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Well I’ve been to Ottawa a few times since the Fall and of course with each visit there’s some new discoveries! Here we go…

a) Equator Coffee (412 Churchill)  just opened last week so it was the ideal place to meet my Ottawa Food Blogger friend.   I have no doubt that the neighborhood is going to embrace this coffee shop even though there’s no shortage of coffee shops in the area! (which I found out from my other Ottawa Food Blogger Friend). In my opinion..the more the merrier.

ottawa - equator (right)b) The Bacon Factory Burger Emporium: (154 O’Connor) Well any restaurant that has the word “bacon” in it – has my full attention. My mom and I happily split the burger that had the most amount of bacon in it. Hee Hee. PS this restaurant could have been a bar as it was full of guys. (see photo on far right)

ottawa- burger

c) Red Door Provisions: (117 Beechwood) Oh what a quaint place. My mom ordered the scones which were light and fluffy and I HAD to order the pickled sriracha egg. I’m a total sucker for something different.

ottawa - equator

d) Ace Mercado: (121 Clarence) This new tequila bar that recently opened in the Byward Market is super cool.  The branding of this restaurant/bar is genius. You can tell that a lot of thought went into opening this restaurant.  If you are looking for a cool space to have a drink or for dinner, then this is your place.

ottawa - ace

d) Grounded Kitchen & Coffeehouse:  (100 Gloucester) Discovered them on Twitter (big surprise) and was happy to receive my first coffee on the house because I followed them on Twitter. I love when a restaurant “gets” social media.

ottawa - grounded

e) Holland’s Cakes and Shakes:  (100 Armstrong) Can you say “Red Licorice Milkshake?”. OMG.  Their sandwiches and pastries looked delicious but as always there’s only so much I can eat!! Will have to return one day soon.

ottawa - holland's

As always I love visiting Ottawa. I can’t wait to visit again and find out what else has opened up!


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Just returned from a whirlwind trip to Ottawa. Nothing quite beats spending Canada Day in Ottawa. Naturally I started off celebrating Canada Day at the Ottawa Farmers Market. (now located at Brewer Park and not at Landsdowne Park). The trip  to the market was highlighted by the fact that I saw Toronto Foodies: @AS_Toronto and A Food Gypsy there!

3 Toronto Foodies with Michael Sutherland (from Michaels Dolce)

We all seemed to bump into each other infront of Michaels Dolces Booth. After hugs, photos and introductions I had the chance to wander thru the market to discover Brewgels. What a awesome concept (in my humble opinion). I ended up my visit to the market by bumping into FoodiePrints. How perfect.

Can you read the list? Oatmeal Stout, Strawberry Fruli, Coffee Porter…

Notice the dark color of these bagels..due to the infusion of porter, stouts and more!!

ps Sorry didn’t taste the bagels as I’m still on this carb free diet! (argghhh)

On our way back downtown, we stopped into Bridgeheads’ new Roastery, which just opened this past week. (thanks Twitter for the update!!). I am so glad that we stopped here to see this 15,000 sqf space that now houses their head office, a coffee shop, and training centre. Congratulations Bridgehead!!


134 Anderson Street

What a great space for a tweet up!!

After enjoying our coffee it was time to walk by the Parliament buildings. No shortage of proud Canadians. Downtown was mobbed and it was GREAT to be there.

The perfect place to be on Canada Day

Then we went to the Byward Market to walk around and watch the soccer game at Smoque Shack.(129 York St).  The air condioning, great staff, amazing deep fried pickles and the beer – made it a welcome stop for us to get out of the sun and rest our feet for a bit.

On the stroll back to my parents condo we stumbled across this vendor on Sparks St. I just HAD to try it. I have never seen this “new way” of serving potatoes before, have you?

due to the carb free diet – I only had ONE potato slice. I swear.

At 10 p.m, we stood behind the Supreme Court building to watch the spectacular fireworks. Not a bad way to end a great day!! Hope you had a meaningful Canada Day as well.

PS. One more thing: I really meant to try two new restaurants: Brothers Beer Bistro (366 Dalhousie) and Big Rig BrewPub (2750A Iris St). Sadly didn’t have enough time, but these two restaurants will be on my radar for my next visit. Tweet Up anyone?

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I have just returned from a family reunion in Ottawa. Naturally I made sure to include a visit to the Byward Market and to Landsdowne Farmers Market as part of the schedule. What’s interesting is that no matter how many times I visit the Byward market or the farmers market – there is always something new to discover!!

