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I’ve seen articles/blog posts written about “My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets” but I’ve decided to turn it around and write a blog post about “Kitchen Gadgets I Don’t Use”.

I don’t know about you – but I know that I have a few kitchen gadgets around my kitchen that has me thinking “Why on earth did I buy this?”  or “Why on earth would I keep this gadget?”

Exhibit A:

While visiting my parents in Ottawa a few years ago, I discovered this gadget:

How old is this box?

I couldn’t resist asking my Mom if I could take it back to Toronto. She agreed without hesitation. However it’s doing the same thing in my drawer as it did in her drawer in Ottawa. NOTHING. I was imaging using it to shoot vodka into watermelon slices or  Cointreau into strawberries. But I have done NOTHING with it and probably never will. What do you think? Toss it or keep it?.

Exhibit B:

I must have been having a bad day when I bought this cookie press. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what would possess me to to buy this gadget.  I know I will NEVER be making cookies that require a cookie press. I just like staring at the photos of those gorgeous cookies on blogs and in magazines. I guess I was thinking that if I owned this gadget then I would be making those gorgeous cookies. WRONG – haven’t even opened the box.

Never will open the box either. Time to toss it. Right?


Again, what was I thinking? I will never be frosting anything – not a cupcake, not a cake, not a cookie. I probably bought this so I could make devilled eggs. It certainly wasn’t for anything that involved icing. I am definitely tossing this. Promise.

I will soon post a blog about “My Favorite Gadgets” . This will be easy blog post to write as I have a few favorite gadgets. Stay tuned.

If you have a kitchen gadget that you don’t use – feel free to comment K?

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