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It’s been a year since I moved into my apartment so I thought it would be an ideal time to celebrate that occasion. Here’s a list of key ingredients to hosting a great party.

1) The Invite List: I included some twitter friends and some “real friends”. A perfect mix. Just look how everyone is chatting away in this photo. There were 12 women in total and it was just the right amount given the size of my apartment!!

There were 12 women in total and it was a perfect mix.

2) CREWMEN & Co: I had a (gorgeous) bartender for the evening, courtesy of Crewmen & Co and let’s just say that my guests “loved” the eye candy and the fabulous cocktails that he created. I would hire this company again in a heart beat. Our bartender was engaging, professional and knew his way around the bar.  He was certainly a highlight of the evening!!

Um..hello…can I have a martini please?”

3) The Drinks: I had a great line up of Skyy Vodka, Great Lakes Beer (the Pumpkin Ale was just released, by the way) bottlegreen Sparkling Presses , 3 types of juices, wine, club soda, and tonic water, limes and lemons. Everyone was happy. I was thrilled to find out that Skyy Vodka has the fewest impurities among leading vodkas AND ZERO CARBS. This vodka was perfect for my #nocarb diet!!

Something for everyone!!

4) The Food: I served some amazing nosh that I had been “saving” (no I am not a hoarder) from my trips to Ottawa, Buffalo, Montreal and even Detroit. The black garlic was a hit…that’s for sure. Oh yeah – the Chocolate Chex got a lot of love too.

Black garlic that I bought in Montreal. Hope to find it here in Toronto one day soon


5) Good Music: I finally subscribed to Rdio but there was so much chatter that I’m not sure anyone heard the music.

6) Creating an atmosphere: This is my favorite part. I finally had an excuse to visit my favorite flower shops on Avenue Road and Davenport. Not to mention, I brought out  some pewter serving dishes that hadn’t been used in a while. Here’s what the table looked like:

Seriously….. throwing a party isn’t hard work and I can’t wait to throw another one. Nothing like surrounding yourself with new and old friends on a Saturday nite.

Try it!!

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Seeing as I was a food sales rep, I had been to Alimento Fine Food Emporium before. They are owned by Grande Cheese and infact I was the sales rep at three of their locations!! This family run business knows cheese (can you say 140 varities?) Therefore,  I was eager to enjoy a dinner at Alimento and was delighted to have been invited to a wonderful evening so I could sample a few items from their menu.

The evening started off with this unique cocktail: I’m all about flavor so this drink really appealed to me. It was called the Rosmarino Dolce and basically its made with Brandy, Amaretto, Burnt Lemon Syrup, a Rosemary Sprig and Sparkling water.

A Perfect Summer Cocktail

Starters included an amazing shaved brussel sprout dish which I keep meaning to try at home. What is it about this extra step that makes brussel sprouts taste better?

Then we enjoyed a charctuerie plate full of all the right things!! I gravitated towards the fresh cheese (about 3 times – to be honest). Ok – throw in an olive or two as well. Hee Hee.

What a selection!!

For my main course, I ordered a fusili dish. Clearly this is not the same pasta I am using at home!!

 I had to leave early so I didn’t get a chance to have dessert. However on the way home,  I did nibble on the pistachio cookie that was in my gift bag. Soon as I got home those cookies went directly into the freezer so I didn’t nibble any more of it!! (true story).

I encourage you to drop by Alimento’s an ideal location to pick up a selection of cheeses, olives, or meat on your way home from work or to grab a drink or to sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal. It’s all about convenience and Alimento gets it!!

Alimento Fine Food Emporium: 522 King St West, Toronto, 416 362 0123



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This is what’s in the liquor cabinet. Not bad eh?

no wine in there...LOL

As you know, I am a huge scotch and beer fan. However every once in a while, I really crave a cocktail. Yesterday was one of those days. But sadly I have NO clue how to make one. So I googled a recipe, watched a video and minutes later I was chopping up watermelon to make my first ever watermelon martini. I feel so grown up!

A few years ago, my dinner guests asked “what should I bring”. I told them “bring everything you need to make a mojito – we never serve cocktails EVER”. He came with a huge bag full of EVERYTHING one would need to make a mojito. It was perfect and I was in awe.

OK back to the watermelon martini. This is how I made it.

a) blend watermelon in a mixer (I added a touch of lime juice too – a touch)

b) add vodka..I used some good organic Prairie  Organic Vodka

c) shake with lots and lots and lots of ice. Don’t you love my fancy shaker?

I'm so fancy!!

c) strain into a martini glass and garnish with fresh mint.

Please share your favorite cocktail recipes with me. I have till July 24th to enjoy a few cocktails before DD (darling daughter) comes back from camp.

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