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Hello Israel

I’ve kind of been missing in action these days as I went to Israel and Italy for two weeks.  To say I was busy would be an understatement. I seemed to have visited 6 cities in 14 days…Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Florence, Venice and Rome.

So please bear with me as I’m going to dedicate a few (just a few..LOL) blog posts about my travels. As you know, I’ve been to Israel before, but this trip was special for these 3 reasons:

1. I had the opportunity to celebrate my 50th birthday on the Tel Aviv beach.

2. I  got the chance to spend time with my daughter who is studying in Jerusalem, since Jan 25th.

3. I was able to celebrate the Passover seder with my amazing daughter and amazing cousins.

This trip was by no means a “touring trip”. I was there to see family and friends and eat. LOL.

What really blew my mind about this trip is how different it looks from 3 decades ago. For example, their airport is one of the nicest airports I’ve ever seen. I could NOT have said this 30 years ago.

israel - airport

Plus there’s no shortage of modern buildings either. Take for example, this modern building in Tel Aviv.

israel - building

I was only in Jerusalem for a day but I made sure to see the Western Wall, Mahane Yehuda (their famous food market) and go to my favorite restaurant (Caffit) for their insanely delicious Sweet Potato Salad. (36 Emek Rafaim, Jerusalem)

israel - jerusalemAfter my short stay in Jerusalem, I went to Tel Aviv. What did I do there? HANG OUT ON THE BEACH AS MUCH AS I COULD. LOL

israel - tel aviv

Naturally food was a big part of my trip and I tried to eat Shakshuka as much as I could. I discovered that not all Shakshukas are equal. In fact, I still think the Shakshuka at Dr. Laffa  (3023 Bathurst St) right here in Toronto is the best one!!

israel - food

Israel is indeed a special place for me and I can’t wait to return.

What a great 50th Birthday present. Thanks MOM and Dad!




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Yes…I turned 50!

I turned 50 on April 2nd…. and guess what? It feels GREAT. You see, I decided to really celebrate my birthday….one could I say I genuinely EMBRACED this milestone. Here’s what I did:

I threw a big party at the end of March. Plus I went to Israel and Italy for 2 weeks. (which I will be blogging about next so hang in there!!)

More than 50 friends and family members showed up at La Bamboche to help me celebrate this important occasion. Naturally food was a big party of the party. Let me go into more detail about that!!

Here’s what was served:

-A 6 ft sub from SubwayThis was a HUGE hit. What’s really funny is that my mom also served a giant sub when she turned 50. #likemotherlikedaughter

birthday - subway

-A sushi platter from Sushi on Bloor

-A stunning vegetable basket from Lesley’s Party Sandwiches and Catering.

birthday - vegetables

-Organic cotton candy from Lola’s Clouds

-Strawberries infused with alcohol from Shotberry

-Handcrafted Caramel Corn from All Mine Caramel.

birthday - 3 foods

-A velvety chocolate Opera Cake from La Bamboche (ps my guests are still talking about this cake)

-Macarons from La Bamboche  that were in a unique “50” formation!

birthday - 50

I even ordered a special balloon so it could really feel like a party!

birthday - balloon

I’m a pretty happy 50 year old!

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Recently I’ve come across FOUR Fabulous Food Entrepreneurs on Twitter! Drum Roll please….


The owner of this company was tired of seeing only your typical pink and blue carnival candy floss. Instead, Lolas Cloud serves organic clouds of candy, produced with cane sugar and natural extracts. Flavours include coconut, mango, watermelon and more. #brilliant. Please follow them on twitter and instagram: @lolascloud and take a peek at their website too. 



ALL MINE CARAMEL began as many small home based business do…by accident. Shannon Hitchon, who has always been proficient at cooking and making her own recipes, decided to try her hand at making her own caramels. She began slow churning her now signature buttery caramel as Christmas gifts for family and friends one year. They were a hit and soon co-workers and neighbours began requesting treats of their own. All Mine Caramel was born. Now, 4 years later, her caramel treats have become a must have delicacy. What a great story, non? I was pleased to see that Shannon is also making caramel corn too.  Can’t wait to try the Cayenne Infused Caramel Corn,…seeing as I’m all about flavour!

Please follow them on Twitter: @AllMineCaramel. Here’s their website:



What is a Shotberry? Well, imagine a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry that’s customized with your favourite toppings and decorations and then paired with a shot of your favourite alcohol (or non alcoholic beverage). OMG – BRING IT ON.

shot2I simply adore this concept. For more information, please visit their website:, Twitter: @shotberrys416 Instagram: Shotberry

4. Walter Caesar and Kelvin Slush

I blogged about Kelvin Slush when I discovered them in  NEW YORK in 2011 (see blog post by clicking here). Then I was introduced to Walter All -Natural Craft Caesar last year (see blog post by clicking here. However what I didn’t know was that these two brilliant products involve the same business partners…Zack Silverman and Aaron Harowitz. Not to mention I discovered this fact randomly by visiting a booth at the recent Restaurant Show!!

