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Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) is Canada’s National Grocery Show and as always I was walking thru the aisles looking for new products. (my favourite hobby).

This show has 110,000 square feet of dedicated space focused on products, beer and wine too! I was one happy blogger.

Here’s a few items that caught my attention:

  1. Burnbrae Farms introduced Flavoured Eggs2go and I was super EGGcited about these new flavours (Dill, Teriyaki, Hot Sauce and Salt & Pepper). I’m all about flavour so this concept really appealed to me.

2. Kraft introduced THICK cheese slices (that are also flavoured). Go figure that we have lasted decades with thin cheese slices and finally someone thought of this genius idea! Something tells me that my grilled cheese sandwich is going to be kicked up a notch.3. MapleFarms  introduced O’Rice that looks like rice but it was 100 percent Canadian Oats. I loved the texture and would definitely buy this. Not to mention its’ super healthy. #winnowing4. Heinz is about to introduce these three new sauces. I sampled the garlic Aioli with a french fry and was impressed. I will definitely be buying this when it hits the shelves.5. That Dam Tea is another Canadian product that caught my eye. DAM stands for Damiana which is used to relieve tension, calm anxiety and improve blood flow. Happy to support a delicious product that is created by a young entrepreneur from Peterborough.6. Astro introduced these two yogurts (a Parfait with fruit at the bottom and Whipped Greek Yogurt). I brought them home for my mom to try and she gave both of them a thumbs up!!

7. Thornloe cheese introduced grass fed cheese. Love it. FYI – Thornloe Cheese has produced a respected brand of cheese products in Northern Ontario for over 71 years!

Not only was I well fed at the show but visitors to the show had to opportunity to get their photo on a bottle of Heinz Ketchup.  #fun

Looking forward to GIC 2018!!

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Oh how I love food shows. Today I attended Grocery Innovations  in search of new product that will be hitting the grocery shelves.  I have to admit..I don’t mind receiving samples either! Can you tell?

GIC - samples

This year, I discovered the following new products:

a) Olympic has introduced CHIA Balkan Style Yogurt that is Probiotic with 100% natural ingredients. It’s also Lactose free, Gluten free and Gelatin free. I think..scratch that.I know that this product is going to be HUGELY successful.

GIC - chia

b) Crisco has introduced ONE CUPS STICKS. YAY. For those of you who are occasional bakers – this is BRILLIANT. I swear I have 2 sticks of Crisco in my cupboard that have been there way too long. Now I won’t have that problem anymore.

GIC - crisco

C) SILK has introduced a Creamy Cashew Milk. Seeing as I’m lactose free – all these varieties appeal to me.

GIC - silk

I wondered thru the show for hours (no joke) and will be blogging about other products that intrigued me, so stay tuned.

Happy Grocery Shopping!!



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I love trade shows and consumer shows. Especially if they are about FOOD. (My favourite subject. Did you know that?). Last week I walked thru Grocery Innovations looking for new food items, new flavour profiles and interesting packaging. This is an annual trade show for food companies, buyers, manufacturers, and distributors. Not to mention it’s a show that I’ve been attending for years as I was a food sales rep at one point in my career!! (fyi).

Here’s a few items that caught my attention:

ORANGE KIT KAT. I adore the combination of orange and chocolate and believe that this item will be a hit. Agreed?

show - kitkat

LIVE HAPPY WATER. Water continues to be a huge trend and I’m happy just LOOKING at their booth!! Fact: This water contains naturally occurring lithia and other minerals. Plus it’s sourced from two ancient Canadian mountain springs.

show - happy water

QUINOA BARS: I love this concept and I think consumers will too. What do you think?

show - quinoa

WHOLE WHEAT PANKO: What a great idea and will certainly be buying this in the future. The only comment I have for this company is “What took you so long”?.

show - panko2

Water without Sodium – called Aqua Carpatica


show - orange raisins

There was also an abundance of coconut water and gluten free products at the show as well. But for some reason, the above products stood out. Stay tuned for a blog post about the Whole Wheat Panko as I went home and made a recipe with my sample box as soon as I got home!!

Happy Grocery Shopping!!

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While visiting Grocery Innovations a few weeks ago, a dark chocolate milk by Natrel, caught my eye. I mean – how genius is this? EVERYONE seems to love chocolate and there is no question that dark chocolate has been popular over the last few years. Subsequently I found out, that this product was voted at the show, as one of the 10 most innovating products for 2012. Well – they have my vote too!! Natrel – you rock!!

I coudn’t wait for this to hit the grocery shelves and indeed I saw it this week, while visiting the IGA in the Beach! (oh how I love my job). Naturally I bought a litre and then bought the Sealtest regular chocolate milk to do a quick comparison. As you know, I’m always up for a taste test!!

Here’s my findings; (sorry, the panel only consisted of me)

Sealtest 1% milk chocolate: lighter on the palate, watery, and the color almost looks like silly putty

Natrel Dark Chocolate: thick, rich, sweet and it looks like dark chocolate!!

I don’t know who thought of this dark chocolate idea – but I really do think its clever. Don’t you?

What I’m not fond of is the packaging. They added a 5th side and it just feels weird when you pick it up. Plus I’m not crazy about the fact that that it’s got a shelf date till JAN 2012. Milk should have a shorter life span unless its in a tetra box. It’s just weird to know that I bought it on Nov 8 2011 and its good till January 2012.

Sadly I’m lactose intolerant (I whine about this a lot) so I wont be enjoying this milk as much as I would like. However I’m eager to use it in a chocolate pudding recipe next week!! I’ve already told my guests that I’m making chocolate pudding and I’m sure this dark chocolate milk will make the dessert even better!!

It really is a winner and I’m sure that this product will be flying off the shelf. I just wonder why nobody thought of this earlier?

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It was a busy week!! As you know I went to the Canadian Health Food Expo on Sunday. Then on Monday morning, I was checking twiiter (for a change) and noticed a tweet from @savvari “Anyone else going to Grocery Innovations today”?. Had I not seen her tweet..I would have missed the show!! I had no idea it was taking place.

Several hours later…I was at the Canadian Congress Centre, strolling (happily) thru the aisles looking at new product. I was in my element, once again.

Here’s a few products that caught my interest:

yes? no? maybe?

Sadly I did not get the chance to taste it. However it certainly caught my attention. What do you think?…

The next item makes me VERY VERY happy. Dempster’s has come out with a KOSHER bread. This is HUGE news for those who keep a kosher kitchen and have to go to a kosher bakery to get bread. Now you can find kosher bread in your local grocery store. Dempster’s has made my day!!  All you have to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees, put the bread on the rack, and 8 minutes later….warm delicious bread. How awesome is that?

Im also a huge fan of butter  so when I noticed a new butter from Cows Creamery…I was ecstatic. It not only has a higher butter fat ratio but it has the addition of sea salt to it. Heaven.


This product caught my attention too…SEXY dressing. I tweeted about this product and the name certainly got peoples attention.

I love clever marketing and packaging.

Sexy dressing for your salad!!

Next shows that I will be (happily) visiting: The Gourmet Food & Wine Expo and The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association.

Stay Tuned.

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