I’m that mom who is always taking the kids somewhere on a Sunday. You will like these blog entries if you are looking for interesting stuff to do in and around Toronto with your family. (think conservation areas, fairs, special events etc).


A few months ago, I was walking along the Danforth and noticed a storefront that said “H2O Float Spa….Opening Soon”. When I got home I looked them up and added them to my facebook feed so I could follow their updates. (a smart move).

Over the last months, I was intrigued with what I was seeing on their facebook page.

After months of anticipation, they finally opened their doors on April 11th. Naturally I wanted  to try it  - STAT. So on Sunday, I had the opportunity to try it. Lucky me!!

float - outside

Here’s what I experienced:

a) I walked in and was warmly greeted by Shelley (who is the owner). I was given a pair of shower shoes and then we proceeded into the change room where I was given a fluffy robe and 2  towels as well as a locker and a key.

b) We then went in the room where the pod was located. I was instructed to shower (including washing my hair) before entering the pod. Once I was in the pod, I could shut the pod door whenever I wanted. There was also a call button in the pod in the event I had a question etc.

float - pod

As soon as I was alone, I went into the pod and shut the door. I did not feel claustrophobic at all, as their was a glowing blue light. (which I had the option of turning on or off) I floated for an hour – and felt totally relaxed. I swear I don’t know where time passed. Perhaps I slept. I could not tell you. LOL.

Float - Selfie. Couldn't resist!

Float – Selfie. Couldn’t resist!

ps if you aren’t inclined to try the pod then there is a massive open bath where you can float – as an alternative.

c) the jets kick in after an hour – and this indicates that my “float” is over. Sniff.

d) I then showered and got back into clothes. Sniff.

e) a bottle of water and sliced orange awaits you after your float – which I welcomed!!

float - orange

Here’s a few suggestions for your visit:

-If you wear contact lenses..either bring your glasses or your contact lens case. However I would strongly suggest NOT to wear you contact lenses during the float. Inevitably the salt water is going to drip into your eye and it’s not going to feel pleasant

-Bring a washcloth/handcloth/towel – INTO the pod with you. Again, back to the salt water that is inevitably going to get into your eye.

-Don’t forget your hairbrush, make up etc.

Conclusion: Would I do it again? In a heart beat. Was it relaxing? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Would I give a gift certificate to a friend? Totally.

For prices and more information, please visit their website:

For more information:

H2O Float Spa 138 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON  647-349-0426

Twitter: @H2OFloatSpa


Disclosure: My float was complimentary however all opinions are my own.

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Back in November, I was invited to participate on a tour called STRUT that featured 3 workshops. One of  the workshops was called: Think You’ve Got What It Takes to Pitch a Leading Producer or Be A Spokesperson?

The panel included Michelle Crespi – Executive Producer, The Social & Marilyn Denis Show , Lis Travers – Executive Producer, Canada AM. Mary Ann Zoellner - Producer, TODAY Show, Alicia Ybaro - Producer, TODAY Show,Sandra Martin - Editor-in-Chief, Walmart Live Better Magazin

After the presentation, there was an opportunity to go up and talk to any of the producers.

I was on the other side - dong the same thing as this women....Pitching a Story!!

I was on the other side – dong the same thing as this women….Pitching a Story!!

I approached Lis Travers (the Executive Producer for Canada AM) and pitched a story!!  I’ve never done this before but thought I had a story that might be of interest. Basically I told her about something called the COFFICE and that there is a growing trend for people to work out of coffee shops.  I told her about Coffice Tweet Ups, and that I know the guy behind The Coffice!!  She listened to me and told me that she liked the idea and then handed me her card. I followed up with Lis and introduced her via email to the guy behind The Coffice!

Months go by  and I hear no news. Then things change!! I received a direct message on Twitter last week…. from the Coffice, that said: “Did you see this link.  // …It’s your doing. I owe you a coffee!!”.

I then clicked on the link (p.s you should too) and saw that The Coffice had a 6 (yes SIX) minute segment on Canada AM!!

Isn’t that cool? I was jumping up and down that my pitch worked!!

Go figger.

Now I’m hoping to pitch a few a few more story ideas. Wish me luck.

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If you go to my apartment  you will find food magazines but if you go to my parents’ condo you will find fashion and decor magazines!! Therefore, one could say that I was brought up with an appreciation for interior design. I can still remember my mom searching high and low for “grey” towels back in the 1980′s – well before grey was a popular colour!!

Seeing as I’m a fan of interior decor, it’s a natural fit for me to visit the Interior Design Show. I can’t stop snapping photos while wandering thru the aisles. Talk about “Eye Candy”.

ids - 2 dressesGorgeous, Right?

ids - 4 photos (2)See what I mean?

ids - 4 photos


I actually went to a media preview AND the opening party. #smartmove.