For more information: and

Please note, that Walter Caesar has just launched a Royal Caesar mix which is now available at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. With it’s smoky chipotle and cumin flavours…this cocktail will surely be a hit with guests.

walter2Clearly, you can tell that I’m in awe of the above mentioned food entrepreneurs who are making their dreams come true.

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Disclosure: In the past, I’ve been known to buy imperfect fruit and vegetables. Yes – I’m that woman lurking around the stand for over ripe bananas and slightly bruised apples. You see, I really like using them when I bake.

Now Loblaws has made this easy for me as they have recently introduced no name® Naturally Imperfect line of fruits and vegetables.. Starting with apples and potatoes, no name Naturally Imperfect produce costs up to 30 per cent less than traditional produce options found in store. You gotta love it!!

dapple - bag

Smaller misshapen produce that tastes great and is good for you, is now available at Real Canadian Superstore® and select no frills® locations in Ontario and select Maxi® stores in Quebec. Furthering its commitment to offer affordable, quality products to customers. YAY.

Please note that my bag contained smaller apples – not one was bruised – and they were delicious! Naturally I was excited to bake with them, so I pulled out my handy APPLE DAPPLE recipe that I’ve been making for years.  Notice where this recipe comes from? HOMEMAKERS! (see bottom of the recipe for proof). How funny is that?


APPLE DAPPLE CAKE (taken from HomeMakers)

1 cup sugar (I always use less)

6 tablespoons butter or margarine

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup of all purpose flavour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg (if you want)

2 cups of apples (of course, I used the Naturally Imperfect apples)..peeled and cored and cut up into pieces. I didn’t peel them but I think I will next time!!

dapple - apple


1. In a medium bowl, beat together sugar, butter, egg and vanilla until well combined.

2. In a small bowl, combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon and nutmeg.

3. Add dry ingredients to sugar mixture and stir until well combined.

4. Stir in Apples.

5. Lightly pat batter in a square baking pan.

6. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes.


dapple - final

Happy Baking.

Disclosure: This was a compensated post however all opinions are my own

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March 20th, 2015 is Macaron Day and naturally I will be at La Bamboche (1712 Avenue Road), eating Macarons and Tweeting  (in that order).  I really hope you will drop by to say hello.

In the meantime, please check out to see a complete list of participating patisseries. Please feel free to drop by any of them to receive your complimentary macaron. Don’t forget that 25% of all additional macarons purchased will be donated to the Red Door Family Shelter.

macaron2015Happy Macaron Day!!

What a great way to celebrate the first day of Spring!!

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I must have a super power for sourcing new products. Recently I attended the The Restaurants Canada Show  and   I consistently found new products with no effort at all.  Note:  I have a feeling this has something to do with the fact that I was once a food sales rep.

So here’s what I found at the show which featured over 1,000 exhibitors. Yes – I was there for HOURS. I shmoozed, sampled, and walked up and down aisles from noon to 4 pm. I can tell you one thing:  I did not need to eat lunch or dinner!!

1. NUBA…this is a naturally handcrafted hibiscus brewed tea. I think this beverage would be amazing in a cocktail  (Hey CocktailDeeva are you reading this?)

show - nuba

2. Natrel is launching a line of butter. What took them so long? This will be the only dairy cooperative to offer a butter with salt. Look out for it on shelves starting in May 2015.

show - butter

3. M & M’s has introducted a chocolate bar. How sweet!

show -m&m

4. Primo has started to make Tomato Juice as well. I love how there’s a Canadian Flag on the packaging!

show - primo

5. This stunning line of mustards, distributed by the Hungry Artisan. I’m a sucker for great packaging and mustards. In fact I once wrote a blog post called “how many mustards are in your fridge?”. LOL

show - mustard

6. Station Cold Brew Coffee Co: This is a smooth, fresh and easy way to customize, cold brewed coffee without compromising quality or flavour. Adore that this is a local company!

show - cold brew

7. Ninettes …this delicious ice cream is low in carbs (yay) and so flavourful. On a side note: they were featured on Dragons Den!

show - ninettes


Happy Grocery Shopping!!

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Big changes are about to arrive at Starbucks. Starting today (March 3rd) you will notice an entire new line up of pastries from a bakery called La Boulange.

boulange - case

This is a bakery that’s iconic in  San Francisco and was founded by renowned chef and baker and cookbook author, Pascal Rigo.

