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Even though the Chai Bar is less than 4 km from where I live, I had never been there till recently! Don’t ask. I’m not happy that it took me so long to get there….at ALL!!!

It’s tucked behind the Indian Rice Factory and you probably pass it ALL THE TIME but just didn’t know it was there!! So today I decided not to drive by and take the time to find a parking spot and go in.

Soon as I opened the door I was impressed. The space is simply perfect and very fitting for a Chai Bar. I ordered a chai latte (how could I not?) and was blown away  to see the waitress using a mortar and pestle to grind up the spices. My latte was perfectly hot and was the REAL DEAL.

chai - 4 photos


What I loved most about the Chai Bar is their outdoor patio. Guess who is going to be hanging out a lot at this place over the summer? Isn’t it perfect?…well it’s almost perfect…throw in some SUNSHINE, greenery and some cushions!!  I just wanted to give you an idea!

chai - patio

I also enjoyed the free wifi so I could work while enjoying my  chai latte.  Because I was so impressed, I spoke  the owner to discus a tweet up for Cofficers (errr…for freelancers who work from coffee shops). Stay tuned.

For more info:

Chai Bar: 414 Dupont St, Toronto (647) 748 -2424

Hours: Monday to Friday 830-500 pm, Saturday and Sunday 930-500 pm


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I hosted a Shabbat Tweet up on Friday night and wanted to make something that I hadn’t made in along time that I knew would be a hit. I was right – there was only one piece left by the end of the night!!

The first ingredient (frozen fish loaf) might not be available in many grocery stores but I can assure you that you can find it at any grocery store from Bathurst/Lawrence to Bathurst and Rutherford.

Here’s the recipe: There’s 4 ingredients you really need. That’s it.

Defrosted Gefilte Fish, Mashed Carrots, Defrosted Chopped Spinach, One Egg!!

Three Coloured Fish Loaf (taken from Gatherings…A project by the parents of Netivot Hatorah Day School)

1 1/2 lbs frozen fish loaf, defrosted….otherwise known as GEFILTE FISH

1 egg, beaten

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tsp salt (I omitted this)

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion powder (I omitted this too)

pepper to taste

1 box (300g) chopped spinach, defrosted and drained

3 medium sized carrots, cooked and mashed. (I used my Cuisinart for this step).


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1. In a large blow, combine defrosted fish with egg, sugar, salt, garlic powder, onion powder and onion.

2. Divide mixture in half

3. Press one half into a loaf pan (I used Pam on the loaf pan to ensure it came out easily)

4. Divide the remaining mixture into half

5. Mix spinach with one half of the mixture

6. Mix mashed carrots with the other half of the mixture

7. Spread the spinach mixture over plain fish in loaf pan

8. Then spread the carrot mixture over the spinach mixture.

Ready for the oven!!

Bake uncovered for an hour. Slice and serve!!


Pretty, non?

ps. Next time I would spread more carrot mixture on the loaf. I held back. I don’t know why. I realized that the more you use, the thicker the layer will be.

Happy Cooking!!

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Most of the tweet ups I attend are at restaurants, however this week I am hosting a Shabbat Tweet up in my apartment.  What does this mean? This means that all the guests are on twitter and they are all “foodies” in a big way plus 99% of the guests are Jewish.

The food served at this tweet up will be traditional Friday nite food except for the fact that my kitchen is vegetarian. (small detail). This means no one will be enjoying chicken soup, chopper liver or brisket.

I decided that the meal definitely required a potato knish. They are easy to make and everyone loves them.

What is a knish? Its basically puffed pastry with potato filling. I cheat and use a mix. Once we did a taste test between fresh mashed potatoes and the mix and no one could tell the difference. Therefore, I use the mix out of pure convenience.

My mom makes them to perfection. Little tiny bundles. Mine aren’t as  pretty and I hope she isn’t reading this, shaking her head and muttering “why didn’t she watch me in the kitchen?”.



1 package of puffed pastry

Mashed potatoes…(I made 2 servings according to the instructions on the side of the box)


1. Make the mashed potatoes according to the directions on the box. SEASON generously with salt and pepper

2. Roll out the dough and then cut into squares. Forgive me – but I don’t measure how big these squares should be. Fill with a tablespoon of mashed potatoes.

3. Shape into ????. I wish I could describe how to do this step but I can’t. It would have been brilliant of me to prepare a video of this step. One day – I promise!!

4. The goal is to make them into little bundles.

4. Egg wash each knish so they get a nice shine to them.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. The final product should look like the first photo at the top left of the page.

Try eating knishes with sour cream.  I also love the fact that they freeze BEAUTIFULLY.

