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After I read Repairing Rainbows” by Lynda Fishman, I immediately called up my book club leader and highly recommended it. To my suprise, she was in the middle of reading it!! I offered to host the book club if the book was selected and I also mentioned that I had met Lynda and knew that she would be happy to attend the book club meeting.

A few emails later –  it was arranged. The book was selected…Lynda was going to attend…and I was delighted to host the book club meeting.

Lets talk about the book: I will begin by telling you that it’s one of those books that you can’t put down. I started it on a Friday around 2 p.m. and finished it Saturday at 4 pm.

Repairing Rainbows is a memoir about a remarkable woman who has a painful story to share. It’s not an easy story to read but I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I wanted to know what happend “next” in Lynda’s life. The book also inspired me.  Even though it’s sad…it’s also about hope, about choices and about moving forward. I read the book with the same intensity that I read “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. Lynda actually told me that many people have mentioned this to her.

Now let’s talk about the book club: 40 woman showed up on a snowy Saturday afternoon. As always our book club is about food (and the book). I didn’t even serve wine. (Is there something wrong with us?..ha). Lynda was introduced and people were invited to ask questions. Hands went up in the air immediately.

After the questions, everyone was invited to eat and more socializing took place.

I recieved lots of comments about the provencal wheatberry salad. I know you want the here it is.

The recipe is courtesy of  OuiChef. It’s simple and yummy. Not to mention “healthy”.

It was indeed a successful book club and I was honored to host it. I hope you get a chance to check out the website “Repairing Rainbows” and to read the book as well. You can buy the book at Indigo or online at Amazon. I hope you enjoy this memoir as much as I did.

Happy Reading

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Thought I might jot down some “reflections” regarding 2010. I’m a pretty positive person so naturally I only think of the “GOOD TIMES’.

I even have a napkin that reflects this positive outlook:

Here’s my list of some “good times” that occurred in 2010.

-completed the Niagara Sprint Triathlon and ran the Sporting Life 10K too.

-worked as a food sales rep for DSM Foods and opened up many  new accounts (double digits).

-enjoyed a variety of tweets ups in Toronto and in Ottawa as well.

-travelled to New York to attend the Speciality Fine Food Show in June.

-went skating on the canal in Ottawa for the first time in decades and had a blast.

-discovered new coffee shops and restaurants like a good foodie. (ha)

-2010 could be called “the year of twitter”. I’m addicted. It’s official

-bought an Ipad and a Macbook in 2010 and loving both. (i hope my iphone isnt jealous).

-read some great books (Repairing Rainbows by Lynda Fishman) and saw some great movies too (Black Swan).

-blogged for Urbanmoms for almost a year and then created momwhoruns in October. Blogging, for sure was a huge part of 2010.

-was introduced to Zumba at GoodLife Fitness and now I’m hooked.

-tried hard to eat breakfast. (think egg whites or quinoa flakes)

-enjoyed the summer by travelling to Kingston, Cobourg, Elora, Stratford and Niagara on the Lake. We live in a great province. Really.

-Continued to be surrounded by awesome family and friends!!

Looks like 2010 was a good year. I’m certainly looking forward to 2011.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

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