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As you know, I try to eat “healthy”  (see previous blog posts about Kale Chips and Peanut-y Tofu). However that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about eating deep fried fudge or deep fried marshmallow treats. Well, all my dreams came true as I was invited to the the CNE media preview on Wednesday. Here is proof!!

Thats an AUTHENTIC smile!!

In the above photo, I am about to bite into deep fried fudge from the Northwest Fudge Factory. In fact I am so proud of this photo that I submitted it to GastroPost!

I also took a bite (or two) of these deep fried marshmallow treats by Sweet Treats.

More Deep Fried Goodness!

There is no question that food is a major attraction attraction at the CNE.  One might think that unique means “deep fried” but that’s not necessarily true.  It could be triple layer red velvet pancakes loaded with slow roasted and smoked pork, and topped with Jack Daniels infused maple syrup. Now that is unique….in a big way!!

You can find this at: PULL’D

Or what about this idea by the good people at Just Cone It.…CONES filled with Nutella bacon, or pizza or philly steak or shepherds pie!

Love the name of this vendor!

Clearly there is an abundance of “unique’ and there is those items that will always be around like candy floss, candy apples, Tiny Tims and fresh squeezed lemonade.

I am definitely attracted to “unique” food items but I certainly wouldn’t say no to a candy apple either!!

What will you be eating when you visit the Ex?

Here’s more info about the 2012 CNE:

  1. 2012 CNE runs from Aug 17 to Sept 3
  2. The CNE is located at the Toronto Exhibition Place
  3. To learn more about the Xx and special discount prices please visit THEEX.COM or call 416 393 6300






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I made kale chips a few times last year but seeing as I’m on this no carb diet..I’ve kicked it up a notch and have been making Kale Chips on a regular basis. I will be honest with you…I MISS real potato chips and I miss my relationship with popcorn. However I know that eating Kale Chips is a much healthier option for me and my body is saying thank you in a different way!!

First step: Please go to a Farmers’ Market and buy your kale. Any Farmers’ Market will do. The stuff at the grocery store is OK but not nearly as beautiful as the kale you will see at a Farmers’ Market.

See what I mean?

2. Step Two: Wash the Kale and dry it really really well. Seriously..this is important. PS I’m not good at this step and rushing thru it but I really shouldn’t it.

3. Step Three: Take scissors and clip the leaves from the stem. This was a brilliant tip I picked up somewhere and makes your life A LOT easier when making Kale Chips

Scissors are the best for doing this step

4. Step Three: Lay the kale on a baking pan. Sprinkle with salt  and drizzle with olive oil. Someone on twitter (oops I forgot who this was) suggested I try sesame oil and tamari sauce. I did and I liked it but I think I prefer just the salt and the olive oil recipe

5. Step Four: Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 8 minutes. Open the door and move the leaves around with a spatula. Close the door and continue to bake for another 3-5 minutes.


Healthy Healthy Healthy

I’m already to watch the last few days of the Olympics..I’ve got my snacks and my low carb beer. What more could I ask for? LOL


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