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It’s that time of year to enjoy some hot chocolate. So I put together a list of a few places and off I went.

First on the list was Jet Fuel Coffee Shop  (519 Parliament St)

Can’t say I was impressed: it was watery. I would go back for their coffee though in a heart beat.

Second stop was The Grind House (281 Augusta) in Kensington Market. I ordered their chili hot chocolate and thought it was  simply divine. Not to sweet, not to chocolately, not to spicy. It was well balanced and perfect (in my humble opinion)

Third stop was MoRoCo Chocolat ( 99 Yorkville Ave) in Yorkville. This white hot chocolate was certainly pretty but man oh man was it sweet. Not to mention a small cup (12 oz) was over $7. I know they use REAL chocolate and I know they are in Yorkville but still…..I was kind of shocked.


Fourth and final stop was Aroma Espresso (went to the Forest Hill location at 383 Spadina) Love the fact that they put a huge chunk of white chocolate in the bottom of the cup and then add steamed milk in order to produce the perfect cup of white hot chocolate.

Here’s proof of the white chocolate that they use:

I am now looking forward to my next crawl! I think it’s time to do a ________ crawl.

PS really meant to go to Soma (443 King St. W) but never made it. Who knows there might be a hot chocolate crawl part 2. Ya never know.

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Dear Starbucks,

Today I was on twitter and read a tweet from @SteveatGoodLife that I could pay for my Starbucks coffee using my iPhone. I was ecstatic. This news made my day. (thanks Steve)

I am one of those people who carry around 4 different cards with 4 different balances and this app is really going to make my life SO much easier.  I am truly in love with those companies who embrace technology. I sincerely  think you “get it”. I follow you on twitter (and hope you follow me back…hint hint) and hope that other retailers will follow your lead and embrace this type of technology too.

Last week, I was at an independent coffee shop who asked me if I wanted a “loyalty card” – you know, the type where they punch a hole, every time you visit. I declined, just the way I decline when given coupons. If you want my business – for heaven sakes – go hi tech! I can’t believe coupons or those types of loyalty cards even exist.

Starbucks, you really know what you are doing and I’m impressed. Even though I can’t find a table (don’t ask – my neighborhood Starbucks is busy ALL THE TIME), I will still get my tall pike from you on a regular basis.

My daughter is also a  fan of your hot chocolate (with peppermint), and I’m sure she will be downloading the app on her phone soon too. (She is 12). She once sent me a text on her way home from school that said “can i stop off at Starbucks and get a cookie”. How could I say no?

Congratulations once again for developing this amazing feature for your customers. I hope the news spreads quickly and more and more customers will be flashing their iPhones to pay for their lattes, cookies, coffees etc.

I am one happy customer! (can you tell?)


Vicky – @momwhoruns

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