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Tracy Moore and momwhoruns!!

OK everyone, set your PVR’s and tape CityLine on Tuesday March 29th at 9:00 a.m or at 2p.m. Why? Coz CityLine is airing a segment on “bloggers” and you might even see me in the audience clapping and smiling!!  They invited  beauty bloggers, food bloggers, mommy bloggers and decor bloggers to be part of the studio audience and then did a segment on each topic. I truly love when companies “get” social media..

The beauty blogger: talked about her favorite beauty products. I used one of the products already for the last 20 years (Voluminous mascara by L’Oreal”) and now Im in love with the lipstick she recommended.

The food blogger: made an amazing banana bread with a secret ingredient that I would have never guessed in a million years.

The decor blogger: talked about Canadian furniture, and demonstrated a DIY project.

The mommy blogger; talked about why mommys have embraced twitter and blogging.

It was lots of fun to be part of the audience and lots of fun to meet other bloggers.  Infact, I sat beside a food blogger (foodjunkiechronicles) that I have been following on twitter (@foodieyu) for the past year so it was great to meet her IRL (in real life).

I loved how they told the audience NOT to put away their iPhones and Blackberries as they knew we would want to be tweeting and taking photos. I wish my mom would be so understanding. (she hates when I tweet).

Everyone was Tweeting.

After the taping, we were all treated to a lovely lunch at the new Ritz Carlton. A perfect ending to a perfect event.

Congratulations to Kate Moore (the producer for CityLine) for putting this Bloggers Segment together and for embracing the blogging community.

ps. thank you to @foodieyu and @YYZdesign for the photos.

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I have friends who use to tell me that every time they went on vacation, they went to a different spa. I honestly didn’t “get it”. Well guess what? I’ve changed my mind. I get it now.

It’s been the YEAR OF THE SPA. Let’s review:

April 2010.  Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Las Vegas

The atmosphere is very “zen like” with Japanese inspirations  everywhere. I liked how all your treatments faced the strip so you could enjoy spactacular views while getting your treatments, relaxing, sitting in the jacuzzi etc.

See what I mean? everything faces the strip...

November 2010 – Ritz Carlton Palm Beach

This spa was truly gorgeous. I loved the color schemes, the furniture, the wishing well…even the little cupcakes. They thought of everything and I was SO glad the weather was lousy that day and I chose to go to the spa instead of the mall (I’m so smart). LOL

Ritz Carlton Spa - Palm Beach

March 2011 – Ritz Carlton Cayman Islands

This spa is one of the few spas in the world that is a La Prairie Spa…so I was intrigued. I had also hear that the caviar massage was well worth it but sadly my budget would only allow for a manicure. It was the first time I have ever had a manicure in a spa and indeed it was worth it. I took full advantage of the wet sauna, dry sauna and jacuzzi plus there were a few extra steps in the manicure that I really enjoyed.

A great spot to relax....

Next on my list: The Russian Turkish Bathhouse in New York City. I know I know..its not a spa but you know what I mean.

Now I need to discover Spas in Toronto. I’ve only been to one!!

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That’s right..I’m in Cayman Islands on a mother-daughter (much needed) vacation!

We had an awesome flight on WestJet, got groceries right away, and sat on the beach till the sun went down.

Not a bad day at all. Currently I’m at Cafe Del Sol blogging and it’s a lovely place to have a coffee, listen to some great music and take advantage of some free internet!! It’s a perfect way to end my day.

Here’s some photos that I captured between 4 and 6:30 p.m.

The sand is just gorgeous!

I like this concept ...never saw it before!

i like this too!!

Tomorrow I’m going to World Gym to get a week membership and continue to run at least FOUR times this week.

Naturally I have decided to run in the mornings so I can take advantage of happy hour!! (shhh…I’m a planner – don’t tell anyone).

I have never exercised on vacation before but there is no excuse..I have the time and I have a goal!!

Here’s the plan for the next 6 days:  – go to the gym, sit on the beach, attend happy hour…repeat!!

Just kidding! I plan on going to the spa at the Ritz Carlton as I hear its STUNNING. Plus I really want to see the most unique car collection in the world at the Cayman Motor Museum. (think – batmobile, Ferraris, etc). Not sure I’m brave enough to go to Stingray city.

Sad but true. (fear?).

As for my eating adventures: Michael’s Genuine Food and Drinks sounds exactly like the place I want to eat at…so we are hoping to snag a reservation on Saturday nite.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Cayman Islands!!

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