See that bike on the bottom right? WANT. It’s way more affordable than the bike I want to buy. LOL. Seriously I’m in love with this bike and can easily see it in my apartment as a conversation piece.

IDS - Party

For more information:

Interior Design Show, Metro Convention Centre, 255 Front St, Toronto

Saturday Jan 25, 2014 from 10 am to 7 pm

Sunday Jan 26, 2014 from 10 am to 6 pm.

Twitter; @IDSToronto




There is something about the month of January that just screams “TREAT YOURSELF” and I  have the perfect secret to share with you on how to achieve this – without breaking the bank!!

I recently discovered a new program called Gift Card Offers that is powered by Samba Days. It’s a gift card program that offers an array of gift cards for various highly rated restaurants, spas, services, products for  15 to 38% percent off the face card value. The cards have no blackout periods, do not expire and can carry a balance. (oh how I love these flexible conditions).



I decided that this Gift Card Offer would be perfect way for me to treat myself to a facial!

This link lists what all the different offers are right now in major cities across the country.  I decided to call Chi Spa and get a facial. (which is one of my favorite spa treatments). I called them up and told them I had a Gift Card Offer and they knew exactly what I was referring to.

chi - storefront

I had never been to Chi Spa before but I was immediately impressed with the FREE PARKING service that this spa offers. Sweet.

When I entered the spa, I already began to relax and unwind!! During the facial I was introduced to a new line of organic products from Hungary called Eminence. Too be honest, I think that’s the first time my skin has ever been exposed to an organic skin care line.

My face was glowing after being exfoliated, moisturized, massaged etc.  Not to mention – I was totally relaxed to the point of really wanting to take a nap there!!

Varying by city,  Gift Card Offers are available at: Safeway, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Sobeys, Rexall, PharmaPlus, Save on Food, PriceSmart, Fortinos and Urban Fare. How convenient.

I would strongly look into enjoying a Gift Card Offer…for yourself (um, why not?) or as a gift!!

Happy January!!

For more information:

1. Gift Card Offers. (click here for more info)

2. Chi Spa, 1 Balmoral Toronto ON 416 515 8288

PS I was compensated with a Gift Card Offer in exchange for this blog post. However all opinions are my own.

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Holiday Round Up!

The holidays are officially over. Sad but true. I don’t know about you but I tried my best to make the most of the holiday season. In retrospect, I kept pretty busy. Here’s a recap.

1. I saw three movies: American Hustle, Wolf on Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club. All I can say is – I can’t wait for the Academy Awards to see who is going to win best actor!

2. I went to a fabulous Christmas event at Kortright Centre for Conservation, that was truly magical. They did an amazing job in regards to creating a perfect atmosphere. Sadly it rained buckets that night – but we still managed to enjoy the activities.

holiday - kortright

3. I went to see Venus in Fur. That’s right – I saw a PLAY. In fact I’ve seen several plays in the last few months: Les Miserables,  The Musical of Musicals (which has been extended till Jan 12) and Puppet it Up. I’m trying to diversify my interests besides just eating in restaurants!! Ps. The Musical of Musicals was BRILLIANT. I left the theatre with a smile on my face and continue to think about how much fun this production was to watch.

holiday - musical of musicals

4. I hosted a wine/cheese party (or two). My love for Canadian Cheese continues. I served Celtic Blue Cheese (from Glengarry Fine Cheese), Smoked Cheddar (from Cow’s Creamery) and Louis d’Or (Fromagerie Presbytere). YUM!!


5. I went to the Richmond Hill Wave Pool for my first time. What took me so long? What a fun activity.

6. I made a new soup  with three ingredients: celeriac, celery and an onion. I did not use a recipe. Just winged it.

holiday - soup

7. I finally used this organic pancake mix by Grainstorm, which I had been hoarding in my cupboard for a “special occasion”. It’s AMAZING.  Lesson Learned: Buy this product more often and use it regularly – not just on a special occasion.

holiday - pancake

8. I went to Hockley Valley to ski – err – spa.

holiday - spa

9. I celebrated the Winter Solstice in Kensington Market on Sat. Dec 21st. It’s my third year attending this event and the third year that I wasn’t dressed warm enough! When will I learn?

holiday - winter solstice

10. I started to read – Open: An Autobiography: Andre Agassi. Can’t remember the last time I read a book (isn’t that sad?). This book has captured my attention…quickly.

It’s been a wonderful two weeks. It did not include palm trees or white sandy beaches – but I was happy – and busy!!

How was your vacation?

