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This should come as no surprise to you, but I am NOT a car expert. This blog entry will not include statistics, fancy engineering terms or anything techie. It’s going to simply be a review about my initial impressions driving a Chevy Volt for four  days (I know, I know…lucky me).

I spent 4 glorious days driving this car!!

First Impression:

I swear I pushed the button (no key necessary) to start the engine and immediately started to talk to myself. It’s a shame no one was in the car to video my reaction. I kept repeating “This is too cool..this is just too cool”.

Look at all this cool info!!

Second Impression:

The car feels “heavy” (but in a good way).  It did not feel like I was driving my Versa. I felt really safe driving it.

Third Impression:

How freakin’ cool to plug in my car at night to charge the battery ( it took 8 hours with a normal socket).


Fourth Impression:

I drove for 65 km using the battery and then the car seamlessly starts to use the small gas powered engine.  It’s too cool

Fifth Impression:

Gas mileage on the Chevy Volt is insanely awesome.

Sixth Impression:

This car is QUIET. I mean really really QUIET. It’s scary how quiet it is!!

Seventh Impression:

This is the future.

Eight Impression:

I was so PROUD to be driving a car with this license plate.


Ninth Impression

I wish I owned one!!

Last but not Least:

Thanks again to the good people at General Motors who arranged for me to drive this spectacular vehicle. It was truly an experience I won’t forget.


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I knew I wanted to drive somewhere special on my last day driving the Chevy Volt. I also knew I wanted to go somewhere I had never been to before. I quickly realized that a day trip to Ste. Anne’s Spa would be ideal.

I have been known to be a unhappy customer at a few spas in Ontario…you know, where everything that is suppose to be right goes wrong? Well Ste Anne’s was simply perfect. I cant complain about anything!.

From the minute I arrived till the minute I left – everything was truly thought of.

Here’s how my day went:

7:00 a.m. left Toronto

8:30 a.m. arrived at their beautiful property and was warmly greeted with a complimentary bag. What a genius idea as I was shlepping a lot of “stuff” and really needed this extra bag.

stunning, right?

9:00 a.m. My day started off with a Caribbean Aqua Therapy Treatment (new for me)!! My skin was exfoliated and then I was rolled under (well the table was rolled) under the Vichy Shower. Following the Vichy Shower, my body was massaged with the Caribbean Therapy Line. If my skin could talk it would scream, say “THANK YOU”.

vichy shower (im on a table underneath all those jets)

9:30 a.m – 10:30 am Had fun in the outdoor cold plunge pool, hot tub, and small lap pool. Then went indoors to enjoy the eucalyptus steam room (heaven)

cold plunge pool.

11:00 am – Stretch class. I have never done this type of class before but I was intrigued. Let’s just say that I was relaxed before the class and certainly feeling relaxed after the class.

my mat was waiting for me. Sweet.

12:00 – 1:30 p.m Lunch with Marketing Manager of Special Projects. What a treat!! I was not surprised when she told me that 25,000 people visit Ste. Annes each year. The place was packed on a Monday before the summer has even started. She took me on a tour of their beautifully appointed rooms and it was evident that she is passionate about her job. Oh yeah – she introduced me to St. Annes own line Nourishment Line. Guests have the opportunity to use these “unadultered botanical” products while they shower. Then they line up to buy the products in the retail store!! I swear – the products are that good.

1:30 p.m – 3 pm – hung out by the pool

Did not want to leave!!

3:00 p.m had to leave (boo) so that I could return the Chevy Volt (boo). Two very sad events for me as I had a blast driving the Chevy Volt and a spectacular experience at Ste. Annes.

Here is a list why this property stood out amongst the other spas I have visited:

-plenty of friendly staff. Staff was everywhere I looked – either they were cleaning, or helping clients answer questions, or greeting clients. There was no shortage of staff to help you.

-everything was clean and well maintained.

-nothing was overlooked. i.e a schedule was sent to me prior to my arrival, the complimentary bag, the electronic locks (no need for a key to hang from my wrist) etc.

-the property and the buildings are gorgeous….trees galore, sitting nooks, patios…I had plenty of options!!

Hope you get to visit Ste. Anne’s one day soon.  You won’t be disappointed.

1009 Massey Road

Grafton, ON

1 888 346 6772




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As you know (or perhaps you don’t kn0w), I had the opportunity to drive a Chevy Volt for four days as was determined NOT to have it parked in my underground garage. I knew that I wanted to go on day trips but selecting WHERE to go was not easy:

a) I had just visited  Niagara on the Lake in April

b) Hamilton was on the list re: checking out food trucks

c) Peterborough was on the list too but barely

d) Cobourg was on the list too but I go several times each summer to enjoy the beach and it was a bit too early to do that

After a lot of deliberation, I finally decided to go to Elora on one day and  St. Jacobs plus Stratford on another day.

Elora is probably my favorite small town – I love the gorge, the galleries, and of course …the deep fried pickles from Something Fishy. This town has done it right. It’s truly charming but not in a tacky way. Do you know what I mean?

worth the calories

St. Jacobs was a bit disappointing. Then again I went on a Sunday and most things were closed so I quickly decided to go to Stratford.

After a quick drive (app. 30 minutes), I was in Stratford.  The downtown core has just the right combination of stores and restaurant. But I really love walking by the river . I couldnt stop taking photos.  The trip was highlighted by my Goat Cheese Poutine at Boomers Gourmet Fries. (who were featured on You Gotta Eat Here on the Food Network). Seriously, it was one perfect day….life couldnt get better!!




worth the calories...every single one of them

Do you have a favorite city for a day trip? As you can see..I have a few favorite day trips


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