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A few months ago, I was walking along the Danforth and noticed a storefront that said “H2O Float Spa….Opening Soon”. When I got home I looked them up and added them to my facebook feed so I could follow their updates. (a smart move).

Over the last months, I was intrigued with what I was seeing on their facebook page.

After months of anticipation, they finally opened their doors on April 11th. Naturally I wanted  to try it  – STAT. So on Sunday, I had the opportunity to try it. Lucky me!!

float - outside

Here’s what I experienced:

a) I walked in and was warmly greeted by Shelley (who is the owner). I was given a pair of shower shoes and then we proceeded into the change room where I was given a fluffy robe and 2  towels as well as a locker and a key.

b) We then went in the room where the pod was located. I was instructed to shower (including washing my hair) before entering the pod. Once I was in the pod, I could shut the pod door whenever I wanted. There was also a call button in the pod in the event I had a question etc.

float - pod

As soon as I was alone, I went into the pod and shut the door. I did not feel claustrophobic at all, as their was a glowing blue light. (which I had the option of turning on or off) I floated for an hour – and felt totally relaxed. I swear I don’t know where time passed. Perhaps I slept. I could not tell you. LOL.

Float - Selfie. Couldn't resist!

Float – Selfie. Couldn’t resist!

ps if you aren’t inclined to try the pod then there is a massive open bath where you can float – as an alternative.

c) the jets kick in after an hour – and this indicates that my “float” is over. Sniff.

d) I then showered and got back into clothes. Sniff.

e) a bottle of water and sliced orange awaits you after your float – which I welcomed!!

float - orange

Here’s a few suggestions for your visit:

-If you wear contact lenses..either bring your glasses or your contact lens case. However I would strongly suggest NOT to wear you contact lenses during the float. Inevitably the salt water is going to drip into your eye and it’s not going to feel pleasant

-Bring a washcloth/handcloth/towel – INTO the pod with you. Again, back to the salt water that is inevitably going to get into your eye.

-Don’t forget your hairbrush, make up etc.

Conclusion: Would I do it again? In a heart beat. Was it relaxing? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Would I give a gift certificate to a friend? Totally.

For prices and more information, please visit their website:

For more information:

H2O Float Spa 138 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON  647-349-0426

Twitter: @H2OFloatSpa


Disclosure: My float was complimentary however all opinions are my own.

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Last month, when I had the Hyundai Sport for a week, I knew I wanted to drive the car and not let it sit in my garage! I googled “spa resort near Toronto”  and guess what appeared? Hockley Valley Resort!

I picked up the phone and they graciously invited me for an overnight stay and two spa treatments. I graciously accepted!

The only thing I knew about this resort was that the Food Bloggers Conference of Canada was held at Hockley Valley Resort back in May. Plus after I did a search on google map, I discovered that it was an hour and 2 minutes away from midtown Toronto. (yay)

The drive there was BEAUTIFUL. Probably one of the nicest drives I’ve had in a long time.

I checked in and had the nicest chat with the front desk staff before making a b-line  to the pool to take advantage of the gorgeous weather that we were having. (no humidity – remember those days?)

hockley - pool 2

While lounging by the pool, I wolfed down a delicious pizza from the wood-fired oven. Loved the fact that the pizza was made with fresh ingredients from the organic garden and chef’s herb garden. #impressed

hockely - pizza

After lunch, I had the privilege of having an anti oxygen facial. Never had this treatment before but I LOVED IT. I couldn’t stop staring at my face! I am still 48 years old but my skin felt like it was 28 years old.

hockley - glowing

Once my spa treatment was over, I floated to my room feeling very relaxed and very youthful!! Amazing what a facial can do to lift your spirits.

When I entered my room, I was overwhelmed with this gorgeous room which was on TWO floors, and had TWO FIREPLACES (including one in my bathroom). I found out that the entire property underwent a 7 million dollar renovation a few years ago, which would explain the contemporary fresh look that is present throughout the resort!

hockley - room

The next day, I enjoyed a magnificent buffet breakfast and loved their commitment to using local suppliers.


On my last day, I had one more treatment (a flex massage) and a beer  (one beer, I promise) at the bar before driving home.

If you are looking for a get -away, that is close to Toronto – please consider Hockley Valley Resort. They have it all – golf, amazing restaurants, spas, and more!! In fact they are running a special summer promotion right now. Here’s the info

This family owned boutique resort is going to be on my radar from now on!!

For more information:

Tel: 519-942-0754
Toll Free: 1-866-HOCKLEY (462-5539)


Twitter: @hockleyVresort



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This is going to be a fun blog post as the theme will be a He Said/She Said perspective of our pedicures that we had at the Pillar and Post. I copied this idea from a wonderful food blog that I have been following that also has a he said/she said perspective called: Tips Are Included.

I think now would be a good time to ask you to please welcome my first guest blogger, Matt, as he shares with you his experience having his first spa pedicure at the Pillar and Post.


