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I recently organized a media dinner for Rashers as they opened up a second location on Ossington.

I’ve probably organized 10 media dinners over the last few years but this event was particularly special.

Here’s my tips on how to put on a great media dinner:

1. Include as much info in the invitation as possible: dress code? start time?, finish time?, is it a sit down meal or just passed appetizers? can extra guests be accommodated? hashtags for the evening? twitter/instagram handles? is parking available etc?!

2. Keep it small. This event was limited to 12 food bloggers and it was just the perfect size.

rashers - group

3. It makes a huge difference if the restaurant can put up a sign: “Sorry we are closed for a private event this evening”.

4. Stick to the schedule. Most bloggers have day jobs and have commutes to get home! The media dinner at Rashers ended in just over and hour and everyone was really really happy about that.

5. Welcome Bloggers. It’s a nice touch.

rashers - sign

6. Allow bloggers to take photos of the food before it’s served so then everyone can enjoy their meal. Signs in front  of each dish allow the bloggers to go home and remember what the photo was!

rashers - bacon caesar

7. Hand out name tags. I’m a huge fan of name tags as I’m having a hard time remembering everyone I meet at different events!!

8. Try to reach out to bloggers before the event on social media channels and retweet their blog posts!!

9. Include a gift card for the blogger to return to your restaurant another time in the gift bag. Don’t forget to include a menu in the gift bag and a business card with all the contact info for the restaurant.

10. Make sure you have enough staff. This will ensure that the event runs in a smooth fashion and ends on time.

Seriously the event at Rashers did all of the above and I walked away from the event beaming.

Oh ya – it helped that my belly was full of bacon goodness as well.

For more information:

Address: 182 Ossington and 948 Queen St. East

Twitter/Instagram: RashersTO

Facebook: www.

Disclosure: Rashers was a client however all my opinions are my own.





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There’s a restaurant called Table 17 that I have been following on twitter for the last few months. They do an AMAZING job of engaging with their followers and several bloggers have blogged about their meals at Table 17.  i.e Food Junkie Chronicles and Eat Here Next.

In the summer, I quickly purchased a fabfind deal ($50 of food/drink for $25) and finally decided that it was time to use the certificate and try their famous hot balls.

One day while on twitter, a few twitter friends started to chat about  hot balls and within 2 hours we had decided a date and time to go to Table 17 as all of us had never been there and all of  us had heard of their famous hot balls.

Table 17 did not disappoint!! I loved the atmosphere, the service and the food!! It was a perfect evening out. I started off my meal with a cocktail (no picture – so sorry). It was an interesting cocktail that involved some unique flavors (I’m all about flavor – did you know that?).

The drink consisted of: Bombay Sapphire, juices of a fresh lemon, basil, mint, and corriander leaves. It was a winner!

For an appetizer I ordered: HOT BALLS. They were light and each ball had a different filling (ie mushroom and fontina stuffed risotto). Plus they were perfectly fried. The accompanying sauces were divine!!  I’m not sure which one I liked better – the wildflower honey or the sweet mint sauce!! I didnt waste a drop and mopped up my bread with the leftover sauce.

Next time I'm ordering 6!!

For the main I ordered;  Manicotti Arminda – house made pasta rolled with mozzarella and basil, cooked with a tomato sauce.

Comfy food for a Fall Night.

We had such a good time, that the party continued and we went to the Avro for some post dinner drinks. I had never been to  The Avro before but was so glad to be introduced to it. What a gem of a spot. I loved the unique decor and the overall feel of this bar. …so different that other bars that I’ve been to.

@coopspeak @flotch and @momwhoruns (notice I have a glass of water in my hand)

The evening was a perfect combination of great food, great company and great drinks. Exactly what I needed!!

Table 17, 782 Queen St. East, (416) 519-1851

The Avro, 750 Queen St. East (416) 466-3233

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