I love a good sale. Who doesn’t? I have been faithful to some of my sample sales for five years and will NOT miss the sale under any circumstance. I will share all this information with you too. Don’t ya worry.


This Sample Sale only opens to the public twice a year and it’s well worth visiting. Seriously.


1. You get the chance to buy your clothes 6 months in advance. This means, when I go to the sample sale in November, I’m buying my Spring clothes and when Spring (finally) arrives….I’m set to go.

2. You save $$$. Lots of it. Sample Sale prices are  wholesale.

3. You will always look unique as there is only ONE of each item at the Sample Sale. I have only bumped into two people in 8 years who were wearing the same piece I had bought at the sample sale (sadly…they bought it retail at a very different price).

4. It’s held in a showroom where the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I love asking them for advice and they have never steered me wrong.


1. Sample Sales are best suited if you are a size 6, 8, or a 10.

2. A lot of people can’t get their head around the fact that they are buying Spring Clothes in the Winter or their Winter Clothes in the Spring. I have no problem with this. (clearly)

Here’s a small example of SOME of the clothes I purchased in November 2011. (click here for more photos of what I purchased)

sample sale - 2

Here’s a few of the WINTER merchandise I bought in April 2012. It’s hard to see the details of these blouses and sweaters but trust me….there’s detail. I bought another 6 pieces but I didn’t want to take too many selfies and I didn’t want to bore you.

sample sale - 1

This years sample sale is taking place on Monday Nov. 11th, Tuesday Nov. 12,  & Wednesday Nov 13. All the details you need to know can be found on the flyer below.


I will be there on Monday morning at 10 am sharp. Hope to see you there too.

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Lands’ End Turns 50.

I’ve been familiar with Lands’ End for decades, seeing as I had American cousins and travelled to the States as a kid for family vacations.  Specifically I have memories of these particular bags.

lands end - bags

One could always identify a Lands’ End canvas bag. There’s something about the quality of these bags, that you absolutely KNOW it’s from Lands’ End.

I also know that the backpacks and luggage are amazing gift for kids.  Especially when their names are embroidered on it!!

landsend - backpack

There are no shortage of products to love!! There’s something for men, women, kids, and even your pets!! Something tells me that my foodie friends would love this as a gift!

landsend - potluck

This year, Lands’ End is celebrating their 50th anniversary! They are also making it super easy for Canadians to purchase online. Canadians can now view the website in Canadian currency which will make online shopping that much easier. (#happydance)

What I really want to share with you, is their Introductory Offer of 15%  OFF and FREE SHIPPING (with a $50 minimum) if you use the promotion code: CANADA and PIN 1560. This offer is valid till November 30th!!

Plus they will welcome new customers with a no risk bonus of FREE RETURNS. Sounds good to me.

Ok gotta finish this blog. I’ve got some online shopping to do!!

For More Information:

Lands’ End: 1 800 800 5800


Twitter: @Landsend


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True Story:

In 1977,  I was 12 years old and was going to a new camp that summer called “Wabikon“.  Seeing as my dad owned a sports store in Ottawa called “Ritchies Sports Store“, I was decked out in a lot of clothes from Nike, Adidas, and Puma. In fact, one could say ALL my summer clothes came from my dad’s store.

But then I went to Wabikon and my entire cabin was wearing polo shirts with a little alligator on it. I soon learned the word: Lacoste!!

When I returned home, I started to slowly collect Lacoste tshirts and this trend continued till I was 16. I was a HUGE prep and was proud of it. Througout high school, I wore Lacoste tshirts, Levis jeans and Converse running shoes. Period.

Fast Forward to 2013!

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a media night at the Lacoste store at Yorkdale and I quickly sent a reply back that I would love to attend.  At the event, there was a preview of “the Annivesary Capsule Collection – “Edition and Unexpected”. Did you know that Lacoste is celebrating their 80th Anniversary? I loved walking around the store saying to myself “want” “want” “need” “want”!!

I was all too happy to celebrate with them. It was like going down memory lane but so much better. I can’t remember owning Lacoste shoes – but now I own a a pair and I can’t stop wearing them!!

Happy Anniversary Lacoste! Thanks for including me.

lacoste - 4

P.S. A huge thank you to the store manager who really demonstrated amazing customer service skills.

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I’ve decided NOT to post about a recipe or a restaurant or even what I ate in Buffalo. I know you are in shock. But you see…I’m fed up with the rain. I have a bunch of outfits that I bought in November that I really, really, really, want to wear! However the weather is SIMPLY not cooperating.

Remember that sample sale that I go to twice a year for the last 8 years? Well these outfits are from that famous sample sale!!