Can’t wait to serve them tomorrow at the Shabbat Tweet up.

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Each time I visit Ottawa there is a new restaurant for me to try and new people for me to meet (yay tweet ups!!).

Here’s a review of three places I went to this past weekend:

a) Stella Luna Gelato Cafe (1103 Bank St)

I had read rave reviews about this new gelato place that opened up just  FOUR weeks ago and put it on the top of my list to visit. I introduced myself  to the owner Tammy and her husband and she graciously took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat with me.  She also encouraged me to sample a variety of gelatos (think – blood orange, salty pistachio, marscapone and rum).  While I was sampling the gelato, a customer approached Tammy and said “are you the woman responsible for my ever growing waistline”. It was too funny.

Blood Orange Gelato

Clearly Stella Luna Gelato Cafe  is a hit and has been welcomed by the Ottawa community. Not only are they serving fabulous gelato but the space is gorgeous too with little nooks, beautiful chairs and lamps and stunning photographs from Italy on the walls.

How Cozy!

b) Tweet up at The Manx for Brunch (370 Elgin St)

This wasnt a formal tweet up but a few foodies gathered to have brunch at a very popular pub in Ottawa called The Manx. We arrived 15 minutes before the doors opened and  trust me, we werent the only ones in line. We had a a fabulous table for our party of 6 and I really couldn’t complain about the service. However no one was raving about their food. …which was kinda disappointing seeing as we ALL had heard that the food was outstanding. After the meal, I heard that there was a new chef in the kitchen, which means I should go back one more time before really blogging about it. Fair is fair, right?

c) Lansdowne Farmers Market.

I’ve blogged abou this Farmers Market before and I’m not shy to blog about it again. It is FABULOUS – the space, the variety of the vendors, the location – it’s ALL GOOD.

I discovered a new variety of vegetable this particular visit, from one of my favorite vendors, Jambican Studio Gardens – it’s a LEMON CUCUMBER.

Lemon Cucumber!

Never had it before but I was all too happy to buy it. Stay tuned for another blog entry soon on what I make with it K?

Hope you get a chance to visit Ottawa soon.

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Falafel Wars!!

I started off my love affair with falafel at Tov-Li when it was a hole in the wall. There was just a stand up counter and three stools. Then over time it became a legitimate restaurant with not just one location but two.

Then I was introduced to Me-Va-Me. I thought I was in heaven and ditched my love affair with Tov-Li. (sorry but it happens).

This week I was introduced to Dr. Laffa from @daniellagold18. OMG. This place rocks. To begin with – the entrance is the LOADING DOCK of an industrial unit. I even took a photo for proof, so you wouldnt go looking for this restaurant and start muttering “where is this restaurant”.

see what I mean?

The pita they use is not your normal pita. Take a look at this photo that shows you how they bake the pita.

Not your normal oven!!

Now take a look a the photo of the falafel. Am I right or Am I right?

Not your average falafel!!

Now take a look at the Sabih that I ordered. Its got all sorts of goodness in there. Basically it’s an Iraqui Sandwich made with a boiled egg, fried eggplant and a sour mango sauce. I was a happy camper.


In the event that you want more than just falafel or sabih…here’s a photo of the menu.


I need to organize a tweet up at Dr. Laffa, STAT. Who’s in?

Dr. Laffa, 40 Magnetic Drive, Sunday to Friday 9:30 a.m to 7 p.m.

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I’ve organized a few tweet ups in Ottawa over the year so that I could enjoy new restaurants with other foodies. We have enjoyed tweet ups at Ceylonta, at Coconut Lagoon, and at Blue Nile too.  I was kinda having a hard time finding the right restaurant for  the next tweet up but FoodiePrints came to the rescue. While reading their blog entry on Serious Cheese, I said to myself  “aha – a cheese tweet up”.

I immediately picked up the phone to speak to the owner of Serious Cheese and asked him if he would be interested in doing this. He agreed over the phone. I then set up the twtvite and tweeted out the invitation a few times on twitter.

Here’s how it worked: On Sat Night, over 20 people came to the store to enjoy CHEESE – talk about cheese, mingle, eat cheese and eat some more cheese.

It was a perfect tweet up. Lots of mingling and lots of eating.

Many of us enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches:

Many of us also enjoyed their asweome goo-ey macaroni and cheese.

Cheese-y Goodness...

Jamie put out some lovely samples of cheese along with Dolces’ Gourmet Jam – and everyone was clearly happy.

Tweet Ups are a great way to meet other people with similar interests. Infact the group on Saturday nite, included a foodie from Boston (@GeekBoston).

I can’t wait to organize the next tweet up for my next visit. I’m thinking about a Jam tweet up. What do you think?

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