Lucky me….I got the chance to meet him at a recent launch. I have to say that when he was talking about his childhood and his first adventures in the kitchen, I could sense his love for baking.

starbucks - pascal

Of course, I also had the opportunity to sample croissants, cookies, and more. #HappyTummy

starbucks - croissant

It’s interesting to note, that croissants can now be served warm. How awesome is that?

boulange - croissants

I have a feeling that Canadians are going to be delighted to see these changes at Starbucks and will be nibbling on more pastries while they enjoy their coffee.

I know I will be indulging!! (after I run – of course). LOL

For more information:


Twitter: @StarbucksCanada

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Actually there isn’t much in my fridge these days. Although I can’t say the same thing about my freezer. It’s packed. So what do you see in my fridge? hmm…lots of egg whites, dairy products, peanut butter and a Brita Pitcher.

fridge - content

I’m really trying hard to stick to a low carb diet these days – can you tell?

As for vegetables: I’ve got a goal to reduce the amount of vegetables that I seem to buy and then not use. (arghh). Therefore I seem to be eating more and more “prepared” salads and stir fries. Recently I tried Fresh Attitude Microwavable Ready to Eat Stir Frys. These kits allowed me to have flavourful stir frys in just minutes. Um  – to be exact, my meal was ready in about 4 minutes.  Flavours include: Sweet ‘n Sour, Thai, Teriyaki and General Tao. Bonus: no plates required as you can eat right out of the bowl.

fridge - salads

I’m also trying to drink more water seeing as my Brita pitcher is providing me with tastier and cleaner water!! This brand has been in my kitchen for decades seeing as my friends husband worked at Brita back in the early 1990’s.

What I love about the Brita pitcher is the Filter Changer Indicator. How. Brilliant.

fridge - buttons

Seeing as I’m trying harder to drink more, I’m participating in #BritaBootcamp. There is no question that this statement is true: When water taste better then you drink more! Thanks to the Brita Water Filtration System, I’m now enjoying water that tastes better. Much better!

Tell me what’s in your fridge!!

Disclosure: I was provided with product and/or compensated however all my opinions are my own.

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It’s not everyday that I receive an invite to attend a dinner party at the home of Jessica and Ben Mulroney. Of course, I replied…COUNT ME IN.

Naturally, they were super friendly and wonderful hosts!

danette - jessica

The incredible food that was served, was prepared by Cafe Bar Pasta. (1588 Dundas St. W). Great choice Ben and Jessica!!

danette - meal

Even the table was spectacular. Notice the creative place cards? Love it.

danette - table

Dessert was really the main “event”. You see, Danette from Danone was recently launched in Canada. Made from 75% Canadian milk, Danette is also a source of calcium, making it the perfect nutritious dessert.

danette - dessert2


A study from Danone Canada shows that nearly 2 out of 3 Canadians say they feel a desire to treat themselves after a meal. I’m one of those people!! Now I can indulge as it comes in 6 delciious flavours: Chocolate, Caramel, Choco-Coconut, Vanilla and Coffee.
Yes..I tried all of them. (of course).

Danette is a simple and enjoyable way to add more dairy into your diet.
Cheers to that!!

For more information:
Hashtag: #danettefordessert

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Recipe for Change!!

Last year, I attended Recipe for Change for my first time. In case you want to read about my experience at this outstanding event, please click here.


This year I would like to share a quick interview I had with the Executive Director of FoodShare, Debbie Field.

1. Can you tell me the history of this event and how it has evolved over the years? We wanted an event that could highlight the amazing work we do in schools bringing food literacy to students of all ages, and we wanted to raise the needed money for the staff who deliver the food literacy workshops. The event combines both goals.

2. How does this event differ from other events? It combines some of the best food in town, a great sense of elegance with a grounded reality of a multi-ages, more women chefs and more diverse chefs than any other event of its kind. It therefore has an optimistic sense to it that I think is rare in fundraising events. It is one night with great food that will hopefully inspire everyone to be active in the movement for food literacy.

3. Describe where the money goes to? Field to Table Schools work teaching kids how to cook and grow food and be food literate.

4. Any advice for first time attendees? The venue is fabulous, the food is incredible, and it really is FUN. You will meet great people as everyone is very friendly. FoodShare is often referred to as a big family and the event feels that way.

5. What’s the best part of the event? The feeling that we are building a movement together for food literacy.

Recipe for Change not only supports an important cause, but it’s also A PARTY you don’t want to miss. With 30 chefs reflecting Toronto’s diverse food scene, 2 craft brewers and 3 wineries, this will be the most delicious fun night of the year! The festivities take place on Thursday Feb 26th from 6 pm to 9 pm. at the St. Lawrence Market North Building. Grab a friend, buy your tickets and arrive promptly at 6 pm wearing your stretchy pants!



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