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Who is MomWhoRuns and What Does She Do? T’is the big question. So here is the answer.


Who Is MomWhoRuns?

I seriously should have called myself “MomWhoEats” but years ago when I first started blogging with Urbanmoms, I was a mommy blogger. I then noticed how much I loved sharing recipes, reviewing restaurants and have slowly morphed into a food blogger.  I still write about other topics…as long as I think it’s of interest to my dear readers (yes..thats you)

I have truly embraced the journey of blogging. Soon it will be 4 years since I first started blogging and I’m seriously hoping to launch a new “look”. Stay tuned. It’s about time!

What Do I Do? 

For many years I was a food sales rep. Then I saw a niche market to tweet for restaurants that didn’t have time to tweet nor did they have the skills. It was a tough sell many years ago, but these days everyone knows that they need to be using Social Media.   My services have expanded to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as well as blogger outreach. I even have two clients in Ottawa. (which I think is pretty cool). I call myself a Social Media Consultant (not an expert).

Oh yeah – I’ve also given dozens of twitter lessons over the years for those who want to handle their own accounts. It’s all good. I can’t complain.

One day there will be a formal website called Hire Me To Tweet!! One day….

One can often find me, tweeting from a coffee shop. If you see me and my MacBook…please say hi.

Hope this blog post gives you a better idea of who I am and what I do.


ps Many thanks to @ledolci who inspired me to write this blog post after a quick chat we had this week.

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The media day for the CNE has been marked off in my calendar since July 9th. I’m not kidding, this is one event I was not going to miss!! It’s an opportunity for me to sample an array of goodies all at one time. Note the word “sample”.

However, as much as I wanted to sample everything …I didn’t. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. I only sampled 4 items. This means I will just have to return to the CNE. Right?

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

This is what I sampled and seriously you should go to the CNE and eat these items too. You can thank me later.

1. The All Bacon Canuck Burger from Bacon Nation: An all bacon burger served on an all bacon bun. Topped off with 2 strips of bacon and 1 slice of thick cut peameal bacon. Please try this. I insist.ex - bacon

2. Nutella Fries from Spread Nutellerie. These fries are simply brilliant. I loved how they had just the right amount of sea salt on them. The combo of the chocolate and the sea salt was heavenly (my taste buds were telling me). Congratulations to ex -nutella 3. The EPIC Maple Bacon “Cronut” Inspired Burger. What is it exactly? It’s a maple bacon cronut inspired burger rolled in cinnamon sugar, sliced in half, filled with 100% Canadian , all beef patty, cheese and topped iwth a home made maple bacon jam, (both Canadian too). Congratulations to Epic Burgers and Le Dolci who partnered this year to create this sensational item. My waistline thanks you.

ex - cronut

PS the Maple Bacon Cronut inspired Burger is only available at the Canadian National Exhibiton from Aug 16th to September 2nd. I’m crossing my fingers that Abbey’s Kitchen will host an event with them in the near future. Please cross your fingers too.

4. Panini Gelato  OK picture this. …A combination of fresh gelato sealed within a warmed sweet fresh brioche. Can you say “Un-freakin’- belieavable”
 ex - gelato

My stomach had such a good experience, that it wouldn’t surprise me if you saw another blog post about the CNE!!

The CNE runs from Aug 16th to Sept 2nd at Exhibition Place, Toronto Ontario.


Twitter: @letsgototheEX


There is even a CNE app!!


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I’ve been a fan of Macarons ever since I tried one a few years ago. For those of you who haven’t tried one, here’s what you need to know. They are small round discs that are made of egg whites, almond flour and sugar and filled with a ganache that can be ANY flavour. I was told from La Bamboche that their top selling macaron is caramel sea salt. Other flavours you might find include: chocolate, matcha, strawberry, lavender and more. I’m ALL about flavour so these delicate treats have my name all over it!!

