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I recently worked at the Restaurants Canada  giving out samples of squeaky cheese curds to a variety of people who work in the Restaurant Industry (chefs, caterers, restaurant owners, etc).

rc - vicky

When I took my breaks, I quickly walked thru the show to discover new products and say hello to fellow exhibitors like Lemon Lily, Lorelyns Gourmet Desserts and Walter Craft Caesar.

Here’s a few products that caught my eye. For some reason they are all beverages…which either indicates that I was really thirsty or it’s a growing category!!

  1. Pink Lemonade Beer by Farmery Estate Beer! #interesting
    rc - farmery beer

2. Hatch – Cold Brew Iced Tea. Love the packaging and the combo!

rc - hatch

3. This organic Maple Syrup Soda

rc - organic maple syrup soda

Plus this beverage caught my eye as well. Especially the blood orange flavour!

rc - bull's head

I ate and ate and ate for 3 days solid…a little this and a little of that. When I got home there was no need for dinner just a huge need to lie on the couch!! (can you say Netflix and Chill?).

The best part of the show was knowing that Uber Eats would deliver to my booth. All I did was download the app, order what i wanted from the menu (which would come from other exhibitors) and within 20 minutes it was delivered. Oh how I love technology (and food t00).

RC - uber

Already looking forward to the next trade show which will be SIAL – May 2 to 4th.

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Mother’s Day is around the corner!! If you haven’t bought a gift yet, here’ a few ideas.

1. FOR THE MOM WHO…….Who Loves To Be Pampered.

A getaway to Ste. Anne’s Spa is the answer! Please take a peek at their amazing website which now offers auctions (which I think is a really cool idea). I’ve never been there for an overnight however a day trip certainly does the trick for me!!

gifts - st annes

2. FOR THE MOM…Who Loves Yoga

Buy her the B Mat. Why? Because  its exceptionally grippy texture, its eco-friendly and its durable. Not to mention it’s NEW, NEW, NEW…it recently launched in February 2014!!

yes..thats momwhoruns trying to be momwhodoesyoga!

yes..thats momwhoruns trying to be momwhodoesyoga!

3. FOR THE MOM…Who Runs!!

The Samsung Gear Fit is the perfect gift.

Oh what a treat for someone who loves technology and running. I’m now the proud owner of this watch and can’t wait to get off the dreadmill and use it. I’ve already signed up for a one on one lesson with Telus to learn every possible feature about this watch.

gift - watch

4. FOR THE MOM…Who Has Everything

Head to the AGO Gift Store. I swear you will find SOMETHING. This store really does carry unique (and beautiful) products.

5. FOR THE MOM….Who Loves to Entertain.

I promise you will find something for her at Loblaws!. Once again,  President’s Choice has a STUNNING SPRING line! ps I’ve already bought the napkins (on the left) for my paper napkin collection. Yes – that’s right – I have a paper napkin. (yes..I’m normal)

gift - dishes

6. FOR THE MOM…Who Loves Tea

Consider buying Tea from Lemon Lily which offers a beautiful range of organic teas!

gifts - lemon

7. FOR THE MOM….Who LOVES Handmade Creations.

Head over to ETSY.  Seriously.

8.FOR THE MOM…Who Loves to Read.

I would suggest buying her a Kobo. I’ve been a proud owner of a Kobo since 2010 and can’t say enough about their customer service.

gifts - kobo


OMG..this is a hard one for me to answer!! In fact I don’t know where to start. A cookbook? a certificate to her favorite restaurant? a cheese box from Taste of Cheese? a cooking class? 18 kg gold chocolate bar from Baroness Chocolates? a food crawl to all her favorite spots? a fresh truffle?

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!!

Disclosure: A variety of these companies provided me with product, however all opinions are my own.


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Like Tea? Want to learn  more about Tea? Here’s your chance!! Toronto will be host to its first Tea Festival at the Toronto Reference Library on Saturday Feb. 2nd, 2013. Momwhoruns will definitely be there to check it out and I hope you get a chance to check it out as well. I think the timing of this festival is perfect seeing as the entire week has been rainy, grey and miserable!! (Don’t get me started about the weather).

The Tea Festival will feature:

  • Tea and culture
  • Tea service items and equipment associated products and services
  • Food and tea pairing ideas (think tea and chocolate, tea and cheese, tea and Michaels Dolce Jam)
  • Tea-related food and drink 

Here’s the flyer.

What a great idea!!


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My mom was visiting from Ottawa over the weekend, so it was a perfect time to book “Afternoon Tea” for some mother/daughter bonding. Seeing as my mom is from Glasgow, she has always adored scones with clotted cream and the whole “afternoon tea” ritual.

I decided to book afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms after reading some blog entries. (I do my research. Surprise. Surprise).

We got all dressed up and off we went. Well not exactly. Afternoon tea requires reservations as it served daily at 12:30 p.m, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm, and even 6:00 pm. So please ensure that you make reservations and call in advance as it’s more popular than you might think!!

When we entered the dining room, we immediately felt relaxed. The atmosphere was elegant without feeling too stuffy. Here’s what a table looks like:

After we sat down, the waitress quickly served us chilled water with lemon along with the menus. She then explained how afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms works. We were impressed with the service from the get-go!

We selected our tea and when it arrived it’s poured with style. (see photo).

