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It wasnt an easy decision, but I drove to Washington last week instead of flying.  I dont regret that decision for a minute. There is something to be said about “road trips”.  For example I got to discover a beach on the way there and a small city on the way back.

On the way down to Washington, I stopped off at Presqule Ilse in Erie PA. I love beaches and this one is magnificent. I was so tempted to return there on the way back it wasn’t funny. Thats how nice it was. The beach is quiet, there’s lifeguards, the sand is gorgeous, and the water is clear and calm. What more could you ask for?


When I arrived in Washington, it was too hot to walk around (in my humble opinion). I waited till I went out for dinner and drinks to kinda explore and take photos.

Where did I eat dinner? Ben’s Chili Bowl because it’s cheap and cheerful and FAMOUS. As in line ups. But that’s ok – I was on vacation!! I had a veggie chili with chopped onions and cheese and it was just perfect.

Where did I drink? First drink…PS7….plymouth gin, gran classico, dolin vermouth and salted ice. I was happy.

Second drink…The Passenger…fernet, sweet vermouth, cherry liqueur, and a whole egg. Once again – I was happy.

On my way out of the city I passed Georgetown Cupcake and HAD to stop, despite a line up of 10 people standing outside in the heat at 3 p.m!! (I’m sure we were all tourists). I chose a honey banana cupcake and it was worth standing in line for.

Georgetown Cupcake

I decided to cut the journey in half by stopping in Altoona. Dont ask me why!! It was kinda out of my way. (clearly I didnt look at a map). Altoona had a Target – so I was happy. On the way OUT – I heard on the radio that the Food Network was there to film a segment for “The Best thing I Ever Ate” at Anthonys Pizza and Grill. Apparently they serve a famous Rum Cake.  I was so pissed that I heard this ON MY WAY OUT of the city. GRRR.

I have already marked in my calendar that the fancy food show is June 17-19, 2012. Guess who will be repeating the exact itinerary?

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Meet Susan and Bruce. Bruce is a busy litigation lawyer during the day, but when he comes home he enjoys watching the Food Network (a lot).  He is such a huge fan that Susan planned a driving trip to visit his favorite  restaurants/chefs that he watches on the Food Network as a birthday gift.

How awesome is that? I met with Susan recently who printed out the itinerary for me. She’s one organized woman!!

Day 1:

New Jersery – Carlos Bakery – featured on Cake Boss.

Manhattan – Max Brenner Chocolate Restaurant – featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Stand 4 – Featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate ( he had the roasted marshmallow milkshake)

Butter: – Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli was a judge on Chopped.

Day 2

Bar Americain- Iron Chef Bobby Flays’ Restuarant

Food Network Building

Morimoto – Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

Del Posto – Iron Chef Mario Batali’s restaurant

Day 3

Maze – Chef Gordon Ramsey

Drove to Balitmore for Charm City Cakes (featured on Ace of Cakes)

Woodberry Kitchen – Featured on the Best Thing I Ever Ate  (they ate the chocolate marshmallow and peanut dessert)

Day 4 – Drove to Washington

Georgetown Cupcake – DC Cupcakes on TLC and part of the Cupcake Wars on the Food Network

Drove to Cleveland

Lola – Chef Michael Symon

Highlights for Bruce: the roasted marshmallow milkshake, dinner at Lola, Morimoto.

Doesn’t this sound like a great birthday gift?

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