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Pinch me…I’m heading to Israel and Italy. I’m super excited to be going to both countries.  I’ve been to Israel (infact, I went to University there) but I’ve never been to Italy. Plus I have a 8 hour layover in Amsterdam and used my time wisely to roam around the city.

amsterdam - trees

Here’s what I’m bringing to Israel:

1. I’m going to be wearing these super comfortable and super light weight KEEN Shoes called UNEEK. I’m crazy about the design of these shoes too. Created from two cords and a sole, UNEEK offers an entirely new approach to footwear construction. I have no doubt in my mind, that I will be purchasing another pair in black.


2. David’s Tea: These make the perfect gifts to bring to Israel, as they are easy to pack and unique.

trip - tea

Here’s what I will be doing in Israel…

a) hanging with family members and friends.

b) visiting the beach

c) and eating. (no big surprise, right?)

Sadly this is not a touring trip but it’s still going to be a great trip.

In Italy – I will be visiting Rome and Florence and Venice too!!. I will be so busy that I think I might need a vacation when I get back.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

a) my Italian friends could not help me with restaurant suggestions as they always stay with family members.

b) my Italian friends consistently told me: “Don’t worry – you can eat anywhere. The food is amazing EVERYWHERE”.

c)  I found out that my friends have a love/hate relationship with cities like Rome or Venice. Either they loved those cities or they said they were”too touristy”. Time will tell, how I will feel.

d) My friends highly recommended me to purchase leather products but to make sure they were made in Italy and not elsewhere #greatadvice

e) Book as much as possible in advance…ie train tickets, museum passes etc.

If you have any suggestions where to eat in Florence, Venice or Rome…BRING IT ON. I’m seeking the best coffee, best gelato, best food markets etc.

As for accommodations: I will be happily using Airbnb throughout most of my trip. I had a great experience using them in Barcelona in 2013 and look forward to my using them in Jerusalem and Rome and Venice too!!

Promise to keep you posted regarding my travels!!

Cheers for now.


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As you know, travelling can be expensive. However by using Airbnb and staying in one of their properties instead of a hotel can save you a lot of money!! I had talked to a few other food bloggers who had used airbnb and everyone seemed to have had a positive experience.

Accoording to Wikepedia, As of 2012, the company had 250,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 192 countries. I also learned that it’s a privately held company based out of San Francisco. Interesting.

I downloaded the (free) app and then you search the city you are travelling to. (in my case, I was looking for a property in Barcelona).

Here’s what you need to do:

-read the reviews carefully

-read the details carefully

-look at the photos carefully too

I did this for HOURS and then finally selected Central Garden Entrance Suite. Here’s the description that sold me (ps the reviews and the price sold me too)

This Suite Apartment is recommended for couples, families and friends who value privacy and central location at an affordable price without compromising comfort.

At 35m² this suite resembles a small hotel room with the added benefits of a kitchen. It is located in a very clean and well maintained building with a unique “Garden Entrance” in a vibrant part of the city centre (7 minutes walk to Las Ramblas). 

This suite has a kitchen with everything you need to prepare simple meals using fresh ingredients from the Sant Antoni market at your doorstep (or the Boqueria market a 4 minute walk away), there is also a microwave to make a quick meal. It also has a private, modern bathroom with a spacious shower and a bathtub. There is also a washing machine in a seperate room shared with 4 other studio’s/suites where you also can hang up your clothes. Furthermore the suite is fortunate to come with a large balcony to enjoy people watching in the streets below..

Just steps away is the renowned meeting place Els Tres Tombs- an excellent spot for Tapas accompanied by a glass of locally brewed Moritz beer. With Ronda Sant Antoni at your doorstep, La Rambla a short walk away and the increasingly trendy and multicultural neighborhood of El Raval around the corner, Sant Antoni is a convenient and exciting place to stay.

I made a request to stay there and then heard that my request was accepted. WOOT.

I thought that having an entire apartment for $79 a night was a great deal!  I was also super excited to have a unit with a kitchen but only used it once. (can you believe?)



 My dream came true as I was able to shop for fresh shrimp  and garlic at the Boqueria market and then come home and make myself a little snack!!


Airbnb is so addictive that I find myself scrolling through photos DREAMING of my next travel adventure.

I would definitely be using Airbnb on future trips. My host answered all my questions (and there was more than one!!) and the property was spotless, in a great location and a price that I couldn’t beat.

PS for fun it’s even neat to put in the city you live in – to see what comes up!!

Happy Travelling!

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I  recently read a blog post by A Peek Inside the Fishbowl about apps that she is loving. I then decided it was a good idea to share the newest apps that I’m loving too. I hope you don’t mind @missfish!!

In a nutshell. There are four apps that I discovered lately and I must say – I’m loving them. Apps are fun and Apps are useful. Simple as that.

1. Vine: This is going to be the next biggest thing. Well so everyone says. I believe them though. It’s like a mini mini youtube. Have you tried it? What do you think?

vine - image

2. Flyer Flo: Most people like to save a buck but a lot of us don’t like collecting flyers! This app allows you put in your postal code and find flyers that’s in your hood!! My blue box is now void of paper flyers. LOVE IT. Happy Savings Everyone!!!


3. Checkout 51. Again, a cost saving app that allows you to save money on your groceries. I get an email from them every week and if those items are on my list, then I can SCAN the receipt, upload it and one day I will get a cheque in the mail. No need to bring coupons to the store. BRILLIANT.

check out 51 - image

4. Airbnb: Found out about this app while watching App Central. This  app shows properties from around the world that are for rent. For those of you who prefer not to stay in a hotel and love to have a kitchen when you travel…this is the app for you. I also just looking at the decor of each property.  I am certainly using this app when I travel to Barcelona. No doubt in my mind. Not to mention the properties are often way cheaper than a hotel.

airbnb image

What apps have you discovered? Please share.

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