treated myself to Poutini’s and I haven’t had a carb since that special treat.

activia - poutinis

According to a recent survey by Leger and Activia, Canadian women have an overwhelming tendency to make New Year’s resolutions related to their health, including doing more physical activity (88%) and eating a healthier diet (87%).

The bad news? We’re setting ourselves up to fail. More than half (55%) of Canadian women will keep their healthy living resolutions for less than a year (and some for as little as 2 weeks!), with the most common reasons being a lack of motivation, a lack of lifestyle fit and a tendency to make resolutions that are overly ambitious.

Mid-January will mark the turning point for whether or not most Canadians will keep their resolutions. Guess what? It’s mid January and so far so good I’ve been pretty good with my attempt to incorporate less carbs in my life (yay for me).

Here’s my tricks:

-I’m incorporating more yogurt into my day. The Activia Challenge is currently encouraging women to eat 2 Activia yogurts a day for two weeks. (specifically Jan 11 to Jan 21). I’m in. Are you?


-I’m staying away from beer and wine. However Vodka is fine. Hello Martini.

-I’m eating more salads…specifically Kale salad which I find is SO filling.

activia - kale

Professional home economist, cookbook author and Cityline celebrity, Mairlyn Smith has a few suggestions as well. She’s actually serving as an Activia Ambassador! Here’s one of her easy recipes which is an easy way to transform Activia yogurt into a delicious trifle.

Raspberry Trifle (serves 4)

• 4 lady finger cookies
• 1 cup (250 mL) frozen local raspberries, thawed
• 4 – 100 g 0% fat Greek Activia Vanilla yogurt

You’ll need four 1 cup/250 mL glass desert bowls or parfait dishes

1. Mash the thawed raspberries with a fork, set aside.
2. Break the lady finger in half and place in the bottom of each of the four bowls.
3. Spoon 1/4 cup (60 mL) of the mashed raspberries over top.
4. Open 1-100 g container of the Activia yogurt and spoon over top of the raspberries. Repeat with all four of the desserts. Place in the fridge. To soften the lady finger the dessert needs to set for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Each serving includes 127 Calories, 0.5 g Total Fat, 0 g Saturated Fat, 0 Trans Fat, 9.1 g Protein

I hope you join me in this Activia Challenge!

To follow along on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, please use the hashtag #ActiviaChallenge

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post, however all opinions are my own

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I’m always trying to sneak in more protein into my diet seeing as I’ve tried to reduce my carb intake. Consuming more protein really makes me feel full. Here’s a few products that have caught my attention:

a) Maple Leaf Foods PROTINIS: 

PROTINIS Skewers, are a new line of over-roasted chicken snacks for the whole family. Snacks with complete protein, like chicken, contain 9 essential amino acids that the body needs to support physical activity and weight management. These skewers were perfect for me to take as a snack when I had a 4.5 hour drive to Ottawa!


b) Barilla Pasta

Barilla PLUS delivers 27% more protein than Barilla’s traditonal semolina pata. Each 85g serving of Barilla PLUS provides 14 grams of high quality protein. This high quality protein comes from ingredients like chickpeas, lentils and egg whites.


Even though I’m trying to cut carbs this is a pasta that I would choose on a “cheat day”!

PS did you know that celebrity Chef David Rocco recently partnered with Barilla?

c) Kellogg’s Special K Protein Shakes

Sometimes before I head on to the treadmill, I get a bit nervous that I didn’t have enough to drink or I didn’t consume enough food to get me thru my run (yes  – this is what you call “Runners Problems”). LOL. This convenient drink does the trick.

Kellogg’s Special K Protein Shakes are available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Café Latte and Mocha flavours to help shake off hunger without sacrificing taste.


What’s your favourite way to incorporate protein into your diet?

Disclosure: I received compensation and/or product however all my opinions are my own

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