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Highlights of 2013

I’m not sure how many events I have attended this year but let’s just say I go to A LOT of events. I’m not complaining. Infact, I’m grateful to the many people who have reached out to me over the last few years. Here’s a recap of some of my fav events of 2013.

1. Back in April I was invited to a pretty exclusive event at Tim Hortons. The event introduced their thick cut hickory smoked bacon and included a sensory expert who discussed the physiology  of taste. We also had the opportunity to taste dozens of delicious (um, really delicious) items that included bacon. I was in heaven. Period.

2013 -tim event

2. I LOVED the Poutine Festival that was put on by Joylister.  I mean it – LOVED. Can’t wait to attend their Grilled Cheese Event in 2014.

2013 - poutine

3. The White Cashmere Collection Fashion Show was also pretty spectacular. It’s not everyday that I go to a fashion show like this one. The show feature 20 top Canadian designers that created stunning garments and accessories crafted entirely with pure, soft and luxurious Cashmere Bathroom Tissue.

2013 - Cashmere

4. Seeing as I take a TON of photos, I was delighted to have been invited to the HP Original You event. This printer is meant for me. Now I can print photos directly from my iPhone in the comfort of my own home. Not to mention, create postcards, cards and MORE!

2013 - HP


5. The bloggers event at Summer Fresh was informative and tasty too. We toured the plant (which was fascinating) and had the chance to try some of their newly launched products.  What a well done event in many respects. They thought of everything.

2013 - summerfresh2

6. Metro launched their Metro App at TIFF and guess who was invited? Not only was I treated to a screening but I also had the chance to attend a terrific party on the ROOFTOP of the Thompson Hotel. What a treat.

2013 - toronto TIFF view

7. The Montreal Tourism event which included  Schwartz’ssmoked meat…was nothing but brilliant. I really need to visit this spectacular city more often.

2013 - schwartzs

8. The Food Media Day at NKPR IT Lounge during TIFF was so much FUN.  This event included tasty treats from: Barilla Pasta,  Mideastro Restaurant, Cold Stone Creamery, SKYY Vodka, BottleGreen and AQUAHYDRATE.

2013 - NKPR


9. Meeting Jessica Alba was pretty cool too. I was super impressed to learn about her commitment to the environmental and her product line called Honest.

2013 - jessica alba

10. THE BEST EVENT OF 2013: Receiving an invite to attend Media Day for the International Air Show AND getting the opportunity to FLY in one of the planes. #FREAKIN’COOL

2013 - airplane

2013 was a great year for momwhoruns and I have a feeling 2014 will be another amazing year.

Happy New Years! Wishing everyone a spectacular 2014.

Vicky …..otherwise known as momwhoruns

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I’ve been going to the One of A Kind Show show for years. In fact I purchased this piece in the early 1990′s and it’s still proudly displayed in the front entrance of my apartment.

one - hats

On Thursday night there was free parking PLUS late night shopping and decided to take advantage of these two perks. SMART MOVE. I wandered thru the aisles with ease and found all sorts of items that caught my attention! Namely….gifts related to food.

1. STATIONARY – by Carolyn Draws. 

one - stationary2. ART – by Erin Rothstein

I walked by and couldn’t help but smile when I saw this acrylic painting of a piece of toast. She tells me that both the piece of toast AND the avocado are really popular. What a great piece of art for a kitchen. Don’t you think?

one - toast

3. SIGNS  like this made me smile too. Congratulations to  for creating unique food art!

one - cook

There’s over 800 artisans at this unique show so there’s truly something for everyone!

For more information:

One of A Kind Show: Nov 28 to Dec 8th, 2013, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place

Twitter: @ooak_toronto

Show Hours: Weekdays and Saturdays 10 am to 9 pm, Sunday 10 am to 6 pm



Saturday Stuff

Here’s a quick round of up things that I’ve been thinking about this week:

1. I can’t stop thinking of the winter wonderland that I experienced last weekend at my boyfriends’ cottage. It was truly a beautiful time of year to be up north.

sat - winter wonderland

2. I had a wonderful meal this week at Linda Modern Thai with great service and flavourful authentic Thai food. I really need to eat Thai food more often, that’s for sure.

saturday - lindas

3. I also went to the AGO (327 Dundas St. W)  to visit the David Bowie exhibit. I not only need to visit the musem more often but the gift shop captured my attention too. See the item on the bottom left – well guess who bought it? ME. It was my Chanuka gift to myself. If you are looking for unique gifts – this gift shop is the place to be.

saturday - ago

4. My week also included celebrating Chanuka..which is one of my favorite Jewish Holidays. For the first time in a long time – I’m using a white table cloth. Let’s see how long it stays white.

saturday - table

7. I actually bought something online on Black Friday. This is a first for me!!

8. I am still loving my Blendtec and made apple sauce in a nano second.

saturday - applesauce

I also had the chance to attend a media dinner at The Guild restaurant (1442 Dundas St. W) to try some contemporary  Canadian food. They have recently introduced some a few new menu items which I inhaled….for example…Aged Balsamic Marinated Tomato Salad, Curvy Rigatoni, Seard Omega Pork Belly and more!!

saturday - the guild

I had a pretty productive week. Next week is going to rock too!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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A while ago, (Oct 24th to be exact)  I received an invite to attend an event called the Strut Tour.  Here’s what the invite said.

