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I love to save money. Some of my friends would describe me as being “frugal” and it’s true. I won’t argue.

I’ve been like this since I was little. I just loved to save money and not really spend it! Now I spend it but I’m careful about how I spend it and think hard before making purchases.

Not to mention I do a fair bit of research to find out if I’m getting the best price.

Thankfully there’s apps these days to help me accomplish this. Lately, I’ve been using (RFD) which is a leading deal-finding app and website that syndicates geo-localized bargains, and hosts user-generated forums to help Canadians find the best deals around.

Seeing as it’s back to school season – I think this app will come in very handy for many households!

This app has many amazing features…take a peek:

I can find all the hottest deals and more. Here’s a few of my favourite features that are on this app.

-I’m able to personalize the deals (BRING IT ON!!) and flyers I’m looking for. For example, I live close to a Metro Grocery store so I can easily set that particular grocery store as a “favourite” so I can see all their flyers first!

-I have the ability to get the latest news, information and tips that matter to me. Here’s a screenshot which demonstrates this. Love knowing what’s going on with some of my favourite retailers.

I’m also able to use a search engine that will feature freebies (yay) and coupons too. See the coupon at the bottom for the CNE? Well I know for sure that this freebie will interest many (many) people…including me!!!

Hope you get a chance to download this app soon for the chance to save, save and save some more!

For more information:


Instagram and Twitter: @redflagdeals

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post however all opinions are my own



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I  recently read a blog post by A Peek Inside the Fishbowl about apps that she is loving. I then decided it was a good idea to share the newest apps that I’m loving too. I hope you don’t mind @missfish!!

In a nutshell. There are four apps that I discovered lately and I must say – I’m loving them. Apps are fun and Apps are useful. Simple as that.

1. Vine: This is going to be the next biggest thing. Well so everyone says. I believe them though. It’s like a mini mini youtube. Have you tried it? What do you think?

vine - image

2. Flyer Flo: Most people like to save a buck but a lot of us don’t like collecting flyers! This app allows you put in your postal code and find flyers that’s in your hood!! My blue box is now void of paper flyers. LOVE IT. Happy Savings Everyone!!!


3. Checkout 51. Again, a cost saving app that allows you to save money on your groceries. I get an email from them every week and if those items are on my list, then I can SCAN the receipt, upload it and one day I will get a cheque in the mail. No need to bring coupons to the store. BRILLIANT.

check out 51 - image

4. Airbnb: Found out about this app while watching App Central. This  app shows properties from around the world that are for rent. For those of you who prefer not to stay in a hotel and love to have a kitchen when you travel…this is the app for you. I also just looking at the decor of each property.  I am certainly using this app when I travel to Barcelona. No doubt in my mind. Not to mention the properties are often way cheaper than a hotel.

airbnb image

What apps have you discovered? Please share.

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I found two apps recently that I would like to share with you. One is a food app and the other is a booze app – not a bad combo.

Seriously, I think both these apps are genius. Which is why I am blogging about them.

The first app is called Get Cracking which is brought to you by the Egg Farmers of Canada. Here is what I love about this app:

-the design of the app is clean. Super clean. There is NOTHING complicated about this app.

-they have thought of everything..even an egg timer!!

-the color and the font are user friendly i.e yellow and white with an easy to read font

-its SIMPLE to use. Click on the video below and you will see what I mean.

The next app that I discovered is the LCBO app. Even though LCBO is not on twitter…I will forgive them as this app is super easy to use and makes my life that much easier when I’m trying to locate a new beer!! There has been times (in the past), where I had to go to three stores in order to find a particular bottle of beer.

I simply enter the product I’m looking for – let’s say Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale – enter my postal code – and poof – the app will tell me what LCBO in my neighborhood is carrying this product and HOW MUCH INVENTORY they have of that particular product.  How brilliant is that?

As for the design of this app: the team did a great job. It’s simple to navigate without a lot of copy. Perfect!!

Both apps are free…which is a bonus.
Hope you get a chance after reading this blog entry, to start clicking on your iTunes Library to find both these amazing apps.
PS Feel free to share any amazing apps you have recently discovered too. Don’t be shy.
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Dear Starbucks,

Today I was on twitter and read a tweet from @SteveatGoodLife that I could pay for my Starbucks coffee using my iPhone. I was ecstatic. This news made my day. (thanks Steve)

I am one of those people who carry around 4 different cards with 4 different balances and this app is really going to make my life SO much easier.  I am truly in love with those companies who embrace technology. I sincerely  think you “get it”. I follow you on twitter (and hope you follow me back…hint hint) and hope that other retailers will follow your lead and embrace this type of technology too.

Last week, I was at an independent coffee shop who asked me if I wanted a “loyalty card” – you know, the type where they punch a hole, every time you visit. I declined, just the way I decline when given coupons. If you want my business – for heaven sakes – go hi tech! I can’t believe coupons or those types of loyalty cards even exist.

Starbucks, you really know what you are doing and I’m impressed. Even though I can’t find a table (don’t ask – my neighborhood Starbucks is busy ALL THE TIME), I will still get my tall pike from you on a regular basis.

My daughter is also a  fan of your hot chocolate (with peppermint), and I’m sure she will be downloading the app on her phone soon too. (She is 12). She once sent me a text on her way home from school that said “can i stop off at Starbucks and get a cookie”. How could I say no?

Congratulations once again for developing this amazing feature for your customers. I hope the news spreads quickly and more and more customers will be flashing their iPhones to pay for their lattes, cookies, coffees etc.

I am one happy customer! (can you tell?)


Vicky – @momwhoruns

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I buy magazines once or twice a year, but one day I was in the mood and purchased the iPhone & iPad magazine.  After dropping $$$ on the magazine, I BETTER be downloading some new apps!! It’s certainly not a cheap magazine but I’m using it so it’s worth it. (well that’s what I tell myself).

A cheaper method of discovering new apps  would be to watch APP CENTRAL which is aired on CP24 every Sunday at 1030 a.m. This show is devoted to apps!! Brilliant. The PVR is helping me stay on top of the episodes or you can visit their website too. I’m so impressed with this show!  The hosts are fun, and the it’s not too techy.  P.S. I discovered this show while using the treadmill at GoodLife Fitness – I love when that happens.

So here’s a few app’s Ive downloaded lately:

1. Shop Savvy: This app allows me to compare prices by scanning the barcode. For someone like me, who is always looking for the best price…this is perfect. (thanks App Central)

2. GoodReads: This app allows me to find out what my friends are reading (thanks to my cousin for this suggestion)

3. Find iPhone: This app will make sure I dont lose my iPhone like I did in March (dont get me started).

4. GasBuddy: This app allows me to find the cheapest gas. (thanks @appcentralTV)

5. TipCalculator: Self explanatory.

6. The Best of New York City: This is such a gorgeous LOOKING app. Its actually stunning to navigate thru the options. Im planning a trip to NYC and I think Im going to be using this app A LOT.

7. GetGlue – just downloaded it. Will get back to you. But it got a rating of 9.10. (thanks to iPhone & iPad magazine)

8. AllSportsGPS – I spent serious $$$ (for me, anyways) on this app. It cam highly recommended (9/10) and I’m sure I will be loving it in the summer as I run and ride outdoors. Well atleast, thats the plan.

9. FlashBoom:, This app will tell me how far away the next lightening strike will be. I’m sure this will become a useful app in the summer.

10: Flipboard: This app received 10/10. It allows me to browse thru facebook, twitter, news and more in a magazine format. Me. Likey.

Now it’s your turn. What are your fav. apps?

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