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I swear I left the resort to go to Playa Del Carmen for one reason only. That reason was to go to the Grocery Store. No…. I did not have a fever. LOL. I simply adore discovering new food products.

Here’s a few items that caught my attention:

Campbell’s Soup – Chile Poblano: Not very happy that I didn’t buy one of these! #arghhh

mexico- campbells

TANG – Tamarind Flavour: Bring it on. I bought a packet but haven’t tried it yet. Will keep you posted.

mexico - tang

Motor Bikes: Ok it’s not a food item but I thought it was cool to see that one could buy a motor bike in a grocery store.

mexico - dirtbikes

These Drinks.

mexico - kracken

THE CEVICHE BAR – you know how we have an Olive Bar? Well they have a Ceviche Bar with no fewer than 6 different styles of Ceviche.

mexico - ceviche

When I walked thru customs I was asked what I bought: I replied a souvenir and some groceries. She asked me “what type of groceries”. I whipped out the bag of Tang and she smiled.

Walking thru a grocery store makes me happy! Go figure.

Speaking of grocery stores, looks like it’s time to visit Buffalo for a trip to Trader Joe’s and Wegmans. Haven’t been in a while. #roadtripforgroceries





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Last week, I woke up on Saturday and decided it would be a great day to head to Buffalo. Just like that. I swear I crossed the border around noon and was home by 6 pm!! You see….I only visit two stores: Target and Wegmans.

Here’s what I bought at Wegmans.

a)  Blue Hill Beet Yogurt! I probably should have bought all three flavours (sweet potato and carrot) but it was kind of pricey so I only bought one.

buffalo - yogurt

When I got home I tried it and decided that it would be great it if I paired it with something. So I took out a piece of salmon and bingo – I had myself a pretty beautiful lookin’ dinner.

buffalo - salmon

b) CHIA POD: Again….I only bought one and now Im kicking myself. I picked up the banana flavour and it is BEYOND DELICIOUS. The banana flavour is INTENSE. I also noticed that ingredients: chia, coconut milk and banana.   Talk about a pure product.

buffalo - chia

c) BOILED PEANUTS: I brought back these peanuts from a trip to Detroit a few years ago and was thrilled to see that Wegmans was carrying them in Buffalo. Sadly I keep serving them to guests and no one else likes it besides me!!

buffalo - peanuts

I bought a few more goodies (naturally) but only wanted to share a few items with you!

On a different note: I want to give a shout out to the store manager, Jim. He approached my friend and I to let us know that there was a “suspicious” person following us in the store. JIm assured us that the security staff were on alert and just wanted to give us a heads up and make sure that our purses were secure etc. When we ready to head to the car in the parking lot, we had TWO escorts with us. Thank you Jim and his amazing security staff for ensuring that my friend and I had a safe shopping experience.

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On a recent day trip to Niagara On the Lake, I decided to quickly to jump over to Buffalo seeing I was SO close. When the border guy asked me “what’s the purpose of the trip”. The answer is always the same…”to go grocery shopping and to go to Target”.

Here’s what I bought at Tops (ps Im now a proud card member of Tops AND Wegmans). I must admit Tops has an advantage as it’s right next to Target on Niagara Falls Blvd.

1. Jell-O Party  Molds. It was free when you buy 6 small packets of Jell-O. How could I resist?

buffalo -molds

2. Jell-O so I could make the Cocktail Bites and use the mold. #staytuned. Can’t wait to serve these and find out which flavour is the best.

buffalo - jello

3. Heinz Ketchup with Balsamic. I’m all about flavour and curious to see how this tastes.

buffalo - balsamic

4. Snacks….can’t find these flavours here (I think. LOL). Actually I’m pretty sure I can’t find these here!

buffal0o - chips

At Target I bought this flight of beer ($3 for the board, $1 for each glass). I’m going to sample 4 different bottles of Innis & Gunn STAT using this new server. I’ve been a long time fan of Innis & Gunn not to mention I love ordering flights of beer in restaurants. Now I can sample different beers in the comfort of  my own apartment.  #score.

buffalo - flight Fall shoes had also arrived at Target and I scooped up two pairs (of course). But will save that for another blog post about Fall Fashion!!

By the way, getting home was not pretty at each bridge. Oh well…it was still worth it.

Happy Shopping.

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Fall is around the corner! Sad but true. Therefore I wanted to go to Buffalo to see the Fall Fashions and of course, to go grocery shopping. I sent out an email to a few a friends, asking them if they wanted to join me. I promised them that we would leave on a Sunday at 8 a.m and return by 5 p.m. I felt confident saying this as I now use this fabulous BORDER CROSSING HOTLINE that saves me 45 minutes of waiting at the wrong bridge. Here’s the number…1 800 715 6722. Use it!!

I’m going to start by sharing what I bought at Wegmans and then write a second blog post about what I bought at Target. K?

Here’s what I bought at Wegmans:

1. Olivio Coconut Spread:  This product is USDA organic, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and kosher. I have visions of using it with salmon or in a stir fry.

Coconut is definitely a trend these days!!

2. Blue Diamond Breeze – Almond Milk Coconut BlendAgain, Soy Free, Lactose Free, Unsweetened and has 50% more calcium than milk. I bought 3 as I’m sure this is going to go fast.

This is going to taste amazing in my morning smoothie!!

3. Chobani Champions: Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt. It’s hard to tell from the photo but it’s a tray of 3.5 oz (100g) containers. I knew that this product would make my daughter happy and it makes me happy to know that it’s low fat, made with only natural ingredients and  kosher too.

Perfect for my daughters lunch box

4. Kozy Shack Bread Pudding: I usually make my own bread pudding but this product is for my mom who lives in Ottawa and adores bread pudding. She’s going to love the convenience!

I bought a whole bunch of other items as well but these are the products that really stood out for me.  In fact my bill was close to $80!! I also decided to become a Wegmans member again as I go shopping there so often that it was time for me to save a few bucks here and there!! Yay for savings…Yay for new products.

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no joke - this water is BLACK

I came across blk at the Fancy Food Show. It wasnt hard to notice the black booth, the black tshirts the booth staff were wearing or the BLACK water! I actually  had to look twice at the product – was that really black water? Indeed it was.

Of course I had to stop and ask for a sample and to find out more. Right?

I learned that blk is a Fulvic Enriched Mineral Water. The water is black as it’s from a natural spring that has been enriched with fulvic acid. (which is a plant derivative)

I also found out that blk  contains Canadian Spring Water, has fulvic acid,  is low in acidity, pure, certified kosher and the bottle is 100% rPet recyclable.

What makes blk different? (besides the color..LOL) It’s full of electrolytes, and contains 75 traces of minerals and powerful antioxidants. Clearly not your average glass of water!!

Today is going to be A HOT Day…and guess who will be drinking blk? I only have one bottle (boo), but I hope that this company found some Canadian Distributors while at the Fancy Food Show.  The website indicates that you can buy it at Wegmans (in the States) but I’m sure you will be seeing this drink in more stores soon.

Hope everyone is drinking lots of water today – black or clear!!!

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