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I'm smiling now but I wasnt smiling in July 2010

I had been running without a watch for 5 years. All that changed last summer, when I found out that the Garmin Forerunner 405 was at Costco.

So I bought it. I though it was about time (no pun intended) that I owned a watch.

I was SO excited!! Finally I could track my distance on my rides AND on my runs, my heart rate and all sorts of fun data.


I could not figure out how to use it. Period. I sat with the manual..with the watch…with YouTube videos and had NO LUCK.

My ironman buddy tried to teach me. NOPE…could not get the hang out of it. I was kinda of pissed, as this watch was not cheap.

Finally last week, while attending a social media party called #whatthehashtag, I met @RobTyrie and I noticed he was wearing the

watch that I had not been able to use since JULY 2010. I told him about my fustration. Rob mentioned that it took him HOURS to figure out the manual.

(I believe him. I really do.) Standing beside Rob was was @aprildunford

who said that it was THE WORST MANUAL EVER and they fired the whole time who wrote the manual.. I asked Rob if he could teach both of us how to use it. He gladly accepted the challenge.

We met on Sunday at The Mad Bean for a coffee and I showed up with the manuals and the watch. Sadly April couldnt join us. He patiently taught me how to use it and it took hours!! (I’m not joking).

I wrote notes…the whole nine yards.

Has anyone else had this type of experience with a product? Does anyone else own a Garmin?

Do rant. I just did and it feels great. LOL

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4 Responses to “Bad Manuals. Need I Say More?”

  1. Nancy
    February 16th, 2011 at 10:18 | #1

    I surprised my husband with a Garmin 405 watch for his birthday. We also spent hours trying to get it to work – reading and rereading the manual and website. We finally got the watch to work but never succeeded in syncing the footpad. Garmin is definitely not user friendly!!!

    Three months after I bought the watch the battery died. A month later the second battery the store installed died. I returned the watch and they sent it back to the factory. After waiting for nearly 2 months for the company to decide what to do with the defective watch I went out and bought my husband a Polar FT7 watch. Now we both have Polar FT7 watches that we love! The Polar has a great feature that lets you know how many calories you burn during a workout. We don’t have a footpad but the Garmin pad never worked anyways. The Polar is user friendly in fact it is so friendly that on my birthday the display screen had a little birthday cake with candles on it! In the end Garmin gave us a new watch but were both happy with our Polar’s and the new Garmin was filed away in the drawer!

  2. gabrielle klein
    February 17th, 2011 at 07:05 | #2

    oh no, i have been saving up for a garmin, hoping to buy one for my birthday.. all my running friends have it and it works amazing!
    i love running with them because i know what my distance and speed is exactly!oh well, have to rethink this.i was hoping to get it before jerusalem marathon, then again maybe not.thanks for the info.

  3. Running_man
    February 22nd, 2011 at 03:08 | #3

    Hey mom who runs,

    I was looking at buying a 405 and there were loads of great tips on this site. I went for a 310xt in the end for the looks 😉

    Garmin FR60

    Garmin FR60

    Garmin FR60

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