On this particular trip, I discovered the newly opened Murrays Market. (261 Dalhousie St). The space is just gorgeous and totally suitable for a tweet up – so I made sure to talk to Emma and Chef Steve about this possibility. Beautiful cheeses, meats, local honey and MichaelsDolce jams were on display, but I zeroed in on my favorite food: a grilled cheese sandwich!!  Murrays Market makes it with Glengary’s Lankaster gouda cheese, red pepper jelly on egg bread.  I was a happy camper. I especially liked the addition of the red pepper jelly to the sandwich. Kinda kicked it up a notch. The side of homemade ketchup was welcome too!!


At the Landsdowne Farmers Market this year, I stumbled upon a new vendor called Suzy Q Doughuts. The Doughnut was yeasty and fresh. (in other words – perfect) I really hope this vendor will be around for a long time, cause there is nothing like a FRESH donut.  @FoodiePrints shared one and I shared mine with @michaelscolce. I asked the vendors, if they had a retail location and they said “no – they are just at Landsdowne Farmers Market each Sunday”. Turns out – she is a postal worker and he is a woodworker during the week, but on the weekends they clearly have a passion for making donuts!! To top it off – my cuzin knows this couple well. (small world).

Now the next discovery – isnt really a discovery. I’ve been eating at Aladdin Bakery (1801 Carling Avenue) for the past several years, even though they have been around for 14 years. I was told they can easily serve 800 Fatayers’ in one day. Fatayer is what everybody orders here – It’s  a slab of thick chewy bread, with a topping of your choice and then warmed in a tradtional brick oven. You cant go wrong here for $2.25!!

This is what it looks like - unrolled

This is what it looks like rolled (and ready to eat!!)

It was so much fun to see my cousins and be in Ottawa during Canada Day. In the event you are wondering if I saw the Royal Couple. The answer is No. I was too busy eating and shmoozing with 26 fabulous cousins!! Must sign off now and head to the gym….

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I am so lucky to be regularly visiting a city that has such great food. The trip was carefully planned so I could celebrate Mothers Day with my mom, as well as enjoy great food (once again) and see the Canadian Tulip Festival (which is taking place May 6 to 23).

Let’s begin with the food: A trip to Ottawa would not be complete with a visit to the Byward Market. I associate the Byward Market with Beavertails and with Maple Syrup Cones. (childhood memories).

childhood memories

I also went to visit the Byward Fruit Market store and to my delight found this unusal looking product that I have never seen before. I gave it to my mom as a Mothers Day gift . (its so great to have foodie parents). We loved the texture and the flavor and were eager to try it on more foods (ie a piece of dark chocolate). YUM.

Molecular Gastronomy in a Jar. Available in 16 different flavors.

I also visited the Red Apron to see their new location. The new space is stunning. PLUS…they now carry my favorite butter  (Beurre de Patrimonie) that I had been bringing back from Montreal.  I was squealing with delight that it is now in Ontario, so I happily bought three tubs to bring back to Toronto.

Love their new location. A stunning space.

I also made sure that I snuck in a visit to Art-is-in Bakery, so I could enjoy a coffee and an incredible croissant with a twitter friend (@kleggett). The place was busy the entire hour we were there and for good reason!! This bakery rocks.

heavenly breads

A trip to Ottawa wouldnt be complete without a tweet up so I could shmooze with some local foodies. The tweet up  for this particular visit, was held at Jacobsons Gourmet Store and everyone enjoyed their charming hospitatlity as well as some great food…fig balls, jam, crackers, charcuterie, cheese, refreshments and desserts. I especially loved the gift bags that they gave to each attendee. How thoughtful!!

cheese is always a crowd pleaser....

Next to Jacobsons is ZaZas pizza. I had read a review on ,so I met some friends there before the tweet up to try the mushroom pizza with truffle oil. It was perfect. Demolished the whole pizza along with 4 lactose pills.

inhaled the whole pizza..

The trip ended with a visit to Landsdowne Park Farmers Market on Sunday and it was PACKED at 10:30 a.m. It was a gorgeous sunny day and it was mother’s day. I tried some organic cucumbers, some paneer from Curry Home Soon and welcomed Pascales Ice cream to twitter.

As for the tulip fesitval. The tulips weren’t quite open. (sadness). We stopped at Dows Lake and managed to find one patch close to our car. I have no doubt that in a week the tulips will all be open and it will be spectacular.

Our timing was off..but atleast I found this patch

Tulips or no tulips…it was a great visit!! As always.

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