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A few weeks ago I had a lousy day which started off at 8:10 am when I dropped my car keys down the elevator shaft.

Don’t ask. Not my best moment.

Luckily I’m a CAA member. Therefore a CAA tow truck whisked my car to a Nissan dealership that was luckily only a kilometre away. I then discovered that it would take 1.5 hours to program a key for my beloved Versa – at a total cost of $232. It was still half the cost of an elevator technician so I wasn’t complaining.


During the 1.5 hours I had to kill, I ventured out out to walk along Avenue Road. I did some prospecting (as always) and then realized it was time for lunch and  decided to grab a burger at South St. Burger. This restaurant has always been a favourite of mine. Not to mention that this sign made me laugh. Oh how I love clever marketing.


I had a burger that I believe is the “Better Choice”.  The fact that it contained a fresh 6 oz beef patty made from 100% Angus beef, raised without antibiotics, hormones and prepared without any preservatives or additives certainly appealed to me.  Definitely the “Better Choice.”

What I also love about this restaurant is that you can customize your burger (or hot dog, or chicken burger) with over 30 traditional and gourmet condiments. There’s everything from dill pickles to dijon horseradish, guacamole and mango chutney at no extra charge. Premium toppings include a selection of five real cheeses, grilled ginger glazed pineapple, Applewood smoked bacon, and sautéed mushrooms.#YUM

I always seem to select: mango chutney, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles. Time in and time out!! There’s something about this combination that makes me feel like I’m getting spoiled.


South St. Burger is the “better” choice – hands down!!

This time, I didn’t order the french fries or the onion rings (even though they looked really good). I also was tempted to try their milkshakes as they are made with 2 scoops of real ice cream. #next time

I must admit that South St. Burger cheered me up on a pretty lousy day.

Other fun facts about South St. Burger.

  • It is 100% independently Canadian owned and operated
  • There are more than 35 locations across Canada from coast to coast and two in Dubai.
  • They also offer Gluten Free Buns

Hope you get a chance to visit a South St. Burger one day soon as well (minus the hassle of losing your keys). LOL. With South St. Burger, dinner just got better.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post however all my opinions are my own.


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Once again, I was introduced to another business while on Twitter. No it’s not a restaurant (surprise surprise). The Colour Lab is perfect for people like me. Women who need their hair coloured (err,,,my roots done), every 4 weeks and often have no time to make an appointment. Dyeing your roots is not a new concept but The Colour Lab uses new techniques, new technology and Goldwell products that are impressive. I can actually make the claim that my scalp didn’t have that “burning sensation”.  The Colour Lab is so passionate about colour that this is all they do here.

Don’t get me started!!

I was immediately attracted to the fact that I didn’t need an appointment, the convenient location, and the fact that Goldwell products  do not contain any harsh chemicals. (SCORE).

Better yet, I loved the space. Call me shallow – but this is important to me.

See what I mean?

There are only 4 chairs and in front of each chair is an iPAD. That’s right an iPAD. You won’t be reading  magazines from 2005 at this salon! In the photo below you can see each iPad conveniently located in front of each chair. Brilliant.

Black and White. (and spotless)

I was so thrilled with the service and the colour, that I decided to try out Jean Charles Hair Salon for a much needed hair cut.  I loved the fact that the Colour Lab and Jean Charles are owned by one family. Everyone is involved..the kids, and the parents. Pretty neat. I walked in looking like this (see photo below)

Way too much hair

Jean Charles did his magic with his scissors and before I knew it…Voila…a new look.


Here’s the info you need to know:

Colour Lab, 1013 Yonge Street (one block north of the Rosedale Subway stop)

Hours; Monday – closed, Tuesday to Friday 11-7, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-5

Phone: 416 933 7676

Jean Charles Hair Salon: 1761 Avenue Road, Phone: 416 481 3131

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I have a soft spot for Avenue Road as I once owned a store on that street for 3 years. During those years, I was by myself in the store and I have to admit that I rarely had time to get to know the other stores/restaurants on that street. However I have been making up for lost time!!

This is what I’ve discovered in the last few months:

Cafe St. Germain:

In the last few weeks a new coffee shop has opened and I immediately went to check it out (with my coffee friend – of course). When you walk in you are immediately struck with the attention to detail that has gone into the space. I simply love the decor. It’s black/white and red and extremely “bistro-like”. You will notice an immediate difference when you walk in, that this isn’t a typical coffee shop.

I particularly love this display of antique spoons on the wall. Simple but so effective!!

Love this idea...

Cafe St. Germain – 1767 Avenue Road

LaBamboche – New Item: Chocolate Banana Croissant

Generally, I enjoy more savory food items than baked goods but I could not resist this combination: Chocolate + Banana + Croissant. How genius!! I love it.

I asked them to cut it up into 3 pieces for me so that I could share it. I’m not sure this ever happened!! It was DELICIOUS. Beyond Delicious. I know I will be back for another one, even if if my waistline tells me not to!!

Congratulations LaBamboche for introducing this item on your menu.

Don't get me started how good this tastes!

La Bamboche – 1712 Avenue Road

The Copper Chimney:

I had been reading reviews on about this restaurant that I PASS ALL THE TIME, and the reviews were glowing. One day I finally went there and tried a few veggie options and indeed the reviews were correct.

This is not your typical India restaurant at all!! I really need go back and do a full review. Stay tuned. In the meantime, this restaurant should be on your radar in the event you are looking for Indian food.

The Copper Chimney – 2050 Avenue Road


This fro-yo concept opened a few months ago and has been a HUGE hit in the neighborhood. The space is  bright and friendly and the flavors are fantastic.

I’m a fan of these two flavors. Need I say more?

Hope you get a chance to visit Avenue Road one day soon!!

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What makes you happy?

Like really really happy?

Is it a blue sky? ? playing board games with your children? sleeping in? staying in your pyjamas for a whole day? or a good cup of coffee with latte art? (see photo)

Does coffee make you happy?

If I had to answer that question…it would have to be flowers. If I could afford to have fresh flowers every single week I would do it. I get a great amount of happiness from SELECTING the flowers and from arranging the flowers.

Love Flowers!!

How Gorgeous!

When I visit my  favorite flower stores that are lined up on Avenue Road, south of Davenport…I walk around, I think, I gather, I consider…there is a whole thought process going on. It’s unlike any other purchase.

Happy Vicky!

You must think I’m strange. OK I admit it – it is a bit odd. However it makes me happy and being happy is a good thing!!

So tell me what makes you happy?

Being happy and being in the great.

Happy Flower Shopping.

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