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I must admit that there was a time, where I hated making salads. Mainly because I hated to chop. Well things have changed….I now love making salads!!

A facebook friend asked me “why do I love making salads” and indeed its’ a great question. Here’s my answer.

  1. I enjoy LOVE going to Farmers Markets and then coming home to make a fresh salad with produce thats’ local and fresh. The other week, I found this beautiful bibb lettuce for $3.50 at Wychwood Barns. How could I NOT buy it? In fact I bought two!!

salad - bibb

  1. I love that you can take a few ingredients and create something that is ever so pretty!!
  2. Salads are healthy which means I can eat more!!
  3. I consider it fun to scour Pinterest looking for unique recipes to try. (Please don’t judge me)
  4. Salads provide you the opportunity to include something crunchy, sweet, savoury etc.

Here’s a few photos to prove my point:

  1.  I had leftover chicken in the fridge, leftover corn on the cobb and before you know it – there was this beautiful salad on the table.

salad - chicken:corn

2. I had some kale in the fridge, some tomatoes and some blue cheese. Perfect ingredients for a delicious salad.salad - kale?

3. Bought some sea asparagus for my first time (apparently they are FULL of nutrients) and once again, I threw a few ingredients into a bowl which resulted in a nutritious salad

salad - sea asparagus4. This salad simply consisted of Bibb lettuce, grapefruit segments, avocado and toasted almonds. Freaking delicious. Oh ya – I threw in some edible flowers.

salad - grapefruitSee what I mean? I hope that I encourage you to get out there and visit your local Farmers Markets AND to make more salads!! All that chopping is worth it. Promise.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

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I made kale chips a few times last year but seeing as I’m on this no carb diet..I’ve kicked it up a notch and have been making Kale Chips on a regular basis. I will be honest with you…I MISS real potato chips and I miss my relationship with popcorn. However I know that eating Kale Chips is a much healthier option for me and my body is saying thank you in a different way!!

First step: Please go to a Farmers’ Market and buy your kale. Any Farmers’ Market will do. The stuff at the grocery store is OK but not nearly as beautiful as the kale you will see at a Farmers’ Market.

See what I mean?

2. Step Two: Wash the Kale and dry it really really well. Seriously..this is important. PS I’m not good at this step and rushing thru it but I really shouldn’t it.

3. Step Three: Take scissors and clip the leaves from the stem. This was a brilliant tip I picked up somewhere and makes your life A LOT easier when making Kale Chips

Scissors are the best for doing this step

4. Step Three: Lay the kale on a baking pan. Sprinkle with salt  and drizzle with olive oil. Someone on twitter (oops I forgot who this was) suggested I try sesame oil and tamari sauce. I did and I liked it but I think I prefer just the salt and the olive oil recipe

5. Step Four: Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 8 minutes. Open the door and move the leaves around with a spatula. Close the door and continue to bake for another 3-5 minutes.


Healthy Healthy Healthy

I’m already to watch the last few days of the Olympics..I’ve got my snacks and my low carb beer. What more could I ask for? LOL


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