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I love Egg Nog, but it’s not exactly the healthiest beverage. Therefore I found a few alternatives to help me with my obsession during the holiday season!

Here’s what was in my fridge last week: (used the past tense seeing as it’s all in my tummy now)

a) Harmony Premium Organic Egg Nog: Notice how I bought the small bottle? It was a hard decision but my waistline knows it was the right decision. This is not your average egg nog. Its ORGANIC and it’s local and it’s delicious. Add some Kraken Black Spiced Rum and your in business!! PS the one litre bottle of Harmony Egg Nog makes a great hostess gift over the next few weeks #justsayin’

eggnog - harmony

b) So Delicious Chocolate Mint Coconut Beverage: This drink satisfies all my cravings for mint and chocolate. I finished it off in no time at all seeing as it’s great for my waistline. Full disclosure: sometimes it didn’t even make it into a glass. Bonus: I don’t need a lactose pill!! eggnog - so delicious

c) Earth’s Own Almond Fresh Noel Nog – This drink was light and refreshing. Once again I kept returning to the fridge for more!

eggnog - noelnog

Sadly all three beverages are only available during the holiday season so make sure you stock up!

Cheers for now,

Momwhoruns who runs for Egg Nog!!

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T’is the sesaon to drink eggnog. I know it’s Christmas when I see eggnog in the stores and will always buy a litre (or two). I also know it’s winter when Starbucks introduces their Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte, and Peppermint Latte. Seems like winter is a good time to drink flavorful drinks. Last nite, I had a chili hot chocolate at Grindhouse in Kensington Market…but will blog about hot chocolate in another blog post.

I only seem to drink my eggnog pure  i.e. without any alcohol in it, but always  in small quantities. Eggnog is not good for the waistline even if I’m MOMWHORUNS….and these days I’m running on the treadmill 4x a week.

Back to the eggnog. I decided to do an eggnog taste test from 3 different brands:

The nutrional information is as follows:

Neilson Light Eggnog:  Per 1/2 cup – 110 calories,  2% Fat (4% saturated fat), Protein 3 g

Harmony Organic Eggnog – not listed (interesting)

So Nice Noel Nog:  Per 1 cup – 120 calories, total fat 5%, Protein 6 g

Here are the results:

Neilson Light Eggnog: watery (very), dark yellow color, sugary

So Nice Noel Nog: strong nutmeg flavor, beige, you know it’s soya milk but I don’t mind actually

Harmony Organic Eggnog: best color – lovely and yellow, tastes like eggnog – no overwhelming nutmeg flavor,

I was also lucky enough to experience a HOME MADE EGGNOG this past weekend. (with rum). It was totally different than the commercial eggnog that I’m use to, so it was a real treat. (thanks @JasonRees).

Real Eggnog - not from a carton or a jar

Basically I like eggnog, eggnog ice cream, eggnog lattes….except eggnog does not like me. Sad but true. I’m delighted that the stores only carry it for 6 weeks a  year.

Cute story before I finish the blog entry: Two years ago, I saw a tweet declaring that there was no more Harmony Organic Eggnog to be found in the GTA.  I read the tweet while visiting Garden Foods in Bolton and happen to notice that they still had a few bottles left – so I picked them up. I then tweeted “just bought a few bottles. Happy to share”. I met her at the bottom of her condo later that week. Twitter is awesome…and Harmony Eggnog is awesome too.

Who else is an eggnog fan?

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