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Today I discovered a new product that I think is just brilliant. It’s called Beetborsht Inabeerbottle.
harbord - beet
I’m familiar with Borsht as I grew up with it but would NEVER (repeat NEVER) go near it. It was in a ugly bottle and it was simply unappealing.

However today I went into Harbord Bakery and came across this new concept and in a nano second I was having a sample. Within another nanosecond, I was buying 2 bottles. Just like that!!

harbord - store

The brains behind this bottle are: Rafi, Tyler and Misha.  Rafi (on the right) is one of the owners of Habord Bakery, along with his sister Susan. They are proudly celebrating their 70th Anniversary and this beetborsht inabeerbottle was created to celebrate this occasion.

harbord - rafi

Harbord Bakery is famous for this product as well as many other baked goods.

harbord - challah

On a side note: My dad is turning 87 at the end of August and I’m sure I will be bringing him a few bottles for him to enjoy. It’s going to be the perfect gift. I have no doubt, I will bringing more bottles to Ottawa for the Jewish New Year in September as well.

For more information:

Harbord Bakery, 115 Harbord St, Toronto
(416) 922-5767

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I’ve been familiar with Lands’ End for decades, seeing as I had American cousins and travelled to the States as a kid for family vacations.  Specifically I have memories of these particular bags.

lands end - bags

One could always identify a Lands’ End canvas bag. There’s something about the quality of these bags, that you absolutely KNOW it’s from Lands’ End.

I also know that the backpacks and luggage are amazing gift for kids.  Especially when their names are embroidered on it!!

landsend - backpack

There are no shortage of products to love!! There’s something for men, women, kids, and even your pets!! Something tells me that my foodie friends would love this as a gift!

landsend - potluck

This year, Lands’ End is celebrating their 50th anniversary! They are also making it super easy for Canadians to purchase online. Canadians can now view the website in Canadian currency which will make online shopping that much easier. (#happydance)

What I really want to share with you, is their Introductory Offer of 15%  OFF and FREE SHIPPING (with a $50 minimum) if you use the promotion code: CANADA and PIN 1560. This offer is valid till November 30th!!

Plus they will welcome new customers with a no risk bonus of FREE RETURNS. Sounds good to me.

Ok gotta finish this blog. I’ve got some online shopping to do!!

For More Information:

Lands’ End: 1 800 800 5800


Twitter: @Landsend


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Back in November, my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary. This was a BIG deal and I wanted to mark this special occasion with the right gift. I knew how much my parents loved personalized gifts and wanted to give them one of those “special photo books”but I didn’t have the TIME or the SKILLS to do it. (in that order)

Then I had one of those “aha” moments. I called up an acquaintance (Susan) that I’ve known in the school yard for the last 14 years who did this as a business. She was all too happy to help me out. All I had to do was drop off photos at her house and she would do the rest.  Not to mention the photo book would be directly mailed to my parents in Ottawa, just in time for their anniversary.

My parents were thrilled with their personalized gifts and I was thrilled with this service.

My special parents!

The photo album contained some nostalgic photos:

That’s me in the blue overalls

There were some recent photos as well that I included:

My mom = a ton of laughs

I am so lucky to have such cool parents and to witness their amazing marriage. They are truly amazing individuals and amazing as a couple as well.

If you want to get in touch with Susan to help you make this type of personalized gift, here’s how you can reach her:

Susan Yalowsky
Photo Solutions Consultant, Reconnecting You With Your Memories!
P.S. It’s not too early to start thinking about Valentines Gifts (#justsayin’)



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Fact: I have been eating spaghetti with browned butter and mizithra cheese at the Old Spaghetti Factory for a long long time. It’s a very unique dish that you wouldn’t normally find in an Italian restaurant but I love it. How would I describe Mizithra cheese?  Here’s your answer:  very dry and very salty. To be honest, I’m not sure I have had Mizithra cheese outside of the Old Spaghetti Factory!! But I love it.

Browned Butter with MIzithra Cheese

I recently took my daughter for lunch to the  Old Spaghetti Factory and noticed that they are about to celebrate their 40th anniversary. I started to tell her that I have been eating the same dish there since I was about her age and how unusual it is to see the the same dish on a menu for that length of time.

I remember going to the Spaghetti Factory quite a bit as a kid.  Time passes (ok decades) where I didnt go back to the Old Spaghetti Factory. However a few years ago we had visitors and thought that it would be a fun restaurant to take them too. I have to admit, not much had changed. The same stained window lamps and the lovely train is still there for those diners lucky enough to snap up a table.

I felt like a kid again!!

Back then (i.e 1970), it was  a big deal to have a meal that included a salad, sourdough bread, coffee/tea and spumoni ice cream, at no additional cost.  It’s still a nice treat – even today!! It made me smile to see the same whipped garlic butter and regular butter appear with the sourdough bread as well as the spumoni ice cream. Nothing has changed!!

spumoni ice cream...nothing has changed!! Still delicious...

I went on their website (like a good food blogger) and noticed that they had locations in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. The one I went to as a kid was in Ottawa. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sadly it has been closed for many years.

In honor of their 40th anniversary, on Monday Aug. 22nd, the Toronto location (54 The Esplanade) will be offering spaghetti entrees at their 1971 prices!!

Think about it: what restaurants (not fast food) have you been visiting since you were a kid that still has the same dish on the menu?

Do share.

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