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This Sample Sale only opens to the public twice a year and it’s well worth visiting. Seriously.


1. You get the chance to buy your clothes 6 months in advance. This means, when I go to the sample sale in November, I’m buying my Spring clothes and when Spring (finally) arrives….I’m set to go.

2. You save $$$. Lots of it. Sample Sale prices are  wholesale.

3. You will always look unique as there is only ONE of each item at the Sample Sale. I have only bumped into two people in 8 years who were wearing the same piece I had bought at the sample sale (sadly…they bought it retail at a very different price).

4. It’s held in a showroom where the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I love asking them for advice and they have never steered me wrong.


1. Sample Sales are best suited if you are a size 6, 8, or a 10.

2. A lot of people can’t get their head around the fact that they are buying Spring Clothes in the Winter or their Winter Clothes in the Spring. I have no problem with this. (clearly)

Here’s a small example of SOME of the clothes I purchased in November 2011. (click here for more photos of what I purchased)

sample sale - 2

Here’s a few of the WINTER merchandise I bought in April 2012. It’s hard to see the details of these blouses and sweaters but trust me….there’s detail. I bought another 6 pieces but I didn’t want to take too many selfies and I didn’t want to bore you.

sample sale - 1

This years sample sale is taking place on Monday Nov. 11th, Tuesday Nov. 12,  & Wednesday Nov 13. All the details you need to know can be found on the flyer below.


I will be there on Monday morning at 10 am sharp. Hope to see you there too.

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News Flash…News Flash….EQ3 in Liberty Village has opened their flagship store. Exclusive to this store is the Marimekko line.  Yes..that’s right, that gorgeous, stunning, vibrant textile company from Finland. Disclosure: I was able to get a sneak preview but the official date that this store opens is Saturday September 1st!

If you don’t recognize the name perhaps you will recognize the fabrics that they are famous for.

Want. Now.

The store has a dedicated section for Marimekko and I seriously stood there for a long time saying to myself “I want this..I want that…I wish I could have that…”.

There is nothing not to like.

This will be the flagship store for EQ3 and there is something for everyone. Wheather you are looking for napkins, a clock, an end table or a cushion…this store should certainly be on your radar. There is something for everyone and something for everyones budgets too!!


I was so impressed and so grateful that I hung around to see the opening of the second floor which had even more gorgeous items to stare at.  Infact, there is a total of 9,000 sqf of space in this flagship store.


I  have now been in my apartment for a year and I’m sure a little “shopping therapy” at EQ3 would be a perfect way to celebrate this occasion.

Only one small problem: I can never make a decision. Does anyone else have this problem?

For more information:

EQ3 Liberty Village, 315 Hanna Avenue Unit 3, Toronto Ontario (416) 533-9090


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