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The CNE Media preview is one of my favourite events of the year. Especially the food. That doesn’t come as a surprise to you, right?  Indeed I cheated on my low carb diet. I just had too!!

Here’s just a few items that you will find at the CNE this year!!

1.) The Big Pickle Dog – Sadly I didn’t get to try it but I will as I’m planning a second visit to the CNE. #onevisitisntenough

CNE - deep fried pickledog

2.) The Chocolate Diablo – Vanilla soft serve coated in cookie crumble, cocoa puffs and wasabi peas with a sriracha caramel drizzle. I loved it. Something about the crunchy and sweet and savoury combo, really appeals to me!!CNE - diablo

3) The Cartoon Dog – No doubt there was a trend this year to sprinkle cereal on many different items! Trust me – I’m ok with it.

CNE - cartoon dog

4) Blueberry Pie Milkshake: I didn’t try it but it sure did look pretty!

CNE - Blueberry Milkshake

5) Deep Fried Butter tart: This was decadent AND brilliant too!

CNE - deep fried buttertarts6) Try to imagine a traditional cheesesteak between a chocolate eclair, topped with bacon, whipped cream and chocolate icing.  Yes – this exists. Talk about creativity!! P.S  this can be found at Philthy Philly’s in the Food Building).CNE - eclair 7) Tim Hortons Froot O’s Donut: Bring it on!!

CNE - tim hortons

8) Canadian Bacon Taco – this was probably my favourite. NO CARBS and freaking delicious. Way to go Bacon Nation!! CNE - bacon nation

9) Deep Fried Peanut Butter Cups: What can I say? I like anything deep fried and anything that involves a Peanut Butter Cup.

CNE - deep fried PB cookie10. Chimney Stax is offering a frozen yogurt dessert in one of their famous rotisserie-baked breads. See…. not everything I eat was fried!!
CNE - chimney staxBy the way,even though food captures my attention, I have to admit these giant prizes captures my attention too.

CNE - toys

For more information:

CNE – Aug 18th to Sept 5th, Exhibition Place, Toronto




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Thanks to twitter, I discovered Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken. They were on twitter even before they opened (smart business move).  Last Monday I was following @amypataki and her tweets about the donuts she was trying. I then noticed more tweets from @foodie411 about Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken!! Clearly, I had “donuts” on my brain and wanted to go check it out too.

Donuts are the New Cupcakes. Did you know?

I really wanted to do a tweet up there but knew that there would be a good chance they would sell out if I organized a tweet up at 7 p.m. You see, they start serving the donuts at 8 am and start serving fried chicken at 11:30 am and serve till 7 p.m OR TILL THEY RUN OUT. I wasn’t risking it.

I gathered a few friends to meet there on Friday at 10 a.m. We all happily tried: a Rootbeer donut, a Strawberry Balsamic donut and a Mango Yuzu donut. Every day there are 7 different flavors and each donut will set you back $2.75. I liked the rootbeer donut and the Mango Yuzu donut the best and we all agreed that the donuts were cakey not yeasty. Hope that description makes sense.

Im on a carb free diet so I only had a bite. Me. Good.

The store is really cute with a few bar stools and a ledge by the window. I wonder if the owner would tell me the paint chip number as I adored the shade of blue that was used in the store.

Seeing as I was with a few foodies…we went to explore another nearby restaurant that also opened recently, called Leslieville Pumps. Think of a gas station (which it is) that is totally hip and serving cool food.

Love this concept!!

The gas station/restaurant is owned by two friendly  brothers and one of them is the chef. So of course we talked FOOD and ordered a few things to try:

a) The Deep Fried Pickles: These are my weakness. Something about the crunchy batter and the sour batter along with the wicked sauce. I was a happy camper.

Deep Fried Pickles. My Weakness.

b) We also ordered the baked beans which were full of flavor. The right type of flavor. Not to sweet, not to smokey….just right.

Clearly Homemade!!

c) Also spotted a few bars of candy that you don’t see every day: I have never tried them but the White Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup certainly intrigued me. Next time.

Candy that I have never tried – but would like to try.

They even have a herb garden on the rooftop. How impressive.

What’s also impressive is both of their websites. Worth clicking on their links:

Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken 913 Queen St. East (647) 748-1177

Leslieville Pumps 929 Queen St. East (416) 465-1313

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