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Often I head to a farmer’s market and all I want to do is buy veggies and go home and make salads.

Therefore I encourage you this weekend to head out to a Farmers Market to buy some beautiful local veggies so you too can rush home and make a delicious salad too.

Here are a few salads that I made last weekend!

Salad Saturday consisted of sliced zucchini, black olives, goat cheese, and romaine lettuce.


The romaine lettuce that I purchased at the  Wychwood Farmers Market had a huge root at the bottom of it. I swear I never see this root when I go to the supermarket to buy a lettuce.

salad - root

Salad Sunday consisted of roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes and onions with a salad mix. Then I added some crumbled blue cheese to make the salad interesting!!

salad #2

I should mention that one night I made another veggie dish that I would make again…..Zucchini Noodles with an Avocado Pesto Dressing. Please click here for the recipe. Notice the little avocado star I made? I was so proud of myself. LOL

zuchini - salad

I love making salads!

I hate making dressings though. They always take a long time but I know the effort is worth it!

Happy Salad Saturday/Sunday!

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I had one of those days. You know, the type of day that included 3 amazing events!! Here’s what my day looked like.

The day started off like this…

8:00 am – Started off my day with a Farm and Food Care Media Tour.  I love (love) this tour and have been attending this tour for the last 3 years. Over 50 people (food writers, bloggers, cookbook authors, food stylists, etc)  met off the highway for a “tail gate” party featuring coffee and fresh baked goodies.

farm - bus

8:30 am – Bus Departs

9:15 am – We went to visit Burnett Farms in Orangeville. At this stop, we learned about the diversity of grain farming in Ontario. It was also fascinating to learn that there are four generation on the Burnett farm today! They own 800 acres of crops and grow corn, soybean (both GMO and Identity Preserved), seed soybeans, canola, wheat and seed barley.

farm - grain

11:00 am – Bus Departs

Noon – Gourmet Taste of Ontario Lunch that was Catered by the Black Birch Restaurant. The (delicious) menu included;

Sorrel & Spinach Soup with Cider Infused Barley and Creme Fraiche. Hockley Valley Beer Braised Ontario Corn Fed Beef Ribs with Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Asparagus. Dessert: Honey and Yogurt Semi-Freddo with Rhubarb Compote and Barley Cookies.

farm - lunch

1:30 pm – Bus Dparts

2:00 pm – We visited the Schaus Land & Cattle Beef Feedlot in Alliston. At this stop we got up close and personal  with 3,000 yes- that’s right – 3,000) of Canada’s top cattle.  To my surprise, these cows were so quiet!! Not to mention…well taken care of!

farm - cow

3:45 pm – Bus Departs

5:15 pm – Arrived back in at the bus stop

5:15 pm to 6:45 pm – Drove from Trafalgar Road/401 to Avenue Road and the 401 so I could attend the the first Sip & Savour Farmers Market. I spoke to the organizer who told me that 1000 people had visited. I was thrilled to hear that. Sadly I got there at the last 15 minutes and many vendors had sold out or were packing. However I still managed to buy some gorgeous Kale and some sausage. This market will take place every Thursday from 3 pm – 7 pm at Avenue Road/Old Orchard Grove. (just south of the 401)

farm - farmers market

8:00 pm – I drove the Element Vaughan Southwest Hotel (6170 Highway 7) to attend a super intimate event that was designed for Starwood Preferred Guests. There was a reception followed by a performance by Mayer Hawthorne. The evening was FANTASTIC. I loved the atmosphere they created and the performance was outstanding. Stay tuned for another blog post about this hotel!!


11:30 pm – returned to my apartment to get some much needed sleep. What a fabulous day I had!

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Who else is excited that tomatoes are in season? All I want to do is make tomato sauce, tomato soup and tomato ricotta tarts!! This recipe is from Martha Stewart and I’ve been using it since 2005. (I have proof). It’s a winner cause it’s simple and it’s pretty. Serve this along with a few side salads and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice meal.

TOMATO RICOTTA TART  (from  Martha Stewart)


2 cups coarse fresh breadcrumbs (I  make my own and you should takes 5 seconds and it’s worth it)

1/4 cup olive oil

1 cup whole milk ricotta

1/2 cup grated parmesan

2 large egggs

2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil (or dried)

salt and pepper

1 1/2 pounds thinly sliced beefsteak tomatoes (I use a pint of cherry tomatoes – orange and red for the added “prettiness” factor”)


1. Preheat overn to 450 degrees. In a 9 inch springform pan, toss breadcrumbs with olive oil. Press evenly into bottom

tart - crumbs






















2. In a bowl, whisk ricotta with Parmesan, eggs and basil. Season generously with salt and pepper. Spread over crust.

tart - mix

















3. Arrange tomatoes on top. Brush with olive oil. (I always forget this step).

tart - arrange






















4. Bake until tomatoes are almost dry for about 35-  45 minutes. Let cool. Unmold. Serve warm or at room temperature.

tart - final

















As mentioned, serve this tart with some side salads and you have got yourself a pretty nice meal.

tart - sides






















Happy Cooking. What is your favorite dish to make with tomatoes? Do share.

