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I’m always looking for new fish recipes, seeing as I haven’t had any meat in my kitchen for the last two decades!!

Lately I’ve been using Panko Crumbs but I was getting bored of using them so I went over to Pinterest to get some inspiration. (which I’ve been doing a lot of lately).

I found a Popchips Recipe Board and saw that one recipe featured  Popchips crusted baked buffalo chicken tenders! I said to myself: “ I could recreate this with fish”. So I did. Bye Bye Panko Crumbs. Hello Popchips!!

Here’s what you need:

pop chips - ingredients



2 pieces of sole, thawed

2 egg whites

2 small bags of Popchips (I used the nacho cheese flavour)

a few dashes of Tobasco Buffalo  Sauce (optional)


1. In a food processor, pulverize the Popchips. Add a few dashes of Tobasco Buffalo Sauce for additional flavour (optional)

pop chips - cuisinart

2. Put out two plates: one for the Popchips. One for the egg whites. Dip the fish into the egg whites and then dip into the crushed Popchips until well coated.

pop chips - two plates

3. In a heated frying pan, add some oil. (I used coconut oil for my first time…yay for coconut oil)

4. Place the fish into the frying pan and cook for a few minutes.


pop chips - final

Hope you get a chance to snack on some Popchips soon or use them in a recipe like I did!! These chips will soon become a favorite. Promise.

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Bye Bye TIFF 2012

Dear TIFF,

It’s been fun reading the MILLION tweets (ok not quite a million) from my twitter followers regarding what movie they were seeing, WHAT PARTY they were going to (you know who you are), what they were wearing to those parties, and what actor they bumped into.

Seriously, I don’t mind. It’s kind of fun knowing that Toronto hosts this amazing film festival.

Last year, I was invited to the Diet Cola Gala and one movie.

This year, I didn’t go to one movie.  SNIFF.

But it wasn’t a total loss. I did manage to go to the Tastemakers Lounge!! I had a sneak preview regarding where the “talent” went in between parties, interviews, movie screenings etc.

Inside the Tastemakers Lounge, I came across the following “tasty” participants:

Le Dolci: Who wouldn’t want to snack on one of their delicious cupcakes. If you haven’t been to their new location – you should. Not to mention to check out their website to find more about the variety of classes they offer.


Pop Chips: After snacking on a delicious cupcake, these healthy snacks were very welcome! I also love their re-sealable clips. Brilliant marketing.

What a great flavor!!

Kimberly’s Own: Had a lovely chat with Kimberly about her granola that is so pure, so organic and to boot it’s really really good for you.

Granola Goodness

Bobble Bottle: Not sure if you have ever seen these bottles, but it’s our household favorite bottle.

Tea Emporium: No question, that a cup of tea is the PERFECT way to relax and I’m sure the celebs truly appreciated their presence.

Now that I have been to a party, a movie, and a lounge…wonder what I might be introduced to at TIFF 2013? Stay tuned.


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