My First Spa Experience (But Second Pedicure)

With little frame of reference, I have to say it was a great experience! Having my hot tired feet declawed, smoothed massaged and painted (clear – though I was offered a colour) was a great way to spend an hour on a lazy Sunday. Following a morning splash in  the Pillar and Post’s outside pool  – in the rain – and a half hour lying on a lounger when the sun returned, set me up for the guilty pleasure (for blokes anyway!) of a pedicure.

Never Been in One of These Robes Before!!

The seat had a built in massage ‘thing’, that I had never experienced before!  After a while, I turned it off and let the expert do her thing on my feet….. it was amazing. I’ll go back for sure!


I was delighted to enjoy a quick get away to Niagara on the Lake to  visit some relatives. Every year that I visit, I end up booking an appointment at the Pillar and Post as I’m in love with their outdoor pool. Just so you know, its the ONLY hotel property with an outdoor pool in Niagara on the Lake. This year, I was going to share the experience of the Pillar and Post with Matt, who had never been to a spa before. This was really going to be a special few hours!!

Sadly, the weather  was kinda crappy that day but that’s ok…we still enjoyed the pool WHILE IT WAS RAINING. I mean it……it was peaceful to be out there while it rained. We didn’t mind at ALL.

Look carefully and you can see the rain drops in the pool!!

After a dip in the pool, it was mandatory  to visit  the outdoor hot springs. I totally love this oasis that they have created. Not your average hot tub – that’s for sure.

Then we chilled in the “quiet room” as we waited for our matching pedicure session. It was interesting to note that there were lots of other couples relaxing in white robes as well. It was clear we weren’t the only couple enjoying a spa day!!

Finally it was our turn for our matching pedicure appointments. I was introduced to a new line of vegan friendly polish called “sparitual” and was given an extremely professional and thorough pedicure. No complaints at all.


As for the service at the Pillar and Post: I have to say that everyone we encountered was friendly and courteous. Special mention to their front desk manager, Shane Howard and Ludmila at the 100 Fountain Spa, who went out of their way for me. Plus the guy at the pool who brought us towels and even hid them under a lounge chair so they would be dry!

We will certainly be returning to the Pillar and Post again!! It was great to hang out with my boyfriend in a spa and enjoy a few hours of pure relaxation and pampering.

Pillar and Post, 48 John St. West, Niagara on the Lake, 1 888 669 5566

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I knew I wanted to drive somewhere special on my last day driving the Chevy Volt. I also knew I wanted to go somewhere I had never been to before. I quickly realized that a day trip to Ste. Anne’s Spa would be ideal.

I have been known to be a unhappy customer at a few spas in Ontario…you know, where everything that is suppose to be right goes wrong? Well Ste Anne’s was simply perfect. I cant complain about anything!.

From the minute I arrived till the minute I left – everything was truly thought of.

Here’s how my day went:

7:00 a.m. left Toronto

8:30 a.m. arrived at their beautiful property and was warmly greeted with a complimentary bag. What a genius idea as I was shlepping a lot of “stuff” and really needed this extra bag.

stunning, right?

9:00 a.m. My day started off with a Caribbean Aqua Therapy Treatment (new for me)!! My skin was exfoliated and then I was rolled under (well the table was rolled) under the Vichy Shower. Following the Vichy Shower, my body was massaged with the Caribbean Therapy Line. If my skin could talk it would scream, say “THANK YOU”.

vichy shower (im on a table underneath all those jets)

9:30 a.m – 10:30 am Had fun in the outdoor cold plunge pool, hot tub, and small lap pool. Then went indoors to enjoy the eucalyptus steam room (heaven)

cold plunge pool.

11:00 am – Stretch class. I have never done this type of class before but I was intrigued. Let’s just say that I was relaxed before the class and certainly feeling relaxed after the class.

my mat was waiting for me. Sweet.

12:00 – 1:30 p.m Lunch with Marketing Manager of Special Projects. What a treat!! I was not surprised when she told me that 25,000 people visit Ste. Annes each year. The place was packed on a Monday before the summer has even started. She took me on a tour of their beautifully appointed rooms and it was evident that she is passionate about her job. Oh yeah – she introduced me to St. Annes own line Nourishment Line. Guests have the opportunity to use these “unadultered botanical” products while they shower. Then they line up to buy the products in the retail store!! I swear – the products are that good.

1:30 p.m – 3 pm – hung out by the pool

Did not want to leave!!

3:00 p.m had to leave (boo) so that I could return the Chevy Volt (boo). Two very sad events for me as I had a blast driving the Chevy Volt and a spectacular experience at Ste. Annes.

Here is a list why this property stood out amongst the other spas I have visited:

-plenty of friendly staff. Staff was everywhere I looked – either they were cleaning, or helping clients answer questions, or greeting clients. There was no shortage of staff to help you.

-everything was clean and well maintained.

-nothing was overlooked. i.e a schedule was sent to me prior to my arrival, the complimentary bag, the electronic locks (no need for a key to hang from my wrist) etc.

-the property and the buildings are gorgeous….trees galore, sitting nooks, patios…I had plenty of options!!

Hope you get to visit Ste. Anne’s one day soon.  You won’t be disappointed.

1009 Massey Road

Grafton, ON

1 888 346 6772




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