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I don’t know about you but I never seem to carry cash anymore. This drives my mom crazy – however I keep telling her “why do I need cash? I have an Interac card and almost everyone accepts Interac”. Truth be told, the only time I take out cash is for my manicures.

A while ago I received an Interac Flash card – (it has a little ” Wave” symbol on the front of the card) and this enables me to just flash my card at the point-of-sale reader. I adore the convenience and use use my Interac Flash card for all those small purchases – even a coffee.

In fact I remember the day when Tim Hortons started to accept Interac. I was so happy about this news – that I even blogged about it. (click here to read that blog post)

Last week I was invited to an event that was hosted by a wonderful team at Interac and learned a thing or two (or three) that I would like to share with you about  Intertac Flash – specifically about the safety of this technology.

interac - bloggers2

  •  Interac Flash has all the security features of Interac Debit, plus added security features – like spending limits – to protect you from theft or fraud. Some of the security features include:
  • Each Interac Flash transaction is unique and cannot be copied
  •  Interac Flash leverages EMV-based secure chip processing instead of magnetic stripe technology to protect against electronic pick-pocketin
  •   PIN authentication is required when your spending limits are reached (this resets the limits)

I’m a huge believer in technology and have embraced Interac e-transfers, Interac Flash and online banking…as much as I can. It makes my life SO much easier and more convenient.

The hashtag below is truly the way I live now…I’m paying in a flash with my Interac Flash for coffee, for froyo, and more!!


I might have been apprehensive about paying for a coffee on my Interac debit card a few years ago – but no longer have those feelings. I truly believe that it’s perfectly acceptable these days. Dont’ you?

PS this blog post is sponsored however all my opinions are my own.


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Tim Hortons Sign

Could life get any better?

I decided to wake up with a Tim Hortons coffee before my body pump class. Sure enough, I REALLY WOKE UP when I saw this sign:  We  accept Interact/Debit Now. Thanks.


I immediately got out my iPhone and tweeted: Great News: Tim Hortons now accepting Interac and Debit cards. Within an hour – there were 10 replies: “thats the best news” “what took them so long” “Ive been complaining about  that for years” “I don’t have to read the Sunday paper anymore” “finally, for real, would have been helpful in uni”, “for real?” etc etc etc.

There were only two comments that this might slow down the lines. But generally everyone was THRILLED.

Later in the day, I returned to take a photo of the sign and asked to speak to the owner. The nephew of the owner returned my call,  and told me that at the moment the six stores they operate/own, now have these signs but in about 2 weeks, 90 percent of the stores will be converted too.

The location of those six stores: Bathurst/Drewry, Promenade Food Court, Wilson Heights/Shepherd, Yonge/John St, Yonge/Steeles, Bathurst and Finch!

However a friend told me that the Tim Hortons at Victoria Square in Richmond Hill also accepted Interac.

Bottom Line: go visit your local Tim Hortons!!

Enjoy this new service. I know I will.

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