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Macaron Day 2014 is almost here and I’m so excited cause I’m a huge fan of Macarons. There’s something about these round delicate discs that I can’t resist. Here’s what you need to know about Macaron Day 2014.

On March 20, 2014, seventeen Toronto patisseries will be celebrating the most famous French pastry – the macaron. Customers visiting participating patisseries will be offered a FREE macaron in exchange for a voluntary donation to the Red Door Shelter  (while quantities last) All participating shops will be donateing 25% of the day’s macaron sales to the charity.

This is the third annual Macaron Day celebration in Toronto. Similar celebrations will be held on the same day in Paris, New York, Melbourne, Vancouver, Montreal and other cities.

You can find me on March 20that La Bamboche (1712 Avenue Road). You will notice me – I’ll be the woman with the white MacBook and a plate of macarons beside her. Come say hi!!

PS feel free to join the conversation on Twitter too: @MacaronTO


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I’ve been a fan of Macarons ever since I tried one a few years ago. For those of you who haven’t tried one, here’s what you need to know. They are small round discs that are made of egg whites, almond flour and sugar and filled with a ganache that can be ANY flavour. I was told from La Bamboche that their top selling macaron is caramel sea salt. Other flavours you might find include: chocolate, matcha, strawberry, lavender and more. I’m ALL about flavour so these delicate treats have my name all over it!!

macaron - plate

Now let’s talk about Macaron Day TO. Firstly this is a world wide event that takes place on March 20th. Toronto is now participating for their second year in a row.  The event is spearheaded by  Michel Firanski, from La Bamboche, however 18 different patisseries are involved!! 25% of sales that day will be donated to the Red Door Family Shelter. All you have to do is visit one of the patisseries on March 20th for your FREE macaron. (which will be limited at each location). Truly – this is an amazing event. Last year close to  $6500 was raised and I’m sure this year, that number will increase.

macaron poster

Today  I went to CHIN TV to hear Lisa from Le Dolci, who spoke about Macaron Day TO on the Festival Italiano di Johnny Lombardi show. Many thanks to @Ali_Bidabadi for making this happen!! Here’s a lovely photo of Andrea (on the left) who is the host of the show, interviewing Lisa (on the right).

macaron day - lisa


Hope everyone gets a chance to participate in Macaron Day TO on March 20th. I will be hanging out at La Bamboche that day – eating a Macaron or two or three or four…LOL

For Further info:

Twitter: @macarondayTO



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Dear Restaurant Owners:

I have been involved with social media now for the last three years and have always been an advocate that restaurants should be using twitter and facebook.

I know for a fact that when restaurants engage with me, I will most certainly  be “checking out” that their restaurant to show some “love” right back at them. Case in point: Table 17. They engaged with me so much, that I organized TWO tweet ups there.

I’m a little slow with “liking” restaurants on facebook but lately have gotten up to speed. (what took me so long?). One weekend, I saw THREE  facebook updates that interested me:

a) Butter Avenue posted: Matcha Latte is now available.

Perfect for a Winter Day

b) LaBamboche posted: Here’s a photo of our bacon and blood orange macaron

c) SmashCake Desserts: She posted on twitter about her frozen peanut butter cheesecake cookies. I was so intrigued that I ordered 4 of them in a heartbeat. I would have never heard of this young entrepreneur based in Toronto had I not seen her tweet.

Guess who went running to both restaurants? ME. That’s right. What I’m trying to say is: Facebook and Twitter really work. There is a ROI – it’s hard to tell because not everyone announces that they came to your restaurant cause they saw your post but it DEFINETELY works.

However you have to use it and manage it. You can’t just post or tweet and not check in for a week. This defeats the purpose.

It also defeats the purpose if your staff do not know that the restaurant is on twitter and what the twitter username is – this actually drives me crazy. I can’t spread the love about your restaurant on twitter if none of  your staff know the twitter username!

Ok – enough said. I think you get it.

PS. Would love to know from anyone else who has made purchases as a result of facebook or twitter.

For more info:

Butter Avenue 3467 Yonge St. (647) 341 8686 Twitter: @butteravenue Facebook:

LaBamboche:  1712 Avenue Road & 4 Manor Rd Twitter: @labambocheTO Facebook:

SmashCake Desserts: Twitter @SmashCake_TO Facebook:   Tel: (905 616 2480).


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