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Hooray…I finally made it Dufferin Grove Farmers Market. I seriously don’t know what took me so long. This farmers market is pretty impressive and worth a visit (justsayin’).

Can’t Miss the Sign

What I love about this Farmers Market is the setting. There are HUGE MASSIVE trees which provides  a lot  A TON of shade for both the vendors and the shoppers.

See What I Mean?

Dufferin Grove Farmers Market is located at 875 Dufferin Park (just south of Bloor). They are open every Thursday from 3-7 p.m, ALL YEAR LONG. That’s right – they operate right thru the winter. You can tell that a lot of people go here for dinner, hang out on the grass, listen to live music, and also shop!! I also have a feeling that this is a real community meeting place as it seems as everyone is talking to everyone.

It’s also impressive that there seems to be as many prepared food vendors as produce vendors. I really like that and it seems as everyone else does too.

Now lets talk about the FOOD.

I was not a happy camper that I bought kale today from a grocery store and not kale from the Farmers Market (poor planning on my part). The kale at the farmers market is the size of my arm and the kale from the grocery store is the size of a large hand. Note to Self: Don’t Do That Again.

Dinosaur Kale

The lavender chocolate SHEEP ice cream from Best Baa Farm caught my attention too!! I could actually taste the lavender and was so impressed with this unique ice cream (which is easier to digest than cow’s milk). I’m on a carb free diet (week 5) so I only had a small sample but I wish I could have had more!!

not baaaa–d. HA HA…couldn’t resist

I also picked up a (raw) Nut Burger from Earth & City,  that contains all sorts of super healthy ingredients: raw sunflower seeds, raw walnuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, oregeno, cumin, sundried tomatoes, raw almonds, flax seeds, lemon juice, sea salt, sunflower sprouts, collard greens, honey dates.

A Perfect Meal for Someone on a No Carb Diet

Guess who is going back to Dufferin Grove Farmers Market next Thursday. See you at 6 p.m! You will find me buying KALE!! (lesson learned). Join me.


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Last week, I biked from Bathurst/Eglinton to Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market. It was a super easy route, and 99 % of the time I was on the beltline and not on a major street. I was kicking myself that I have never done this before!!

It was my first time visiting the Farmers’ Market since the Fall and was eager to buy vegetables, but I didn’t!! I bought only one item that day and that item was a cinnamon bun for $3 that was absolutely heavenly! I nibbled on it the ENTIRE DAY – that’s how good it was. (I wish I knew the vendor but I was clearly intoxicated from the smell and forgot to ask for a business card).

This was what was left at the end of the day.

The next day, I went to Ottawa to surprise my mom for Mother’s day. The sun was shining, so off we went to the Ottawa Farmers Market in their new home at Brewer park. We loved the lay out and every vendor that I spoke to was thrilled with the new location.

Once again, I had every intention to buy vegetables but ended up buying maple cotton candy. I felt like I won the lottery as I scored the last two bags.

Does anyone make this in Toronto?

What is wrong with me? Why didn’t I buy anything healthy? I honestly don’t have a sweet tooth but for some reason…did not buy one single vegetable at either farmers market. I’m not really concerned as I know that I will be visiting plenty of farmers markets over the summer and fall!!

For further info:

a) Farmers Markets: click on this website

b) Biking in Toronto: click on this website


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Being a food sales rep, means that I have the opportunity to shop while I work. (shhh- lets keep this a secret).

One day while visiting Pusateris Fruit Market (497 Church Street) I stumbled upon a bag of Cookstown Greens Seasonal Heirloom Vegetables. It’s not cheap but when you eat every single vegetable in the bag – then nothing goes to waste. Plus Im supporting a local business. So after a few seconds of comtemplation, I bought the bag.

A Bag of Goodness!!

When I got home, I roasted them and then continued to buy this bag of vegetables almost every week throughout the entire winter. Then – poof –  they disappeared over the spring/summer. Sadness. However this past weekend, I discovered that they are back in season again. I scooped up a bag for $10 and then went home immediately to make them.

This is how I prepared them:

a) washed them

b) cut them in half

c) put them on a shallow baking pan.

d) added a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper .

e) 425 degree over for 45 minutes.


OMG…these vegetables are dynamite. I hope you get a chance to try this “bag of goodness”  one day soon. It’s SO worth it.

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