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Tonite, I came home from work and wanted to make a quick dinner. However I had not gone grocery shopping (even though I visit 10 grocery stores a day…don’t ask). I did however, find frozen salmon, fresh broccoli and some rice in the pantry.

Before I continue, I need to give credit to two bloggers who inspire me weekly!!   1. Whats On My Plate and 2. No Recipes. (you will soon see why…keep reading)

Here’s what I did with the salmon USING NO RECIPE. (which is sometimes the best way to cook).

1. Take some honey and brown sugar and put it on a plate:

2. Mix the honey and brown sugar together then shmeer it on the salmon:

step two!!

3. Place the salmon upside down onto a hot frying pan (ie the brown sugar-ed side)

Step Three!! How Easy.

4. It will bubble and become dark and this is good!!! Finish off in a pre heated 400 degree oven for another 10 minutes till its cooked in the middle.

END RESULT: this is WHATS ON MY PLATE using NO RECIPE!!! What a great dinner for a Tuesday nite, when I was tired and hungry and didn’t have a lot in my fridge.

Thanks to @norecipes and @wonTONfm for inspiring me.

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I’ve just returned from New York City and I’m very eager to blog about WHAT I that’s what I did for three full days.

Sadly I can’t tell you about shopping cause this trip was about EATING. So let’s begin.

Here’s the highlights:

This beet gelato not only looked beautiful but actually tasted like beets!! Il laboratorio gelato – knows how to make gelato. I actually knew about this place as I follow a food blogger (@EatThisNY) who tweeted about it. (oh the things I learn from twitter).

I’m not sure I have ever had smoked salmon like this before, even though I grew up in a household that ate smoked salmon every week. Russ & Daughters has been around for decades, and now I know why. Thanks to @norecipes (another great food blogger) who took me to this fabulous store.

This is called a Chocolate Soup Dumpling from Rickshaw Dumplings and it’s an outstanding creation. You bite into this dumpling and hot chocolate liquid oozed into your mouth. EPIC!!

This is a brilliant concept – a slush without chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors. JUST GOODNESS. I discovered Kelvin Natural Slush Co. at a food flea marked called Smorgasburg (more on that later) and all I kept thinking was “why doesnt this concept exist in Toronto?”. They have a mobile truck too and you can call the “Slush Phone” for the latest location.

Again, I discovered Bon Chovie at the Smorgasburg Food Festival. I love the concept – the name – the graphics and these deep fried anchovies. I’m sure this booth will be  a hit throughout the summer and wish them well. Please click on the link to look at their website!! Brilliant.

ButterLane has a smart concept too. You pick your base (chocolate, banana or vanilla)  and then pick your frosting (over a dozen to chose from). GENIUS.

What else did I discover that was fun?

-Kumquat Gelato with Black Label Scotch from Cones Ice Cream Artisinal – 272 Bleecker St.  (happily paid $1.00 for a huge sample).

-Dr. Browns Cel-Ray water from Katz’s Deli (bought 2 for my dad – who loves this stuff).

-Over Sized Needles filled with Chocolate from Max Brenner

Eataly ..walked around drooling

Had coffee at Eataly, Oslo (in Williamsburg), and Abraco. Huge line ups at the last two places…clearly poplular in their respective neighborhoods.

I promise there will be more blogs about my food adventures this week!! Come back to read more…K?

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