So allow me to be a fashion blogger …just this once. LOL.

spring - outfits 1


spring outfits2

And more…

P.S. The shorts/tshirts are from Target in Buffalo. Ive never bought short-shorts before.

P.S. The shorts/tshirts are from Target in Buffalo. Ive never bought short-shorts before.

There’s more outfits  but I didn’t want to bore you. Plus it was exhausting trying on all these outfits.

The May sample sale will soon be coming up in May and of course I will let you know the dates K?

Must sign off. I need to study the weather patterns for the next week in the event I can wear one of the above outfits!!

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A few years ago I attended a cousins wedding and was introduced to some new people who were sitting at my table.

A few years later, that same cousin had a baby shower and  I recognized one of the people that I had met at the wedding. We said hello, started to chat and I discovered that she recently took courses in millinery!!  Not only did she learn this skill but she started a hat business called Wild Work Designs.

She shows me her beautiful brochure, and before you know it, I offered to host a hat party for her! I’ve hosted a lot of parties before but this was my first “hat party”. I liked how my dining room table looked with all the beautiful hats displayed!!

hats - on tableMy guests walked in the door and immediately started to try on different hats. It was so much fun!

hats - cheryl

It was truly a hoot to see everyone trying on different hats.

hats - madeline hats - tanya  A party wouldn’t be a party with out food but I realized afterwards that everyone was so focussed on the hats that hardly anyone ate anything!!
hats - food

It was a lot of fun to host my first “hat party! I can’t wait to watch this business grow.

For more info:

Wild Work Designs (the website is stunning – so please take a peek at this website)

Twitter: @hatsbywildworks

Tel: 416 220 1490

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This blog post might be a little late but I know a good chunk of you are still out there buying Christmas gifts or hostess gifts. So here’s a few ideas if you are looking to buy a “foodie” the perfect gift!!

Twelve Ounce Ladles: This ladle ensures your host/hostess isn’t double dipping all the time as he/she serves soups to their guests. Put a bow around it and you are set to go. It’s brilliant and my friends still thank me to this day for this gift. Head to Nella Cucina (876 Bathurst  St) for these ladles.

Sloane Teas: This line of tea is outstanding. The packaging and the varieties will impress your foodie friends. Available at numerous fine food stores.

A Chocolate iPhone Case: This is perfect for the foodie that loves their iPhone and loves chocolate. I spotted these at All the Best Fine Foods (1101 Yonge St).

A Cutting Board: This is perfect for foodies. I spotted this in Yorkville at the paper store called Paper Things (99 Yorkville Ave)

Candles:  The Gap is selling candles in a variety of interesting scents: (repeat - INTERESTING)  Black Pepper, Tomato, Grapefruit, and more. $29

Samba Days: An amazing concept! You simply buy a Samba Days Gourmet Getaway card and the recipient of this card gets to choose from a variety of amazing gourmet getaway packages. I love this idea.

Anything from the Good Egg store!! (267 Augusta Avenue). Seriously, it’s hard to go into this store and come out empty handed.

Taste of the Month from Taste of Cheese. The recipient of this gift will receive a box of  5 unique cheeses once a month. This is a cheese lovers dream!!

Laura Slack chocolates. Not your average chocolates. She is a true artist.  Please Please…visit her website.

So have I provided you with enough ideas? I hope so.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays too!!







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This week, I participated in a facebook contest to win tickets to the Umbra VIP warehouse sale and I WON!! It was my first day of being unemployed and therefore I had the time to go out to the International Centre on a Friday at 10 a.m. What perfect timing!

Here’s a great photo of what you can expect:

It’s Massive!!

I really do love this sale as the discounts are tremendous and the quality of the products are amazing!! I spent $70 in total for: 2 garbage cans, 1 storage unit, 1 kitchen shelf, 1 jewellery rack, 1 paper towel holder, 1 wall decor, and 1 (adorable) belt holder! Here’s a few photos of my favorite purchases.

Jewellery rack

My favorite purchase is this rack ($10)

One day those pots will have plants in them. One day!!

Not to mention, my bathroom was screaming to have one of these organizational units.

You should go. Seriously.

Here’s the info you need to know. Happy Warehouse Shopping!!



Seeing as I was at Yorkdale last week to check out their expansion, I thought it would only be fair to visit the Eaton Centre. I hadn’t been there in years and it was time for a visit.

So I hopped on a subway at St. Clair and before you knew it, I was there.

I knew from Twitter (@toeatoncentre) that the mall had some new stores to check out as well as some decorations to see.

Well ..the decorations were hard to miss. They were SPECTACULAR!!  It was not the typical type of decorations one would normally expect to see plus the SCALE of these decorations were amazing.

