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Bye Bye Summer

Summer is officially over. It’s sad. As much as I like the Spring and the Fall…there is nothing like sunny skies and warm temperatures. Not to mention there is just so much to do in the summer.

When I look back, I made the most of my summer and travelled to the following places:

-Niagara on the Lake, Pillar and Post

Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain

One of My Favorite Places to go for a Weekend.

Arowhon Pines


-Canada Day in Ottawa

– Visiting Sandbacks Provincial Park

-Camping at Island Spirits

One of those perfect days.



-Cobourg Beach (twice)

-Glen Kelso Conservation; (sadly I only went once this summer)

I also took advantage of “summer in the city” and went to use the pool at the Sheraton Centre three times!! I seriously can’t complain about Summer 2012.

But now I can start to look forward to all the wonderful things Fall represents:, the leaves changing, visiting Chudleighs, fall clothes, baking apple crisps, and making fall soups.

Here’s to an amazing FALL.

p.s I was suppose to post this on the last day of summer (which was on Friday Sept 21st but silly me…got distracted, for a change)


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Last weekend, I went camping at Island Spirits on Rice Lake. As you might know (or might not know) meal planning is an important element of the camping experience. We actually sat down and made a menu plan so that we would be prepared. Camping on an island means that there is no “corner” store to run to in the event you forget something!!

This is what we ate:

Friday nite: Salmon (click here for the recipe) and baked potatoes.

Friday nite dessert; Marshmallows (of course)

Saturday morning: Scrambled eggs and Yves Veggie Sausages

Kept me going all morning

Saturday lunch: Pizza made in the  wood fired brick oven. Was thrilled that we took advantage of this unique oven on the island

Awesome oven and an awesome chef!!

bubbling pizza

Saturday dinner: It was suppose to be corn on the cob but the sheep thought it was THEIR dinner. Dont get me started.

no corn for us…but I’m sure the sheep were happy

Instead, we had a huge salad.

Other food items we enjoyed: Pringles, blueberries, cherries, cereal and more. Next time we camp, will be freezing milk bags and not bringing a carton of milk. What do you think? good idea?

As for the camping vs eco cabin debate. Here are my thoughts:

a) If you stay in a eco cabin (there are only 3 on the island)  No sheep will be waking you up at 615 a.m “baaayyyiinng”.

Ya You..Thats right ..YOU. Were you the one baa-hhh-ing at 615 am?

b) If you stay in an eco cabin you don’t have to ensure that everything is “locked up” to prevent the sheep from eating your pens, food, etc.

c) Price. Slightly more money to stay in a cabin than to camp ($75 a weekend per adult for the weekend for a campsite vs $190 to $225 for an eco cabin) Here are the rates.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time enjoying the 21 acres (the size of the island). Lucky for us, there was only one other couple on the island. Talk about peace. I hear it’s not the same if you camp at a Provincial Park. Guess who is going to find out? ME. We have already began our search for the perfect camping spot. (suggestions welcome) Stay Tuned.

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I went to the Green Living Show last year and knew that I would be returning. No question, the environment has becoming more and more important in our every day lives. Infact, I just got rid of my gas guzzling mini van and can’t wait to drive my far more fuel efficient Nissan Versa. But let’s get back to the Green Living Show – it’s a show you don’t want to miss. They have it all.

  • a green beauty bar
  • an electric vehicle show
  • live bird demonstrations
  • an eco music movie swap
  • a farmers market
  • the sweaty equity  yoga pavilion
  • the organic council of Ontario pavillion
  • Toronto Fair Trade Town
  • and lots more!!

Naturally I spent a lot of time at the FARM FRESH FARE. (perhaps too much time) It didn’t take me too long to find a few salads to take pictures of. I mean how gorgeous are these salads?

Chef Christopher Palk of L’Eat Catering created this beauty of a salad:

Ontario Chopped Salad with Pickled Ramp Buttermilk Ranch, House Made Red Wine Vinegar and Mustard Vinaigrette or Green Apple, Herb and Cider Vinegar Dressing

The chef was happy to show me the list of ingredients that went into this “All Ontario Chopped Salad”. I was blown away.

Proof.This salad created by Chef John from Table 17 also caught my attention. He created a pea shoot and peanut salad with an Ontario Peanut Dressing.