macaron - plate

Now let’s talk about Macaron Day TO. Firstly this is a world wide event that takes place on March 20th. Toronto is now participating for their second year in a row.  The event is spearheaded by  Michel Firanski, from La Bamboche, however 18 different patisseries are involved!! 25% of sales that day will be donated to the Red Door Family Shelter. All you have to do is visit one of the patisseries on March 20th for your FREE macaron. (which will be limited at each location). Truly – this is an amazing event. Last year close to  $6500 was raised and I’m sure this year, that number will increase.

macaron poster

Today  I went to CHIN TV to hear Lisa from Le Dolci, who spoke about Macaron Day TO on the Festival Italiano di Johnny Lombardi show. Many thanks to @Ali_Bidabadi for making this happen!! Here’s a lovely photo of Andrea (on the left) who is the host of the show, interviewing Lisa (on the right).

macaron day - lisa


Hope everyone gets a chance to participate in Macaron Day TO on March 20th. I will be hanging out at La Bamboche that day – eating a Macaron or two or three or four…LOL

For Further info:

Twitter: @macarondayTO



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Bye Bye TIFF 2012

Dear TIFF,

It’s been fun reading the MILLION tweets (ok not quite a million) from my twitter followers regarding what movie they were seeing, WHAT PARTY they were going to (you know who you are), what they were wearing to those parties, and what actor they bumped into.

Seriously, I don’t mind. It’s kind of fun knowing that Toronto hosts this amazing film festival.

Last year, I was invited to the Diet Cola Gala and one movie.

This year, I didn’t go to one movie.  SNIFF.

But it wasn’t a total loss. I did manage to go to the Tastemakers Lounge!! I had a sneak preview regarding where the “talent” went in between parties, interviews, movie screenings etc.

Inside the Tastemakers Lounge, I came across the following “tasty” participants:

Le Dolci: Who wouldn’t want to snack on one of their delicious cupcakes. If you haven’t been to their new location – you should. Not to mention to check out their website to find more about the variety of classes they offer.


Pop Chips: After snacking on a delicious cupcake, these healthy snacks were very welcome! I also love their re-sealable clips. Brilliant marketing.

What a great flavor!!

Kimberly’s Own: Had a lovely chat with Kimberly about her granola that is so pure, so organic and to boot it’s really really good for you.

Granola Goodness

Bobble Bottle: Not sure if you have ever seen these bottles, but it’s our household favorite bottle.

Tea Emporium: No question, that a cup of tea is the PERFECT way to relax and I’m sure the celebs truly appreciated their presence.

Now that I have been to a party, a movie, and a lounge…wonder what I might be introduced to at TIFF 2013? Stay tuned.


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Since I began to blog, I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful women  who are “foodie” entrepreneurs. My list looks like this: @TheBumpercrop, @afoodgypsy @DivaQBBQ @PascalesAllNat @ViewtheVibe @CakeStarGirlz @Sable_Rosenfeld @LeDolci @MediumRare @TasteofCheese and more!!  I truly admire these women who have a vision and run with it.

I can now expand this list to include the following women “foodie” entrepreneurs:

1. Gourmet Bitches

These two women have introduced a new food truck to the Toronto landscape that offers healthy, nutritional options. I was invited to their soft launch recently and fell in love with their kale and arugula salad. It had a spicy cayenne dressing that made this salad truly flavorful and unique. Look out for this special food truck.

Look forward to eating this again!!

2. Popover Girl

I met Popover Girl aka Lora on International Pi Day!! (how appropriate). I think I was introduced to her on twitter and was eager to meet her IRL (in real life). She specializes in sweet and savory gourmet popovers and sells them at the Toronto Underground Market. I hope you get a chance to try her delicious popovers some time soon!!

The Popover Girl herself!!

Love the eco friendly packaging. Brilliant.

3. The Cupcake Girls

The famous Cupcake Girls from WNetwork were in Toronto a few weeks ago to scout for a retail location. I got a chance to meet them briefly (too many events, too little time) and to try their tasty cupcakes.

The Cupcake Girls!!

Hope to see these cupcakes in Toronto very very soon!!

I am continually amazed by the food scene in Toronto and have enjoyed watching it grow. Not to mention, I have met some wonderful woman “foodie” entrepreneurs!!

Cheers to all of you!!

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