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Last year I wrote a blog entry about My Bucket List for 2012 and I’m pleased to say that I accomplished everything on that list except for 3 items.

Not bad eh?

This year, I’m going to make my bucket list more specific and write a blog post about the restaurants that I really want to try in 2013.

Restaurant Bucket List for 2013:

1. Belly Busters – this restaurant has been an institution for years, yet I have never been. It’s not even far from where I live. No excuse. I must get there!

2. Owl of Minerva – a well known spot that is open 24 hours a day and yet I have never been. Go figger.

3. Aunties and Uncles – an extremely popular brunch spot. Need to “brunch” more often. LOL

4. Bar Volo – this has been on my list forever. Must attend a “cask” nite. Again, it’s not far from where I live. What is wrong with me?

5. Campagnoloa – I have been reading about their fresh burrata with roasted grapes for over a year and yet I haven’t been. This will be a priority for 2013.

6. La Carnita – Don’t judge me – I haven’t been. All my foodie friends have been but me. Sniff.

7. The Depanneur – Would love to attend one of their drop in dinners. If you don’t follow them on facebook – you should.

8. OK it’s not a a restaurant but I must participate in one of these CSA drop off programs. Thinking to try The Cutting Veg. It’s TIME.

9. Farmhouse – have been following their tweets since before they opened and must must visit

10. Your turn…what else should be on my bucket list?


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I honestly did not know a lot about garlic until a visit to the farm of  The Cutting Veg last year. Plus I subscribe to their newsletter so I can further educate myself about the varieties of different types of garlic you can order!! I have done NOTHING with this information, but I continue to read about garlic (go figure).

I also knew that Perth, Ontario has had a garlic festival for many years but never went. However, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a flyer posted on a tree while visiting Riverdale Farm (cant believe posters still work – but I’m living proof that it worked). I immediately knew that I was going to attend Toronto’s 1st Annual Garlic Festival which was held at the beautiful Evergreen Brickworks.

I wasnt the only one interested in the world of garlic as there were lots of other interested “foodies” who got up bright and early to attend this great festival.

I strolled from vendor to vendor to try and educate myself a little more about garlic. There were over 20 garlic farmers in my brain was busy trying to absorb the different varieties of garlic:  Russian, Mexican Purple, German Red, Legacy, Bogatyr, Spanish Roja, Siberian, Brown Rose, Killarney Red, Music, Polish Hardneck, Floha, Korean Red, Thai, Tibeta….SHOULD I GO ON?

See what I mean?

It’s an endless but facinating world.

I enjoyed some delicious samples of garlic scape pesto and bought some garlic as well. Naturally I haven’t done anything with it yet, but I enjoy looking at it as it sits above my stove in a empty flower pot.

What should I make with it? should I roast it and then spread it on a baguette? should I use it in a dressing? I’m open to suggestions …I know there are other garlic readers reading this post!! What is your favorite thing to make with garlic? do share….

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