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It’s true. I am a grown women with a massive crush on an actor who is also a drummer in a band called The Honey Brothers.  I didn’t realize I had such a crush on him till I was invited to a SVEDKA vodka event at the Tattoo Rock Parlour the other night.

Naturally I started the evening with two shots of SVEDKA vodka. I had never heard of SVEDKA before, but found out that it’s the 4th largest vodka in the United Sates and it’s now available in Canada.

Enjoying Svedka Vodka!!

However I did not induldge in anymore shots of vodka (I know my limits) as I wanted to have  CLEAR VISION so I could stare at the drummer…who is ADRIAN GRENIER!! (swoon)

Just look at that smile!!

I’m not kidding, I was two feet away from him as he was drumming away.

Adrian Grenier - Drummer

I stood there, two feet away from him, at the edge of the stage..waiting for him to smile. Eventually, there was a break and I said “come on…you have to smile” and he replied “I dont have to..I’m on stage”.

He was right. He was working and he was focused.  Man was he focused.

I got a chance to go downstairs to hang out with the band while they were on break. However I did NOT talk to the band..I just stood from a distance and stared some more. He must have thought I was a stalker. Poor guy!!

I loved what they had available for the band members downstairs.

Always good to be prepared!

My twitter friend, @Shawn_Rusich said to me,  “wow, you are so star struck”.

It wasn’t that I was star was more like, ADRIAN IS GORGEOUS and how often do I get that close to someone with those looks?

All in all…a great evening with great food, at a great venue, listening to a great band and staring at a great actor (who is also gorgeous).

Enough Said.

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