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Usually I enjoy making soup, but with these types of temperatures…. soup is NOT on my mind. Instead, I was inspired to make frozen yogurt as a result of this tweet I saw on twitter:

@FamilyBites: I am totally making this tomorrow! RT @dinnerwithjulie: Liberté Lemon Fro-Yo y’all. http://t.co/4rqy1SSv

I clicked on the link and said to myself “I MUST TRY THIS. STAT”….so I did. (this doesnt suprise you does it?).

As you know, I bought a Cuisinart ice cream maker/frozen yogurt machine last year. It was in “hibernation mode” over the last 6 months so it was time to bring it out. Plus, I was having guests for dinner and thought this would make the perfect dessert.

I followed these smple instructions:

a) bought Liberte yoghurt  (that’s a step, right?)

Step One: Go to the Grocery Store!!

b) put the entire container into the Cuisinart ice cream/frozen yogurt machine.

Let the Frozen Yoghurt Machine do its magic!!

c) flicked the button on. (oh what effort) and waited 10 minutes while it did it’s magic

d) served it to my guests!!

How simple! How healthy! How Perfect.

Summer is going to be great AND summer is going to be TASTY too.

One final note: I am now very curious to compare different brands of yogurts and different flavors as well. Stay tuned for a report.



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2 Responses to “One Step Frozen Yogurt Recipe!”

  1. Bella
    March 20th, 2012 at 18:58 | #1

    Have you tried Yonana’s (device sold on the shopping channel).
    Supposedly, you don’t need to use anything else but frozen fruits.
    I am curious to see how that works.
    If you hear from someone, let me know.

  2. Erin
    May 29th, 2012 at 15:04 | #2

    Vicky – I have seen the yonana machine, but if you have a cuisinart food processor you can get the same result using that. If yow throw in 4 chopped frozen bananas and blend for a looong time (until creamy) it is delish. Then you can add a spoonful of nutella or peanut butter to jazz it up.

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