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Mother’s Day is around the corner!! If you haven’t bought a gift yet, here’ a few ideas.

1. FOR THE MOM WHO…….Who Loves To Be Pampered.

A getaway to Ste. Anne’s Spa is the answer! Please take a peek at their amazing website which now offers auctions (which I think is a really cool idea). I’ve never been there for an overnight however a day trip certainly does the trick for me!!

gifts - st annes

2. FOR THE MOM…Who Loves Yoga

Buy her the B Mat. Why? Because  its exceptionally grippy texture, its eco-friendly and its durable. Not to mention it’s NEW, NEW, NEW…it recently launched in February 2014!!

yes..thats momwhoruns trying to be momwhodoesyoga!

yes..thats momwhoruns trying to be momwhodoesyoga!

3. FOR THE MOM…Who Runs!!

The Samsung Gear Fit is the perfect gift.

Oh what a treat for someone who loves technology and running. I’m now the proud owner of this watch and can’t wait to get off the dreadmill and use it. I’ve already signed up for a one on one lesson with Telus to learn every possible feature about this watch.

gift - watch

4. FOR THE MOM…Who Has Everything

Head to the AGO Gift Store. I swear you will find SOMETHING. This store really does carry unique (and beautiful) products.

5. FOR THE MOM….Who Loves to Entertain.

I promise you will find something for her at Loblaws!. Once again,  President’s Choice has a STUNNING SPRING line! ps I’ve already bought the napkins (on the left) for my paper napkin collection. Yes – that’s right – I have a paper napkin. (yes..I’m normal)

gift - dishes

6. FOR THE MOM…Who Loves Tea

Consider buying Tea from Lemon Lily which offers a beautiful range of organic teas!

gifts - lemon

7. FOR THE MOM….Who LOVES Handmade Creations.

Head over to ETSY.  Seriously.

8.FOR THE MOM…Who Loves to Read.

I would suggest buying her a Kobo. I’ve been a proud owner of a Kobo since 2010 and can’t say enough about their customer service.

gifts - kobo


OMG..this is a hard one for me to answer!! In fact I don’t know where to start. A cookbook? a certificate to her favorite restaurant? a cheese box from Taste of Cheese? a cooking class? 18 kg gold chocolate bar from Baroness Chocolates? a food crawl to all her favorite spots? a fresh truffle?

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!!

Disclosure: A variety of these companies provided me with product, however all opinions are my own.


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I was invited to a Kitchen Aid event a few weeks ago called #Attached2KitchenAid. I love my Kitchen Aid but actually had no idea about these “attachments’ till this event! I discovered that my Kitchen Aid was capable of SO much more.

There’s a pasta attachment.

kitchenaid - pasta

An attachment so you could make your own sausage.

kitchenaid - sausage

Also there’s a citrus attachment.

kitchenaid - citrus

Plus an attachment to make ice cream.

kitchenaid - icecream

I swear I had no idea that my beloved Kitchen Aid could do all of the above.

The event included Chef Lynn Crawford…who is not just a talented Chef but also a hoot!

kitchenaid - lynn

At the end of the event, we got to select whatever Kitchen Aid attachment we wanted. What a hard decision to make! But in the end I selected the pasta attachment.

Stay tuned for another blog post. However don’t hold your breath as I have NEVER made fresh pasta before so I know I’m going to be nervous and procrastinate about this. Hopefully one of my foodie friends will come over to help me. That’s about the only way it’s going to happen!! #honest.


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I was strolling through Loblaws and noticed a pomegranate machine that helps de-seed that beautiful (but annoying) fruit.

I took a photo and tweeted…”has anyone seen this machine? does it work?”.

To my surprise, a handful of people responded.

So guess who went running back to The Superstore in my neighborhood later that nite? ME.

I bought the pomegranate machine ($5.99)  and two pomegranates and  ran home to test it out. (I know  I know, I have too much time on my hands).

I got home and followed the simple and easy instructions.

a) take off the crown and slice the pomegranate in half.

b) place the pomegranate on the plastic gizmo with holes (flat side down)

c) put the rubber dome on top.

How Simple!!

d) get a spoon and bang bang bang a few times

e) VOILA – pomegranate without the MESS.

OH HOW I LOVE Kitchen Gadgets.

So Good For You!!

Especially ones that cost $5.99 and WORK.

I went back to Loblaws to buy 5 more (I have a few foodie freinds..LOL) and sadly they didnt have it in that particular store. Will need to return to the store in my neighborhood to grab them before they are out of stock.

Happy Kitchen Gadgets!!

For further info: Check out the Pomegranate Tool website

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