Here’s another stunning salad that was created by the Garbardine Restaurant: Smoked and cured Ontario Pickerel with red fife bagels, baby lettuce and creme fraiche .

I also made a point of visiting my favorite exhibitor….Island Spirits. I met Trudy last year, and went up to stay at her fantastic, unique property in May 2011. I actually told her that next year, I would volunteer in her booth to give a “live testimonial”. (by the way, Trudy…I am serious about that offer)

I strongly encourage  you to head down to the Direct Energy Centre this weekend and check out this great consumer show.

Hours: Saturday April 14 from 10- 9 and Sunday April 15 from 10-5.

Hint: If you bring e-waste you can receive FREE admission, compliments of Samsung.


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My Bucket List for 2012. Drum Roll..Please.

1. Drive a Volt. I mean how cool would it be to drive a full performance and full speed electric car? Seriously, I want to drive this car not just because it’s cool but because it’s the right thing to do. My next car will not be a gas guzzling car – repeat – will not be a gas guzzling car.

2. Try the Coconut Cream Pie at Scaramouche. It’s about time I order this famous pie. Reservations have been made in early January with four foodie friends. One piece of pie and 4 forks. So technically this will soon be OFF my bucket list. Hooray for me.

many thanks to @taylor40906 for this gorgeous photo

3. Try Rowing. I have always wanted to try this sport. I even called the Mississauga Rowing Club but never made it out there last summer. This summer…will be different.

4. Make Risotto. My friend @TheBumpercrop told me she would be happy to help me out as I have “fear of risotto”. LOL

5. Visit Detroit. I have never been before and again it’s time for me to “eat my way thru Trader Joe’s“.

6. Go to a Concert. I’m pathetic. ..have been to only 3 concerts in my life. Bay City Rollers (stop laughing. Please.), Rod Stewart and Dire Straights (in Israel). I think it’s time to change this.

7. Camp out on Island Spirits. Last year I stayed in their eco cabin but this year I want to try camping on this spectacular island.

8. Participate in another half marathon AND a sprint triathlon. Last year, I only did a half marathon but I really miss the challenge of doing a triathlon. See how happy I am in the photo?

9. Use RCI. I have 3 weeks to use and haven’t used it for years. All my weeks have disappeared into Time Share Heaven and I need to fix this.

10. Watch TV more often. Would like to watch tv shows that I hear about all the time and never watch i.e Modern Family, True Blood, and Dexter.

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In April, I attended the Green Living Show for my first time. I had never been and had really no idea what to expect. What I didn’t expect was to stumble upon a booth called Island Spirits that featured three unique Eco Cabins on Rice Lake. I stopped to chat with the owner and her son and listened to them tell me more about this unique holiday experience.

A few weeks later, I received an email from TJ (the owner) asking me if I would like to come up for a night. I gladly accepted as I knew it was on my way to Ottawa and I was visiting soon.

Here’s a brief description of our adventure.

4:00 p.m  Left Toronto

5:00 p.m. Exited at Cobourg and then drove another 30 minutes exactly.

5:30 Greeted by TJ and loaded our belongings on the ferry.

Our adventure begins!

5:50 p.m Arrive at Grasshopper Island and we are beaming. We unload and have a quick dinner of party sandwiches. Then we  immediately start to explore the island. We have 25 acres of an island to explore and we can’t wait. This is what we see.

The Stunning Eco Cabin

the outdoor shower


marshmallows - here we come!!

Im sure this swimming barge is used A LOT in the summer

Giant Checkboard!

Our ECO CABIN looks like this and we are SO impressed:

Six Hotel Quality Beds on the second floor

Fully stocked kitchen on the first floor with a futon for 2 more guests

8:45 p.m. Sunset time..(more or less)


9:00 pm We are tucked inside our sleeping bags. The kids are making shadows on the walls while I tried to read on my kobo but fell asleep within minutes.

10:00 p.m The kids fall asleep (so they told me).


9:00 a.m. Kids enjoyed chocolate cheerios for breakfast. We then pack up and take one last tour of the island.

11:45 a.m. TJ helps us unload our stuff back on the ferry and by noon we are back on land and we head to Ottawa.

We are sad but we know we will be back.

Please visit the Island Spirits website and please book early so you aren’t disappointed!!

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