Then the “serving tray” arrives! I quickly made myself a little plate that looked like this and then tried my best to take my time and enjoy each bite while sipping my delicious tea (#33 in the event that you are curious).

For me, the best part were the scones. They were so light…so fluffy ….so warm. The scones were even better after I shmeered them with the strawberry guava jam and the mixed berry jam and the clotted cream! The whole experience was just heavenly.  Just so you know, both jams are made in house!! #impressed.

It was real treat to spend some quality time with my mom while enjoying this special ritual at the Windsor Arms. We certainly will be doing this more often!

For more info:

Windsor Arms 18 Saint Thomas, Toronto 416 971 9666




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Many years ago, my friend use to invite guests over on a Sunday afternoon for “tea”. It was a nice way to end a Sunday afternoon, and we always met new people without the formality of a sit down dinner.

I decided after writing my blog post about my china collection, that it was time for me to host my own tea party and to actually use my china and not just stare at it in the cupboard!!

Here’s some tips how to host a tea party:

1. I invited 10 woman from 3-5 p.m.

2. I set the table with china cups and saucers. (my favorite part)

Love Setting a Table

3. I served: orange almond scones (recipe to follow in another blog), fruit, a cheese platter, party sandwiches, and of course tea!! It was just the right amount of food.

I'm going to blog about these one day!!

4. As for the tea: I was SO lucky to have met a tea sommelier a year ago at a food show and she graciously brought her collection of tea and actually educated my guests about tea. My guests enjoyed her line of Tea and All its Splendour plus Sloane tea as well!! I brought out the new Perk Tetley Tea (with added cafferine) as well but no one seemed to want to try it. (sniff)  No question, my guests did not leave thirsty and they left inspired too.

Raelene with her line of Tea and All its Splendour

5. Raelene (Tea and All Its Splendour) even brought the right tea kettle so that the water could be boiled at the correct temperature!! I was so impressed.

I’m not kidding, my tea party would not have been the same without her presence. Full Disclosure; I did not know how to make loose leaf tea till this tea party…she saved me!!

It was a great afternoon and I’m sure I will do it again…now that I know how to make tea!!

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Hi. My Name Is Vicky and I collect CHINA. Here’s how it started.

I grew up in a house with a lot of china – my mother loves having different sets of dishes.  You could say she has a collection!! There’s a set for brunch, a set for formal dinners, a set for every day, a set for special holidays, a set for no specific reason etc etc.

Guess who is in the same situation these days? that’s right…me!  I have  a collection of 6 different sets as well. Despite the fact that I just moved from a house to an apartment, I could not part with one set. They all have some form of meaning to me, not to mention, I really do hope that I will USE them and they won’t just sit in the cupboard.

Here’s some details about the 6 sets of china I own:

1.  This set is called Black Onyx  from Ainsley  (now discontinued)) and was purchased 21 years ago. Back then it was a FORTUNE (let me repeat – a fortune). I use this set mostly for formal holiday meals and I’m proud to say that 21 years later – the entire set is in perfect condition.

pretty formal!!

2. This next collection consists of 12 different tea cups with matching saucers. I can’t even remember the last time I used it but I know it’s been YEARS. However I love the “look” and I love the IDEA of having tea on a Sunday afternoon. (with 11 friends of course)

Pretty, non?

3. This set was buried so deep, I didnt even know I had it till I moved. No joke.

4. This set I bought at Target just before I moved and it’s now my every day set. However I have been using these dishes for Friday nite dinners as I’m really enjoying a more contemporary look. Do you know what I mean?

Really enjoying this set!!

5. This set I inherited from my grandmother. I couldnt part with it. Again, I havent used it for YEARS but it’s meaningful and it’s going nowhere. I also inherited another set of dishes from my grandmother that I use every year during Passover. This means that I have 6 different sets of dishes. This is a problem!!

Cant part with this set!!

You are probably asking “where oh where does she store all these china sets”? Here is the answer: I have an entire shelf dedicated to china in my ONE hallway cupboard. I invested in those “china storage containers” and believe it or not – they are all labelled. Plus I have one box of china in the storage unit that came with the apartment.

Is there anyone out there with the same type of china collection?? I should start a club – “The China Diaries” as each set of china has a story!!

ps I also collect postcards…..stay tuned.

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Tea Time..

I blogged about coffee this week, so I thought it would only be fair to talk about tea as well. Naturally I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!!

This year, I received a dinner gift that I totally fell in love with. It’s a tea tumbler called “Liquid Solutions Tea-Zer”. I started to grate fresh ginger, placed it in the removable strainer, I added boiling water and bingo: beautiful fragrant ginger tea.

freshly grated ginger and my tea tumbler (that I love)

My uncle told me try chopped  lemongrass and I tried it but returned back to the fresh ginger.

I even experimented between normal ginger and organic ginger. The organic ginger won by a long shot.

Once in a while, I will stop at DAVIDsTea. I think they have done a great job with their store concept, their packaging, merchandising etc.

(can you tell I once owned a store?).

I am a sucker for tea thats called “read my lips”!!

The store is so fresh looking and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. There is nothing not to like.

a great looking store..

Their winter line up of teas include: baked apple, organic electric lemon, organic cloud nine and choloclate chili chai.


Raise you hand if you are a tea drinker or even an occasional tea drinker like me!!

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