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I bake Challah every week. Well kinda – I cheat. At least, I’m honest, right?

I should take a minute and explain what is Challah!! Challah is a braided bread that is served on the Sabbath(Friday Nite to Saturday Nite) in Jewish homes. I grew up with Egg Challah from Rideau Bakery in Ottawa but when I moved to Toronto I discovered that there was a variety of different challahs. ie raisin, whole wheat, with a sugary coating on top etc.

I also found out that you could make it!! I tried – I really did but it was never as good as all my friends who make it on a regular basis. (you know who you are)

Then I discovered: FROZEN challah and never looked back. There are two competing brands out there – Montreal Kosher and Lenchner’s. Im not loyal – I just grab whatever I see.  I really think they are both amazing but some of my friends say that one rises better than the other. Perhaps one day I will try and test out both challah’s side by side.

Step 1: I usually buy it frozen from No Frills (at Bathurst/Wilson) or Metro (Bathurst/Lawrence). However you could find it at any major grocery store from Bathurst/Lawrence to Bathurst/Rutherford.

Step 2: I unwrap it, lay it on parchment paper and cover with saran wrap. Then I wait 6 hours. (not 4, not 5).

Step 3: I take the wrapping off, and put an egg wash on it (my fav. step)

Step 4: I put the challah in the over at 325 degrees F and bake for 35 minutes. (not 30, not 40).

Step 5: see above photo for the finished product

I serve it on Friday nite and its generally GONE by Sat. Nite. However if you have leftovers – challah can be used to make a wicked french toast!!

I kinda like the whole wheat challah these days but truthfully they are all fanatastic.

All I know – is that this challah rocks and I look forward to making it every week. Baking challah makes my apartment smell great, and you can’t beat the convenience. Sure, it’s not the same as taking the time to make it from scatch – but I can’t get over the fact that IT ALWAYS COMES OUT amazing.

Hope you get a chance to try challah one day soon!!

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6 Responses to “I Bake Challah Every Week (Well Kinda).”

  1. Ilsa
    November 16th, 2011 at 04:45 | #1

    I too grew up on Rideau Bakery challah. I too now bake as you do weekly but prefer Montreal Kosher. I have had the odd challah that does not rise but, I generally make 2 and sometimes a bun too.

  2. Hayley
    November 16th, 2011 at 12:56 | #2

    You’re right, the key is to wait 6 hours, or else it never rises! (been there, sone that).

  3. Hayley
    November 16th, 2011 at 12:57 | #3

    my comment was supposed to read “been there, done that!”

  4. November 16th, 2011 at 22:26 | #4

    I assume you know I have an addiction to bread products … 😉

    so how my bagel obsession really took off was when we moved to forest hill (which if my stalker sense is working that seems to be pretty darn close to your neighbourhood it seems …) and there’s a what a bagel in the village, OH sooooo good, and way too close … and I think they make lots of challah there but silly me I’ve never tried it!

  5. Leah
    July 17th, 2014 at 15:26 | #5

    Thanks for the tips! Is it 6 hours to rise from FROZEN or does it have to be defrosted before that?

    • admin
      August 9th, 2014 at 18:34 | #6

      1. take it out of the freezer 2. put the frozen challah on a baking sheet 3. cover with saran wrap (loosely). 4. Let it rise for 6 hours. Hope this helps!!

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