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I’d like to tell you about Valentine’s Day 2013. I wasn’t dating anyone but knew that I wanted to celebrate the “day” and not just sit on my couch in my apartment!  So I did something brilliant. I booked a massage at Body Blitz late in the afternoon. I remember walking in and immediately noticed how quiet it was – as everyone was ON A DATE!! I didn’t mind the peace and quiet. ….TRUST ME. It was like having the whole place to myself! After the massage, I took advantage of the water therapy, showered and changed.

valentines -body blitz

Then I walked around the block and went to Scotiabank Theatre. I can’t remember what I saw -but I do remember that the movie theatre was pretty empty. Again, everyone was probably out having Valentine’s Day Dinner.

After the movie, I proceeded to celebrate Valentine’s Day and went Bar Chef to have a molecular mojito. Again – Bar Chef was pretty empty!! I got home around 11 pm . I have to admit that I felt pretty relaxed and loved the choices I made.

valentines - bar chef

Now let’s talk about Valentine’s Day 2014. I’m dating someone so Valentine’s Day is going to be different than 2013. We are going to celebrate with a special dinner at home and I’ve got a special gift to give to him as well. I can’t reveal anymore details cause he reads my blog!!

What inspired me in 2014 for Valentine’s Day….. is the stuff I’m finding on Pinterest!!  Here’s some of my favorites.

valentines - banana

Love this simple idea too…

valentines day - crush

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!!

For more information:

Body Blitz Spa 471 Adelaide St W, Toronto (416) 364-0400

Bar Chef 472 Queen St W, Toronto (416) 868 4800

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As you know, Valentines Day is in just a few days. It’s one of those holidays where  you celebrate it in a “big way” (ie cards and gifts), celebrate it in a “medium way” (ie a card with flowers or chocolates) or celebrate it in a little way (ie a card).

In the event you celebrate this day in a “big” way – here are some suggestions:

1. What about a gift certificate for some pampering at Body Blitz. I’ve been a huge fan of their water therapy for many many years.

2.  Head to Bar Chef for unbelievable unique cocktails. My personal fav is the molecular mojito. No one in the city makes a drink like this.

3. Valentines Dinner and Nature Walk at Kortright Centre on Saturday Feb 16th from 7 – pm

This event sounds divine.  Think candlelit dinner and then a twilight stroll through the beautiful and pristine forest at Kortright. Advance tickets are required  416-667-6295

5.  Give a Samba Days Gift Experience: a unique gift experience that allows the recipient to choose from a huge range of experiences (gourmet getaways to helicopter rides…no shortage of options)

6.  Pick up some lobster at City Fish (they will cook it for you for the same price). Then light some candles, pop open a bottle of wine and bingo you have yourself a pretty fab Valentines Day meal. ps no website – but they are located at 2929 Duferin St. 416 256 7373

7. Um, what about Dirty Bingo on Saturday Feb 16th at the Paintbox Bistro. Bingo starts at 9 pm. #justanidea

8. May I suggest a heart shaped pizza from Boston Pizza, followed by some skating?
$1 from each pizza sold goes to support the Boston Pizza Foundation – I totally love this idea.

9. Head to the Korean Family Sauna – which is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

$20 gives you 8 different saunas to chose from!

10. Visit Moroco Chocolat in Yorkville for some heavenly chocolate fondue.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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As you know, I drink beer and I drink scotch. But several times a year, I crave a cocktail and there is only one place I go – that place is – BarChef.

The first time I went there, I tweeted “I’m @barcheftoronto staring at the menu. What should I order? Can’t decide”. I had a reply from @charisegarcia that said “try the sailors mojito”. So I did. I was blown over. I had never had a drink that appealed to all my senses, like this drink did.

So what is it? Beach essence, Sailor Jerry rum, mint, fresh lime, vanilla syrup, and mojito ravioli.

Sailors Mojito

The menu is divided into Punch Bowls, Sweet and Sour (think Strawberry&Lavender, Basil Daiquiri and more), Sipping (like, Balsamic Lavender) and Molecular. I happen to like being adventuous but don’t worry the menu is diverse and would appeal to everyone.

Generally, I hang out in the Molecular Section!! When I saw that they had a Black Truffle cocktail on the menu, I knew I HAD to try it. I love truffles and was curious how it would work in a cocktail.

Black Truffle Cocktail

Here’s the ingredients: Black truffle snow, smoked salt, coconut foam, fresh lime rind, gin, coconut liqueur, and elderflower liqueur. One word: BRILLIANT!

Besides the interesting, unique cocktails that Frankie Solarik (the owner) makes – I happen to also love the space. Its dark, classy, and well laid out.

I hope you get a chance to visit this awesome bar soon.

BarChef  472 Queen St. West,  Toronto.

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