Impressive Reindeer.

Worth Visiting.

As for the store mix: No complaints. Everything was there that I wanted. ..not to mention “new and improved’ stores as well. I visited: Ann Taylor, Forever 21 (even though I am no where near the age of 21) H & M, American Eagle, and Williams Sonoma (as I’m searching for this essence that’s only available on Bloor….GRRRR). I also had a great time  in the Sony store, reclining in an amazing chair while enjoying an 84″ TV. OMG. What a treat.

Sadly I didn’t go to the Eaton Centre to eat, but did notice that Mr. Greenjeans is celebrating 30 years!! I have such memories of visiting this restaurant when I was 16. It was the cool-est spot to hang out with your friends . (next to the Pickle Barrel, Toby’s, and Inn on the Park). #memorylane.

I also happen to visit The Body Shop for a quick complimentary make up session. I’ve always been fond of their products and can’t seem to resist dropping in to check out their moisturizers. Not to mention that they are having a Black Friday event (Monday Nov 19 to Friday Nov 23)  that I think is a genius idea. Click here for more details.

Nothing like a quick make over while shopping

By the way…just told my mom (in Ottawa) that I went to the Eaton Centre and was blogging about it. She said “you know dear, I’ve only been there ONCE”. I’m not kidding, my mom has been visiting me regularly since I moved here in 1989. Looks like I will be visiting the Eaton Centre with her on her next trip!!
For more info:

Eaton Centre, 218 Yonge St. (416) 598 8560



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Yorkdale  Shopping Centre is near and dear to me for the following reasons:

a. I actually worked there in the early 1990′s as the Marketing Director for 9 months

b. Since I moved to Toronto in 1988, I have always lived no more than 7 minutes away from Yorkdale.

c. I have nostalgic memories of Yorkdale: ie. I remember when there was a Miracle Food Mart where Holt Renfrew is now located

Yorkdale continues to strive to be the best shopping centre with a constant stream of new and amazing stores (and new restaurants too).

Here’s a few highlights of the new stores that you are going to see in the new wing.

ANN TAYLOR – that’s right Ann Taylor is now at Yorkdale and the collection is stunning.

Hello Ann Taylor!!

ANTHROPOLOGIE - don’t get me started about this store. Love. Love. Love.

This store is going to be super popular

TESLA MOTORS – I think it’s a genius idea to have a car showroom inside a shopping centre. Not something you see everyday but what a smart move.

Want. Electric. Car.

L’OCCITANE – this is their Canadian flaghship store and they didn’t hold back!! There’s even complimentary hand massages so you can check out their famous hand creams. Naturally I had one.

I will be back. LOL

LULULEMON- the store is spacious and bright and full of amazing merchandise. IVIVVA will now be located in their old space.

Other stores that caught my eye were Club Monaco, Lacoste, David’s Tea, Best Buy, Starbucks, and even a beautiful looking ScotiaBank.

Seeing as I’m a foodie, I had to check out Joey  (and you should too). This gorgeous looking restaurant is sure to be a hit with shoppers.

Sorry…didn’t use my Canon. GRRR. You get the idea right? It’s gorgeous.

Happy Shopping everyone. Hope you get a chance to see the expansion soon. You are going to be impressed. I promise.

More info:

Yorkdale Shopping Centre, 3401 Dufferin St. (416) 789 3261

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News Flash…News Flash….EQ3 in Liberty Village has opened their flagship store. Exclusive to this store is the Marimekko line.  Yes..that’s right, that gorgeous, stunning, vibrant textile company from Finland. Disclosure: I was able to get a sneak preview but the official date that this store opens is Saturday September 1st!

If you don’t recognize the name perhaps you will recognize the fabrics that they are famous for.

Want. Now.

The store has a dedicated section for Marimekko and I seriously stood there for a long time saying to myself “I want this..I want that…I wish I could have that…”.

There is nothing not to like.

This will be the flagship store for EQ3 and there is something for everyone. Wheather you are looking for napkins, a clock, an end table or a cushion…this store should certainly be on your radar. There is something for everyone and something for everyones budgets too!!


I was so impressed and so grateful that I hung around to see the opening of the second floor which had even more gorgeous items to stare at.  Infact, there is a total of 9,000 sqf of space in this flagship store.


I  have now been in my apartment for a year and I’m sure a little “shopping therapy” at EQ3 would be a perfect way to celebrate this occasion.

Only one small problem: I can never make a decision. Does anyone else have this problem?

For more information:

EQ3 Liberty Village, 315 Hanna Avenue Unit 3, Toronto Ontario (416) 533-9090


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