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Let’s just say that there is no shortage of amazing food in Israel. Here’s a sample of what I’ve been enjoying.

1. Shakshuka (Full House, 198 Ahuza St, Ra’anana, Israel). This dish is made with tomatoes, eggs, onions, red peppers and a special blend of spices. I asked around for the best Shakshuka in Ra’anana and this restaurant came highly recommended. See the green vegetable in the bowl? I thought it was a green pepper. WRONG. It was jalepeno. Lesson learned.

food - shakshuka 2. Hummus. Sadly we just can’t get hummus like this in Toronto. This is the real deal. Again – it’s from Full House.

food - humus 3. Beer!! I discovered that a microbrewery does exist in Israel and it’s called Jem’s. The founder of this bar/restaurant had a dream and made it happen. Congratulations Jeremy!

food - jems  4. Root Salad. My cousin took me for a beautiful lunch in Herzilaya at a restaurant that overlooked the beach. We certainly did enjoy the atmosphere and the salald!!

food - root salad

6. Fatoush Salad: I ordered this salad from Bread Story, (86 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv). Again, many thanks to my cousin for the recommendation! Loved everything about this salad.

food - fatoush salad 7. Cheese:  Discovered an amazing gourmet food store in Ra’anana called Basher Fromagerie   (89 Ahuza). Naturally I gravitated towards the cheese that was not only colorful but flavorful too!


food - cheeseCan you tell that I’m having a great time in Israel? I only have a few days left before I continue my travels to Barcelona where I will continue my food adventures!! #happydance

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On my first day in Israel, I went to a beautiful shopping centre. However I didn’t buy anything. But when my friend took me to Eden Natural Market in Ra’anana , I couldn’t stop buying stuff.

Here’s what I went crazy for:


israel - pomelo


israel - orange


israel - starfruit


israel - olive oil

PAPER TOWELS (my mom brought back ONE roll last year and loved it. I was smart (or am I crazy? LOL) and bought FOUR rolls) 

israel - papertowel


israel - salad stuff I bought other stuff too: dried bananas, dried apple with cinnamon, dried pineapples and more. It will freeze beautifully and I know I will enjoy using them in recipes or serving them to guests.

Wonder what goodies I’m going to find next week when I visit Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem with @funjoel?

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My mom went to Israel recently for an epic two week trip to visit some relatives that live in Ra’anana.  Over the last few years, I have asked her to bring me FOOD ITEMS from her travels and not handbags, belts, scarves etc. I’m really a foodie and she understands!!

This is what she shlepped in her luggage. (Thanks Mom).

1. Curry Flavored Sesame Seeds and Garlic Flavored Sesame Seeds.

Will be sprinkling these seeds on EVERYTHING

Too funny – I had the wasabi flavored sesame seeds in my freezer from my last trip to Israel!!. Im thrilled to see that this company has expanded their line. Last nite, I made the most delicious piece of terriyaki salmon and added the garlic flavored sesame seeds for added texture and flavor.

2. A Roll of Paper Towels (from Nikol)

Can Someone Please Make These Paper Towels in Canada? Pretty Please.

We actually fought over this item as she said “I only brought back ONE and I want it”. I begged her to unroll it and give me a quarter of the roll – which she agreed to. Now I should explain that this is not just ANY paper towel. It looks like a paper towel but it’s not. Its a cross between a paper towel AND a jcloth. Once its wet – it acts like a jcloth. How brilliant.

I have friends who are visiting Israel as I type this blog entry, and I’m hoping they squeeze a few rolls into their luggage. At least it doesnt add a lot of weight, right?

3. World Of Nuts – Cholent Mix

I make cholent every Friday and one day hope to blog about my special vegetarian recipe!! I usually buy a few bags of mixed beans and add them to the crock pock. I guess this offers me the convenience of having all the beans in ONE bag. Will find out on Friday.

4. Asian Home Gourmet – Spice Paste for Thai Tom  Yum Soup

Again, I bought these packets on my last trip to Israel only to find out that you can buy them at No Frills or Kosher City. (oops)  Not sure yet if this particular soup is available but I will soon find out.


5. Pomegranate Sauce

Im going to have a lot of fun with this sauce and intend on using it in a salmon dish.

Receiving “food gifts” makes me really happy. However I know I’m not going to be happy when I run out!! Good to know that I have friends who regularly go to Israel!!




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