Join us at the inaugural STRUT TOUR driven by BUICK; a unique professional event for leading influencers.

This interactive holiday extravaganza will hit the streets of Toronto on:

Tuesday, November 26th from 1:30pm-5pm

At each stop we promise you access to industry experts and leading brands in the social space.

Cocktail reception, 5-7pm

I checked my schedule and RSVP’ed right away.

Several weeks later I received another email with more details about the event. I was even more excited. Here’s a recap of the Strut Tour.

At 130 pm: I checked in and was super impressed that all sorts of info was on the back my name tag! I was also pretty happy that I was going to be driven around in a RED Buick with 5 other bloggers!!

strut 1

The first workshop was held at the Jazz Cellar and the topic was: How Well Do You Know Your Brand. The panel included:

Duri Alajrami - VP Social Strategy North America, BlastRadius Andrea Dart - VP Weber Shandwick / GoldinHarris, Rachael Faucett – Founder, Handmade Charlotte Michele Bosc, Director of Marketing, Chateau des Charmes, Jennifer Cruxton - Manager, Business Development, Media Relations Rating Point (MRP)

Sadly we arrived late and missed most of the discussion however I did enjoy 2 glasses of amazing wine!

strut 2

Workshop #2. Was held on the set of the Marilyn Dennis show. The topic was:

Think you’ve got what it takes to pitch a leading producer or be a spokesperson? 

The panel included Michelle Crespi – Executive Producer, The Social & Marilyn Denis Show , Lis Travers – Executive Producer, Canada AM. Mary Ann Zoellner - Producer, TODAY Show, Alicia Ybaro - Producer, TODAY Show,Sandra Martin - Editor-in-Chief, Walmart Live Better Magazine

P.S. I was pretty proud of myself and pitched a story. Stay tuned. LOL.

strut 3

Workshop #3: We proceeded to HomeSense for yet one last interesting panel discussion. The topic: How Creative is Your Content. The panel of experts included -

Jen Reynolds – Canadian Living Editor-in-Chief  Nadine Silverthorne – Today’s Parent Managing Editor Tamara Robbins – PR Manager, HomeSense

strut - homesense

I had to dash at 5 pm and missed the cocktail reception, but I know I would have enjoyed it! Nothing beats chatting one on one with other bloggers and brand representatives.

Many thanks to ImpressionsPR and WeeWelcome for the invitation!! It was a wonderful day that included a lot of learning and networking. Looking forward to Strut 2014.

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I was invited to an event where each guest would receive an Avocado Hand Mask followed by a manicure at Tips Nail Bar. How could I say no? I love manicures and I love Avocados. It was a no brainer. I was SO going to this event. (I’m decisive. Did you know that about me?)

The evening started off with some amazing appetizers featuring Mexican Avocados. Naturally I tried each and every appetizer on this table!

manicure - food

Then I sat down and enjoyed an Avocado Hand Treatment.

That's my hands. Promise.

That’s my hands. Promise.

Here are the ingredients: 

1/4 fully ripened avocado from Mexico

1 egg white

2 tablespoons rolled oats

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Directions: In a shallow bowl, mash avocado till smooth. Add egg white, oats and lemon juice.

I loved  the colour  that the Nail Polish Blogger (@everaftrlacquer) beside me selected. How appropriate for the event!!

manicure - nail blogger

As you know, I usually hang out with food bloggers but on this particular evening, I had the chance to hang out with lifestyle and beauty bloggers. It was truly a lot of fun.

manicure - bloggers2

I think this event was a genius idea. Now I can enjoy Mexican Avocados in my food AND on my skin!! Other applications include using Mexican Avocados as an Enriching Hair Mask, or as a Moisturizing Face Mask.

Many thanks to Tips Nail Bar for hosting such a fabulous evening. Their space, staff and selection of colors and brands, is a a notch above most nail salons. I even took the business card of their designer who made this unique mural!

The mural was featured on the WHOLE length of the wall. This is just a very small segment that I liked.

The mural was featured on the WHOLE length of the wall. This is just a very small segment that I liked.


For more information:

Please visit :

Tips Nail Bar: 848 Danforth Ave, 416 405 8477

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