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I really meant to blog about Romeo’s Juice Bar last year when it opened up but sadly did not get around to it. However last week while ordering a juice,  I said to myself  “I really really need to blog about this place”. So here’s the blog post!!

You can find Romeo’s Juice Bar at 285 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. It truly has a unique look. Wouldn’t you agree?

romeo - outside There’s no shortage of juice options but here’s two items that caught my eye.



Here’s another popular item that they serve.

romeos - special

Due to the fact that I’ve broken up with carbs since June 2012 (and it’s been a good break up by the way) I decided to order my own special low carb juice.  I requested a juice made from Kale, Avocado, Celery, and Soy Milk (they use Silk 80 calories which is oh-so-ideal). It was perfect. Especially because I didn’t have to clean the blender!! Although I have to admit, I keep thinking about purchasing a Vita Mix more and more these days.

romeo - my drink

Romeo’s Juice Bar also offers amazing hours on the weekend (see photo below) Plus you can receive $1 off your juice/smoothie, if you like them on Facebook. Guess who has liked them already on facebook? Good guess. LOL

romeo - 24 hours

So don’t forget to grab a juice or smoothie the next time you visit Kensington Market. Also, don’t forget about Pedestrian Sundays in the Market which takes place on the last Sunday of the month. (Sunday Aug 25, Sunday Sept 29 and Sunday October 27). Always a great vibe to visit the market on Pedestrian Sundays.

For More Information:

Romeo’s Juice Bar, 285 Augusta Avenue, Toronto (416) 597 2300


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Social Media and Job Hunting. It works!! Here’s my Story:

I went away on vacation, only to return last Wednesday to find out that I was unemployed. I immediately updated my profile on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.  I stated that I was “Seeking Employment as a Sales Rep or a Community Manager”. Immediately I had two replies on Facebook to contact two separate companies and two retweets on twitter.I was impressed.

By 1 p.m…I had a meeting with 3 foodie friends (@TheBumpercrop, @afoodgypsy @lisataerk). They brainstormed with me and delivered a “go-Vicky-go” type of speech.

The pep talk worked!!

On Thursday, I met with @nearafar who also answered some more job hunting questions and gave me another pep talk.

On Friday, I received emails from @HorriblePeanut @FiestaCupcakes @CDNFoodieGiirl, and @Labamboche with leads. I was truly feeling supported by my twitter friends. Oh yeah – there was another friend (who sadly is not on twitter) who sent me numerous emails with ads too.

On Sunday I met with @sackman66 at 7:45 a.m for TWO hours of networking. WOW..I was on a roll. My friends were really there for me and I was ever so grateful.

On Monday morning, I had a phone call with someone from twitter who was looking for some assistance with her start up .We even met for coffee in the afternoon. Sadly it wasn’t a great fit but once again “twitter’ made the connection (thru a retweet cause I wasnt following her).

On Monday nite, I finally sent out my resume to one of the companies that contacted me thru Facebook earlier last week.

On Tuesday morning, I heard from her and at 2 p.m I was in the office…. armed with my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone….ready to work!!

Now how awesome is this story!! Whats even more awesome is I’m working with a company that I really believe in and when I walked into the office I knew FOUR people (thru twitter of course).

I have to finish this blog entry with this photo. The office has this machine in the kitchen:


It’s a VITA MIX and my boss was all too happy to demonstrate how it works!! This means, I was treated to this delicious bowl of hot soup that was made in less than 10 minutes.

I am now working for Shes Connected and I’m beyond thrilled to be part of this team.

Morale of the story: Use Social Media if you are job hunting and don’t be afraid to change your profile!!


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